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SCROD PUDDING is available for contradances, family dances, concerts, school functions, weddings, reunions...any number of functions! Our price is negotiable depending on the event and distance we have to travel. Once arrangments have been negotiated, we will send a contract to you, to be signed and returned, to secure the job. For some events (e.g., weddings, private functions) we require a non-refundable deposit to secure the date.

For bookings or more information contact any member of the group:

 Greg Anderson
(207) 666-3090
Bowdoin, ME

 Eric Johnson
(207) 779-0579
New Sharon, ME

 Jim Joseph
(207) 389-1224
Phippsburg, ME

 Bill Olson
(207) 212-4711
Bowdoin, ME

 Pam Weeks
(207) 666-3709
Bowdoin, ME

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