Caring for Creation Final Paper

Paper Guidelines
You are free to write about any topic of interest that is relevant to the themes of the course. Typical paper lengths have been in the range of seven to ten pages. Please use endnotes or footnotes, and standard bibliographical references. Don't hesitate to contact T. Tracy or J. Smedley for suggestions on how to develop a topic. A list of paper titles and bibliographies from the Winter 1998 class is given below.

Paper Titles and Bibliographies from Winter Semester, 1998

1) Will Christianity Save Planet Earth or Destroy It?
No Bibliography

2) Myth and Significance Chapters I-III of Genesis
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3) Religious Thoughts to the Endangered Species Act Reauthorization
No Bibliography

4) Western Religion, Hinduism and Science
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5) Gary Snyder's Community and the Environmental Crisis
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6) The Ceiling that Blocks the View: The Role of Women in Science and Religion.
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7) How Did the Universe Start? Where is it Going?
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8) Human Nature in the Shadow of Global Warming
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9) Francis of Assisi: The Patron Saint of Ecology and Patron Saint of Animals
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10) The Christian Creation Myth Significance and Implications
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White, Lynn. "The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis," in This Sacred Earth, edited by Gottlieb.
Notes from class lectures and discussions and notes from viewing the films "Keeping the Earth" and "The Earth is the Lord's."

11) Christianity: Nature's Friend or Foe?
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Creation is Separation: Exposing the Roots of Earth Crisis
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12) An Interpretation of Genesis
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13) Abortion, God, and Nature: A Comparative Analysis
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14) Questionable Facts: Science, Politics and Global Warming
DeWit, Andrew et al. Environmental Geology. New York: W.H. Freeman and Company, 1998.
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Soroos, Marvin S. "Preserving the Atmosphere as a Global Commons." Environment, March 1998.

15) Re-examining Christian Thought and Ecological Responsibility.
This Sacred Earth - Religion, Nature, Environment. Roger S. Gottlieb (ed.). Routledge: New York, NY. 1996.
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16) Deforestation in Third World Countries, The Effects on It's Indigenous People and the Environment
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17) The Roots of our Ecological Crisis
No bibliography cited.

18) The Perpetuation of Narrative and the Case for a Critical Universe
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19) The Order of Nature: Religion and Science Left in Awe
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20) The Buddhist Tradition and the Ecological Crisis
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21) Think First, Act Second
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22) The Value of Biodiversity and the Role of Religions in Finding Solutions to the Ecological Crisis
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23) God vs. "Evolution"?
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24) A Response to the TeleologicalArgument
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Handout: compiled by John Smedley and Thomas Tracy; citing: Universes, John Leslie;
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25) Are we ecological sinners or ecological winners?
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26) Change or Be Changed: Religion, Science, and the Ecological Crisis
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27) Am-Haaretz: People of the Land
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28) The Bodily Call to Love
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29 Ecological Justice and Sin
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30 A Mythic Masterpiece: Analysis of Paradise Lost as a Creation Myth
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31) Global Warming: The Emergence and Resurgence of Deadly Diseases
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38) Why Ought One Care for Creation?
No references cited.

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42) Untitled
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