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Yep, here we are muggin' it up at NEFFA a few (!) years back when we we trying to get that perfect cover shot for our 1995 'Food For Your Feet' CD.




Greg's Original Tunes

 Greg Anderson (hammered dulcimer, vocals)

Greg, from Bowdoin, Maine, has played the hammered dulcimer since 1977 and is a founding member of Scrod Pudding. Greg primarily plays for contradances, weddings, parties, and occasional English country dances. He has also designed and built several hammered dulcimers, and teaches hammered dulcimer privately. Check out Greg's Music Page for his original contradance tunes. By day Greg teaches laboratory Biology at Bates College and is the father of three beautiful and talented girls, all of whom are active musicians.

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Pam's Website

 Pam Weeks (fiddle, Appalachian dulcimer, vocals)

Pam came to Scrod Pudding after many years as a solo performer. A widely recognized singer and performer on the Appalachian dulcimer, Pam spent several years performing in coffeehouses and as a street musician in Boston before moving to Maine in 1985. Pam's voice and musicianship have been central to developing Scrod Pudding's musical style. Pam has three recordings in addition to Scrod Pudding's CD Food for your Feet. Her fiddle recording, Waiting for the Perseids, features members of Scrod Pudding and was used as background music for a historical documentary of No. Whitefield, Maine, that was shown on PBS. Pam performs throughout the Northeast solo and in ensembles (including "Ti'Acadie" and Jimmyjo and the Jumbol'ayuhs), and teaches strings, wind, piano, and voice at her home in Bowdoin, Maine. A sampling of Pam's original contradance tunes can be found on Pam's website.

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Bill's Original Dance

 Bill Olson (bass, guitar, vocals, dance caller)

Bill, from Turner,maine, is Scrod Pudding's caller and bass player. Bill is the most recent addition to the band and brought with him many years of experience as a dance caller and guitar player. With a quick smile and disarming personality, Bill has become one of Maine's premier dance callers. He is also the guitar player and caller for "Ti'Acadie" and and Jimmyjo and the Jumbol'ayuhs, and is in great demand as a caller throughout New England. In his spare time, Bill builds custom microwave radio antennas.

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 Jim Joseph (button accordions, banjo, mandolin, percussion, vocals)

Jim hails from Phippsburg, Maine, and is one of the original band members. Formerly a member of the Howitzer Mandolin Orchestra, Jim adds color and drive to Scrod Pudding's sound. Jim also heads up Jimmyjo and the Jumbol'ayuhs , a Cajun dance band he started with Pam, and is the "J" of "Ti'Acadie" with Pam and Bill. By day, Jim is a carpenter, teaches banjo and button accordion, is the father of two gorgeous girls, and helps out with the Phippsburg school music program.

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 Eric Weest Johnson (guitar, vocals, sound)

Eric lives in New Sharon, Maine, and wins for the longest drive to our monthly dance. He began playing guitar for dances in the early 80's and is a founding member of Scrod Pudding. Eric also plays with The Racket Factory . He also has a great interest in sound technology and does sound for Scrod Pudding as well as for other events. Eric also has the longest drive to work, commuting every day to the BIW shipyard in Bath.

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