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The Bates College Institutional Review Board (IRB) has been established to approve research projects involving the use of human participants. The IRB exists both because Bates wants to ensure that research participants are treated with the utmost respect and safety and because federal law requires that all federally funded research involving human participants receive IRB approval. The research projects concerned include not only standard research but in-class research and service learning projects as well, and extend to journals and photographs, video and tape recordings of participants.

The members of the IRB for 2014-2015 are: Michael Sargent (co-chair), Loring Danforth (co-chair), Amy Bradfield Douglass, Bill Seeley, and Darby Ray. Dr. Candace Walworth, MD is the community member.

All proposals should be submitted to Catie Moran in hardcopy, Pettengill Hall 355. If you have questions, contact Michael Sargent, the IRB co-chair, at or by phone at (207) 786-6277.

Please note an important addition to the IRB approval process: Effective September 2012, all researchers must complete the National Institute of Health's Protecting Human Research Participants online course.  As part of your application process to the Bates IRB, you must present your certificate of completion.  The course takes approximately three hours to complete.

Federal guidelines state that any institution receiving federal funds for research using human participants must establish an Institutional Review Board; all federally funded research must receive IRB approval.

"An IRB shall review and have authority to approve, require modifications in (to secure approval), or disapprove all research activities covered by this policy. An IRB may require informed consent and require documentation of informed consent. An IRB is to notify the investigator and the institution of its approval or disapproval of a research activity. If it disapproves, it will give its reasons and provide an opportunity for the investigator to respond in writing or in person. An IRB will provide periodic (usually annual) reviews of approved, long-term research activities."
(Code of Federal Regulations Title 34 -- Education. p. B15)

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Our downloads page has sample documents and the proposal checklist.