The Foot in the Door
String Band

guitar, string bass

 Carey Bluhm fiddle

 Greg Anderson hammered dulcimer

 David Atcher banjo, mandolin

 Beverly Buchanan guitar, accordion

Who Are The Footers?

The Foot in the Door String Band was formed in 1981 in Lexington, Kentucky, by Carey Bluhm, Greg Anderson, David Atcher, Susan Cross, and Beverly Buchanan. Greg left in 1983 when he moved to Maine. Jean joined FITD about that same time, and the band played on for several years before disbanding to pursue life as grown-ups. After a hiatus of nearly 20 years, the band held a MEGA reunion tour in Kentucky in April of 2003 with TWO, count'em, TWO big play dates in Lexington and Louisville. The following year we held a reunion tour in New England. The first two reunions were such a great success (we discovered we're still just a bunch of kids at heart) that we couldn't wait to do another, and we have gathered periodically for dances anywhere between Kentucky and Maine.

Hope we'll see you at a dance!! The FITDSB




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