Links to Reading Materials
*Sugiyama's Comment: July
*Two Sankei Articles: July 2 & August 18
*Protest by GLIS in Sei-Kyo-Kyo: August 22
*Questions & Answers at Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly: July 2
*Article about Kagoshima Assembly's rejection of gender-bias free education: July 9
*Statement of Sei-kyo-kyo concerning governmental interference: July 7
*Attacking Sex & Gender Education: The New Conservative Party News, July 15

*Report of the Rally on July 22
*Report from the Teachers: July 22

*Asahi Geino's (a pornographic magazine) Influence on Japanese Children: August

Links to the Organizations
* Sei-Kyo-Kyo
(partly in English)
*Section for Gay & Lesbian Issues (Japanese only)
(Japanese only)

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*Tokyo Prefecture Homepage & e-mail & Fax # <81-3-5388-1726>
*Kagoshima Prefecture Homepage & e-mail

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*JIji Press: e-mail
*Kyodo News: Homepage
*Reuters Japan: Homepage
*The Associated Press: Homepage
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*Asahi News: Homepage & e-mail
*Mainichi Daily News: Homepage & e-mail
*The Daily Yomiuri: Homepage & e-mail
*Tokyo News Service: e-mail
*Newsweek: Homepage & e-mail?
*New York Times: Homepage & e-mail?

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* Sankei Newspaper
*Asashi Newspaper
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