Music s27 - Exploring Jazz Guitar - 1999

Tape 7 Contents - "Fingerstyle and Solo Guitar"

Side A

13 "I Never Knew," George Van Eps (guitar), Marty Cobb (bass), Alvin Stoller or Nick Fatool (drums). 50 Years Of Jazz Guitar. Recorded 1956.

219 "Just Friends," Joe Pass, I Remember Charlie Parker, 2/17/79.

526 "If I Should Lose You," ibid.

804 "Days of Wine and Roses," Lenny Breau, Five O'Clock Bells, 10/11/77 or 1/78.

1059 "People," Kenny Burrell, The Tender Gender, 4/66.

1194 "Street Dance," Jim Hall, Dedications And Inspirations, 1994.

1395 "Lap Piano," George Van Eps, Hand-Crafted Swing, 1992.

1516 "Killer Joe," Gene Bertoncini, Michael Moore (bass), Two In Tune, 3/89.

1716 "Greasy Granny," Charlie Hunter, Dave Ellis (tenor), Jay Lane (drums), Bing, Bing, Bing, 1995.

1914 "A Child Is Born," Stanley Jordan, Magic Touch, 1985.

2054 "Romantic Descension," John Abercrombie, Ralph Towner, Sargasso Sea, 5/76.

2176 "Samba for Sarah," Laurindo Almeida, Monty Budwig (bass), Jake Hanna (drums), Guitar Player Album, 10/4/76.

Side B

Lenny Breau is the featured guitarist on all tracks below:

17 "On Green Dolphin Street," w/Dave Young (bass), Live At Bourbon St.

624 "Lenny's Warm Up and Improvisation of Autumn Leaves," Cabin Fever.

1024 "Visions," Dave Young (bass), Live At Bourbon St.

From the album Five O'Clock Bells

1647 "Five O'Clock Bells."

1785 "Little Blues."

1927 "My Funny Valentine."

2172 "Amy (for Cinde)."

2261 "Other Places, Other Times" (excerpt).