Museum-Art-Community (2013-)


Museum-Art-Community, 2013
The catalyst for this installation is a project by Marcel Broodthaers, Section XIXe siécle of the Musée d’art Moderne, Départment of Eagles, an installation of crates along with postcards of historic artworksm projected slides, and an opening populated by numerous people from the museum and art world. This project is often discussed only from the perspective of institutional critique, but I’ve been long interested in it more broadly: the pragmatic and organic working studio aspects of how it came about, that it also draws attention to the labor/work of museums, the use of language, humor, and the engagement of the museum and art community. Museum-Art-Community considers these from my perspective as an artist/museum director. This installation is "populated" with figures drawn from the museum and art community, and incorporates multiple sets of related language from practical to theoretical, including some of Broodthaers’ original, onto the crates. Broodthaers created Section XIXe siécle in 1968, when he was 45. I completed Museum-Art-Community 45 years later.