Bates College

Astronomy/Geology 110

Lunar and Planetary Science

WEEK 3 - WEEK OF JANUARY 26-30, 2015

Monday, January 26

Before today's class you should read Moons and Planets, pp. 57-65. These sections are about tidal forces and the basic nature of planetarry rings.

Wednesday, January 28

Before today's class you should read Moons and Planets, pp. 65-71. These sections are about the effects on orbiting "bodies" of electromagnetic radiation (like light) and the "wind" of small particles emitted by the sun. As before, pay close attention to the summary and list of concepts. The "concepts" will be a good study guide for the exam Friday.

Thursday, January 29, LAB

The lab today is on the construction of a telescope.

Friday, January 30

In-Class Exam. The exam will be on the material of chapters 1, 2, and 3. However, the emphasis will be on Chapter 3, supplemented by the "Miscellaneous Basic Data and Terminology" section at the end of chapter 2 (p. 39ff). I am not asking you to memorize the numbers in the table on p. 41, but I might give you some of those numbers and ask you to do something with them. The kinds of calculations I might ask you to do will be similar to those I did in class or you did in the homework. You can also expect to be asked to draw sketches that indicate your understanding of basic concepts.

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