Magnolia's Web

In the Magnolia's Web
A Linked Verse Sequence by Six Women Poets


Tiny purple blooms
Sleeping in the shade of a tree--
The sun in springtime.

In the springtime sun, a bug
Aimlessly leaf-wandering.

Warm morning breezes
Crackers left unattended
The ants are restless.

A web of shade from the tree
Covers six women writing.

The moon in daylight
Seen through a tangle of twigs--
A sign of summer.

A child tugs her mother’s hand
Asking for things to be named.


A lonely man sits
Staring at the night sky
Feeling the chill of winter.

Branches aching in the wind 
The cold breaks through the autumn.

Friends spread around the country--
Budding tree branches.

Young birds try out their wings
Tree to tree, farther each time.

Bleeding hearts sway,
Spring gives them deep hues
That winter will take away.

Black patent leather and lace,
Hair tied in velvet ribbons.

Patiently awaiting
Her life to start happening
She listens for cues.

Through the thick night sits the moon
Knowing why the stars twinkle.

Children in the streets
Shooting stars robbed by the clouds
Warm rains immanent.

Smell of hot pavement and rain,
Good memories heavy and fresh.

Drops weighing pale petals
They fall to the fragrant grass--
Tears blind her to spring.

With the window open watching
The finale of “Bev Niner.”

Tension in the air,
Hearts racing as the final kiss
Brings hope for next fall.

The house silently watches,
Wondering about the fuss.

Brick house so well lvoed,
Small cracks under the crawling ivy
Whistling autumn wind.

Underneath the watchful moon
Spider veins spread rapidly.

Children off to college
The rooms are tidier now--
Pickling green tomatoes.

The never-ending ringing
Has ended for a short time.

The spearmint both
Home and at school appears the same
Different scents scatter.

Sad even in summer sun
Eyes arrested by old photos.

Liminal homelessness--
Amphibians struggling
Up the muddy bank.

Ice-covered pockets of water
Slow, unavoidable end.

Black-haired retriever
Shakes off a silver shower
Footprints in the snow.

Hiking through the mountain pass
Frail seedlings crushed in moose tracks.


The sun covering
All breaks apart in the sky--
Purples, pinks, and gold.

Wavering sunset below
Ripples echo spring peepers.

March reeds green--
Water warming at low tide
Signals the osprey.

Waves crash against a rock-linked coast,
Children shiver in spring clothing.

Pink petals in the surf
Swirl amidst the periwinkles
And a green sanddollar.

The hopes and dreams of all six
Guarded by the circling gulls.

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Date created: 6/2/95
Last modified: 6/2/95
Copyright 1995, Sarah Strong