JET is seeking candidates who will hold at least a Bachelor’s degree (any major) by July 1, 2013 for positions in Japan as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) and Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs).  Applicants for both positions should be mature, flexible, adventurous and interested in learning about Japanese culture as well as sharing their own.  Most JETs work as Assistant Language Teachers, a position which does not require previous knowledge of Japanese language (although it is valued), while a small number of positions for Coordinators for International Relations are available to those with excellent Japanese language ability.  The JET Program selects applicants who are hired by contracting organizations such as public schools or local governments for one-year (often renewable) paid positions, to begin in late July, 2013. To apply, candidates from the US should access the application which is available on the Embassy of Japan’s website. The application period is a very short one: all application materials must be received at the Japanese Embassy in Washington DC, by the 5:30pm deadline on Wednesday, November 21. If students have any questions regarding the program, contact Susan Gill, JET Program Coordinator, Boston) at<>.     

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J.E.T.A.A. (The Japan Exchange & Teaching Alumni Association)

**Our former students who worked for JET:
Michael Anderson '12 (ALT, for 2 years, Toyama-ken), MacKenzie Vile '12 (ALT, Akitaa-ken), Sarah Barger '12 ??
Israel Mesa '11(ALT, for 1 year, Hyogo-ken)
Ian Fontaine '07(ALT, for 2? years, Tokushima-ken)
Julia Caffry '10 (ALT, Ishikawa-ken)
Lauren Patz '09 (ALT, ???)
Matt Savas '08 (ALT, for 2 years, Ishikawa-ken)
Alicia Dessain '07 (ALT, Fukui-ken?)
Lauren Kawana ''06 ALT, Kumamoto-ken)
Chris Hoover '02 (ALT, ???)
Josh Dennoncore '02 (ALT, ???)
David Nesbitt '02 (withdrawal)
Kimberly Garvie '01
(ALT, Okayama-ken) , Janel Ippolite '01 (ALT, Okinawa-ken)
Alec Hansen '00
(CIR for 3 years, Gifu-ken), Megan Tobin '00 (CIR for 1 year, Ishikawa-ken)
Liz Purinton '98 (
ALT for 3 years, Nagasaki-ken)
Heather Thompson '97 (ALT, Gunma-ken)

Sarah McCrum '96 (ALT for 1 year & CIR for 2 years, Oita-ken)

Ben Krakawer '95 (ALT) for 1 year, Hyogo-ken

William Titus '95 (ALT)
, Kyoto-fu
Molly Johnson '94 (ALT) for 3 years, Hokkaido

Susan Clapp '94 (ALT) for 1 year, Miyagi-ken

Jerad Bruno'94 (ALT)  for 1 year, Hyogo-ken

Jeffrey Smith '94 (ALT for 1 year, Osaka-fu)

Steve Harris '94 (ALT for 3 years, Wakayama-ken)

Adrian Morehouse '94 (ALT for 1 year, Fukui-ken)

Barnaby Donlon '93 (CIR for 3 years, Yamaguchi-ken)

Eleanor Hogan '89 (ALT for 1 year, Osaka-fu)