Bates College

Astronomy/Geology 110

Lunar and Planetary Science

WEEK 6 - WEEK OF FEBRUARY 23-27, 2015

Monday, February 23

Before today's classes you should read Moons and Planets, pp. 134-146. These sections develop a classification method for meteorites, their ages, and their significance as geologic structures.

Wednesday, February 25

Before today's class you should read Moons and Planets, pp. 146-152. These sections discuss the origin of meteorites and their transport to earth. Note the summary list of concepts on p. 152.

Thursday, February 26, LAB

The lab today is on measuring the densities of planetary materials (rocks!).

Friday, February 27

In-Class Exam. The exam will be basically on chapters 4, 5, and 6, although some orbital material from our first weeks is also relevant. The lists of concepts at the ends of the chapters are a good study guide, though if there is a word there which I have never mentioned in class (there aren't many!) you can be pretty sure that it will not find its way onto the exam.

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