Lyceum: Lyceum will used to disseminate certain course information, animations, and to post lab-related data. The Bio 242 Lyceum site can be accessed by going to the Bates College website and selecting Lyceum from the Hotlist, OR click here: Lyceum login

Resource Materials Web Site: The On-line Resources Website contains invaluable support materials for this course. These materials include a scientific writing style guide, basic statistics information, directions for accessing Prism statistics and graphing software, use of micropipettes, centrifuges, and the Spec 20, and miscellaneous other information which will aid you in the core courses. You will find it useful in lab and when writing your lab reports to have this site open in your web browser for quick access to the information it contains.

Scientific Writing Assistance: Specially trained biology and biochemistry students will be working in lab, or at-large, as TWAs (Technical Writing Assistants). Their purpose is to provide assistance as peer writing tutors as you are preparing papers for lab. The TWAs will announce when evening help hours will be scheduled as the semester progresses. They will also provide weekly hours in the Academic Resource Commons (ARC) located in Ladd Library. In addition, the TWAs will participate in providing feedback on drafts of your Introduction and Methods during lab time.

The Science Writing Specialist in the Bates Writing Program, Louise Brogan, will provide writing and peer review training for the class as well as meeting with individuals or groups by appointment in their office in Coram. Make an appointment with the Science Writing Specialist.

Academic Honesty: Academic integrity is fundamental to learning, scholarship, and indeed all dimensions of academic life. At its simplest, this means that the work you submit must be your own unless collaboration is specifically allowed, that you use only those resources allowed; that you express yourself in your own words unless you are quoting, and that you properly acknowledge and cite the ideas, information, and other work that you used or that contributed to your understanding.

E-mail List: Our course email list address is This list is maintained by the Registrar's office and it includes all students enrolled in this course and the staff. The list is updated daily to track enrollment changes. All course announcements will be posted to this list. To mail a message to the list, type as the address. Messages mailed to the list from off campus that exceed 10MB will automatically be blocked by the filtering system. For detailed information about lists, go to:

Bates Webmail

Please DO NOT use the list to send mail to specific persons -- use the specific addresses of the people you are trying to reach. Addresses for each instructor are given in the course syllabus.

Saving your computer files from lab:

We strongly recommend either of two means of storing your lab files. (1) The most useful means is a portable USB thumb drive that you can carry with you all the time. They're cheap and hold huge amounts of information. (2) The Paris virtual drive: Whenever you use any computer on campus, you are connected to a "virtual" hard drive called Paris. To log onto Paris from a PC, from the start menu click on Run. In the Run prompt box type \\Paris\your username\. You can also access Paris via the My Network Places. Many lab computers already have a desktop icon for Paris. This should bring up a folder with your user name on it. Paris should only be used to store completed documents at the end of a work session; DO NOT use it as an interactive, working drive.

GraphPad PRISM 7 Software

We use PRISM as our standard software for statisitical analysis and graphing in the Biology core courses. If you have not done so already, you will need to download the software to your own computer by following the instructions at this site. This software is licensed for use by all students and employees of the college.

If you already have Prism installed, you will need to reinstall it again each fall to get the new license number and enter that before the program will run. The current license expires each year on August 31.


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