Bates College Calculus Placement Exams
GOAL The purpose of these exams is to help you decide whether you should skip Math 105 (Calculus I) and/or Math 106 (Calculus II). The exams are ANONYMOUS, so only you will know your score.
Please note that these exams can NOT be used to obtain Bates course credit.
FAQ The Math Department has a website on selecting your first math course, which you may wish to consult before or after taking these placement exams.
AIDS You should not use a calculator, textbook, notes or any other aid while working on the exams. You may find it useful to have scrap paper available.
TIME LIMIT You may use as much time as you need.

BEGIN The exam should open in a separate window. When you are done with the exam, click the SUBMIT button.

Click here to begin the exam on Math 105 (Calculus I) material.

Click here to begin the exam on Math 106 (Calculus II) material.

RESULTS After you have submitted the exam for grading, you will see your result on each question. Your total score, along with the appropriate placement advice for that score, will be at the bottom of the page.
QUESTIONS? Contact Laura Wardwell (