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 Accessing GraphPad Prism 6
For the PC and Mac Under the
Bates College Site License

GraphPad Quick Calculators | Grubb's Outliers Test (continuous data) | Random number generators

Downloading Prism 6
The Bates College site license permits use of Prism 6 only by students and
employees of Bates College who have a valid email address through Bates College.

GETTING PRISM 6 FOR THE FIRST TIME: Under our site license with GraphPad, Bates College students and employees may install Prism 6 to their own personal computers running on the Bates Network and run it locally so long as they are members of the Bates community (you must have a Bates network username) and the program is used only for Bates College related work.

Prism 6 for PC's is available to install from the Denmark <\\denmark\Software\Windows\Prism> on the Bates network.

Prism 6 for Mac's is available to install from the Denmark <\\denmark\Software\MacIntosh\Prism6> on the Bates network.

** PC users be sure to read the Bates ReadMe.txt before installing Prism 6.

To install Prism 6:

1) Login to the Bates network. Go to: \\denmark\Software\Windows\Prism OR \\denmark\Software\MacIntosh\Prism6

2) Double-click (or run): Prism6SelfInstall.exe for Windows machines, or InstallPrism6Bates.dmg for Mac.

3) Your username and computer name will be automatically and silently sent to GraphPad, the maker of Prism.

Connection to the internet is required for product activation when you first use it.


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