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Town House

Important Historical Facts

  • Built in 1823, it is the oldest existing townhouse remaining in Androscoggin County and the surrounding Kennebec County towns.

  • It is the oldest public building which was used continually for 180 years.

  • Maine Preservation has placed it on the Maine’s Most Endangered Historic Properties list.

Sept 9, 1822 - town voted to build a town house and contracted Seth Fish for $246.
Sept 8, 1823 - first meeting held in town house
1830 – 1836 - Universalists held meetings there
1851 - repairs changed the pitch of the roof and erected guideposts
1858 - $300 approved for repairs
1892 - “At the annual town meeting at Leeds last March two hundred dollars was raised for repairs on the town house. The selectmen let the job to Arthur Keen, and he has put on a new door and windows, and clapboarded the walls, and put on one coat of white paint” from the Lewiston Weekly Journal Aug. 18, 1892
early 1900's - Used as local high school
1930's - added small office and storeroom to the back
1951-53 - again used as a temporary schoolhouse
1970's - more renovations
Aug 4, 2004 - Leeds Historical Society signed rental lease for its collection

Plans for current Town House Renovations

Renovation context
Since the building has been substantially altered from its original configuration, it is dubious that it will ever be a candidate for the National Register. Rather the aim is to bring the building back to an approximately 1850’s look while still retaining modern comforts such as bathroom, electrical lighting, and insulation.

We accomplished this replacement in the summer of 2008.

  • Entire roof including porch roof
  • Removal of existing layers of shingles and replacing any necessary roofing boards
  • Shingles should be of a 25-year or more 3 tab shingle with quality similar to what the Town Office used

Interior wall

  • Removal of interior paneling
  • Replacing or augmenting insulation behind the replacement of the once surrounding wainscoting plus sheetrock above
  • Need wiring for wall sconces


  • Removal of suspended ceiling panels
  • Put up sheetrock on existing upper strapping

Front wall, door and sil

  • Removal of the fill against the front of the building
  • Inspection of the sill
  • Plan for disabled access

Platform/stage area


  • Put in place but not installed for use