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Old Houses of Leeds Project

Leeds Historical Society has been working on a comprehensive historic house list for several years. We are hoping to get those interested in doing a “house genealogy” together for a workshop which will generate information concerning the people who have lived in their house, their lives, pictures, changes in the house over the years and current information about the house for future historical researchers. We will help you gather information and organize it into useful form and copy it for our historical society so that it will be preserved.

The Old Houses Project Listing has a few unknowns and probably needs some update on owners. If you feel that your house has been overlooked or know of errors, please give us a call.

The zones and their coordinators are:

  1. River Road, Fish Street and Sedgely Road (Marilyn Burgess and Tanya Hanson)

  2. Campbell Road, North Road and Church Hill Road between River Rd. and the new Buckley Barn (Louise Sanders and Allan Perkins)

  3. East and North of Dead River (Charlotte Barker and Barbara Roberts)

  4. Leeds Center, Bishop Hill and the Jennings Road (Thelma Waite and Connie Buckley)

  5. Curtis Corner, Keene's Corner, including sections of 202, 106, and Plains Rd (Shirley Pettengill and Liz Murphy)

  6. Church Hill Road from River Rd to the Greene line and Quaker Ridge from 106 to the Greene line including Anson Rd and Additon Rd (Ian Ormon and Rick Jennings)

If you are interested in working on your old house or have any questions, please call your area coordinator or contact Laura Juraska, 207-524-2324 or email ljuraska@bates.edu.