Music s27 - Exploring Jazz Guitar - 1999

Tape 3 Contents

Side A

18 "Move," Hank Garland (guitar), Gary Burton (vibes), Joe Benjamin (bass), Joe Morello (drums). 50 Years of Jazz Guitar, November 27, 1960.

350 "Lover," Tal Farlow (guitar), Don Aarone (guitar), Clyde Lombardi (bass), Joe Morello (drums). Early Tal, November 4, 1953.

618 "Who Cares," Tal Farlow (guitar), Red Norvo (vibes), Red Mitchell (bass). Guitar Player, February 10, 1955.

772 "Put On a Happy Face," Tal Farlow, Ray Brown (bass), Hank Jones (piano). Sign of the Times, 1977.

1007 "Round Midnight," Johnny Smith (guitar), Hank Jones (piano), George Duvivier (bass), Ed Shaugnessey (drums). The Sound of the Johnny Smith Guitar.

1236 "Taboo," Johnny Smith, Sanford Gold (piano), Eddie Safranski (bass), Don Lamond (drums). Echoes of an Era: The Johnny Smith - Stan Getz Years, November 3, 1952.

1364 "Moonlight In Vermont," ibid.

1514 "Rubberneck," Jimmy Raney (guitar), Stan Getz (tenor sax), Al Haig (piano), Tommy Potter (bass), Roy Haynes (drums). Stan Getz and His Tenor Sax, 1950-1.

1706 "I Love You," Jimmy Raney, Sam Jones (bass), Billy Higgins (drums). The Influence, 1975.

1822 "Naptown Blues," Herb Ellis (guitar), Oscar Peterson (piano), Sam Jones (bass), Eddie Durham (drums). Hello Herbie, November 5, 1969.

2036 "All the Things You Are," Howard Roberts (guitar), Pete Jolly (piano), Red Mitchell (bass), Stan Levey (drums). The Movin' Man, 1957.

2143 "Dolphin Dance," Howard Roberts, Ross Tompkins (piano), Ray Brown (bass), Jimmie Smith (drums). The Real Howard Roberts, 1978.

Side B

13 "Freight Trane," Kenny Burrell (guitar), John Coltrane (tenor sax), Tommy Flanagan (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), Jimmy Cobb (drums). Kenny Burrell with John Coltrane, July 3, 1958.

541 "Lament," Kenny Burrell, Lary Ridley (bass), Ben Riley (drums). Groovin' High, July, 1981.

930 "Moon and Sand," Kenny Burrell with the Gil Evans Orchestra. Guitar Forms, 12/69.

1152 "I Remember Django," Barney Kessel (guitar), Stephane Grappelli (violin), Nini Rosso (rhythm guitar), Michel Gaudry (bass), Jean-Louis Viale (drums). I Remember Django, July 1969.

1387 "I Found A New Baby," ibid.

1663 "Samba From Black Orpheus," Barney Kessel, Sture Nordin (bass), Pelle Hultén (drums). Just Friends, September 27, 1973.

1812 "True Blues," ibid.

2005 "Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise," Chuck Wayne (guitar), Joe Williams (bass), Al Harewood (drums). The Guitar Album, August 14, 1971.

2214 "What's New," ibid.