Music s27 - Exploring Jazz Guitar - 1999

Tape 4 Contents

Side A

15 "Sweet Georgia Brown," George Barnes (guitar), Joe Venuti (violin), Ray Brown (bass), Ross Tompkins (piano), Jake Hanna (drums). Live At The Concord Summer Festival.

460 "C.T.A.," Ed Bickert (guitar), Rick Wilkins (tenor sax), Steve Wallace (bass), Terry Clarke (drums). I Wished On The Moon, 1977.

737 "I Hear A Rhapsody," Linc Chamberland (guitar), David Friesen (bass), Gary Hobbs (drums). Yet To Come, 4/17/81.

1168 "Lazy Lane," Ted Dunbar (guitar), Tommy Flanagan (piano), Sam Jones (bass), Leroy Williams (drums). Opening Remarks, 1/24/78.

1402 "To Let You Know I Care," Ron Escheté (guitar), Tom Ranier (keyboards), Carol Escheté (vocal), Bob Magnusson (bass), John Perett (drums), Don Williams (percussion). To Let You Know I Care, 1/78.

1671 "The Cooker," George Benson (guitar), Ronnie Cuber (baritone sax), Benny Green (trombone), Lonnie Smith (organ), Jimmy Lovelace or Marion Booker (drums). The George Benson Cookbook.

1855 "Take Five," George Benson (guitar), Phil Upchurch (guitar), Kenny Barron (keyboards), Ron Carter (bass), Steve Gadd (drums), Don Sebesky (arranger and conductor). Bad Benson, 5/74.

2141 "Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams," ibid.

Side B

From the album Bright Size Life - Pat Metheny (guitar),

Jaco Pastorius (bass), Bob Moses (dr). 12/75

17 "Bright Size Life."

377 "Sirabhorn."

728 "Unity Village."

939 "Missouri Uncompromised."

1165 "Fum," Jack Wilkins (guitar), Randy Brecker (trumpet), Eddie Gomez (bass), Jack DeJohnette (drums). Merge, 2/79.

1519 "Papa, Daddy, and Me," ibid, with Jack DeJohnette (piano).

1741 "Afterburn," John Stowell (guitar), Jim McNeely (piano), Claudio Rodito (trumpet), Mike Richmond (bass), Billy Hart (drums), Dom Um Romao (percussion). Golden Delicious, 7/77.

1920 "Do You Hear The Voices That You Left Behind?" (dedicated to John Coltrane). John McLaughlin (guitar), Chick Corea (piano, mini-moog), Stanley Clarke (bass), Jack DeJohnette (drums). Johnny McLaughlin, Electric Guitarist, 1978.

2221 "My Foolish Heart," John McLaughlin (guitar), ibid.