The following links will let you download Excel spreadsheets containing data for Age, Height, DBH, and Mean Nearest-neighbor distances (NND) of "mature" white pine in non-harvested and harvested plots, a data set of seedling white pine age and height, and one file from an acid rain experiment giving sunflower stem length data. Follow the instructions in your homework assignments to complete the assigned analysis. For Problem Set #2, use the data set specified below based on the first letter of your last name.

Problem Set 1 (pdf) | Problem Set 2 (pdf) | Problem Set 3 (pdf) | Problem Set 4 (pdf)

Data comparing white pines in a harvested plot vs. a non-harvested plot
one year after the harvest.








Last name first letter A-D use the AGE data set
Last name first letter E-L use the HEIGHT data set
Last name first letter M-R use the DBH data set
Last name first letter S-Z use the NND data set

 Seedling Sample:
Height & Age

Acid Rain Experiment Data 

 Pine Seedlings

 Sunflower Stem Length






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