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 Accessing GraphPad Prism 7
For the PC and Mac Under the
Bates College Site License

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Downloading Prism 7
The Bates College site license permits use of Prism 7 only by students and
employees of Bates College who have a valid email address through Bates College.

Under our site license with GraphPad, Bates College students and employees may install Prism 7 to their own personal computers running on the Bates Network and run it locally so long as (1) they are members of the Bates community (you must have a Bates network username and password) and (2) the program is used only for Bates College related work. The license is valid until the next renewal date (around July 1 annually) and then you must reinstall Prism under the new license.

How to download prism (must be done annually to get the latest license serial number):

Windows 7 and 10:

  1. Click the START button and in the Search Programs and Files window type \\Denmark and press enter.
  2. If prompted, enter your Bates username and password.
  3. Double click the Windows folders.
  4. Double click the Prism folder.
  5. Double click the file named Prism7SelfInstall.
  6. You will likely get a message asking you to allow the software to make changes to your computer - click Allow.
  7. Everything else happens behind the curtain. When it seems that nothing else may be happening, click the START button again and look at the All Programs list for GraphPad Software.
  8. Click on that folder to reveal the Prism executable file called GraphPad Prism 7. Right mouse click on the file name to create a desktop icon or to pin it to the Start menu.
  9. Voila! You're done.
  10. Macintosh:

    Important: If you have previously installed Prism 7 on your Mac, you'll need to uninstall the old copy before downloading the new copy.

    1. From the Finder select the Go menu and select: Connect to server...

    2. In the Server Address field type (case sensitive): smb://

    3. Click on Connect enter your Bates username and network password. Click Connect again.

    4. A window listing available software should open.

    5. Locate and click on the Prism folder click on Installing Prism at Bates.

    6. Click on Prism Installer Disk 1 and follow the instructions.

    7. Once installed you'll need to restart the computer to complete the install.

    8. Run the program from the hard drive and personalize the program as you see fit.



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