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Cutting A Fine Figure: The Art of the Jigsaw Puzzle by Anne D. Williams. (Catalog for 1996 exhibition) Lexington, MA: Museum of Our National Heritage, 1996. Paperbound, 60 pages, color cover, 23 b&w photos. Includes: --Exhibition checklist; -- 4-page list of current sources of hand-cut wood jigsaw puzzles; -- 10-page essay "Jigsaw Puzzles: A Boston Area Tradition" -- 14-page essay "Parker Brothers and Pastime Puzzles". Can be autographed if desired. Price: $16 postpaid

Pieces in Place: Two Hundred Years of Jigsaw Puzzles.- Catalog Packet for 1988 exhibition at Bates College Museum of Art: --Jigsaw puzzle postcard announcing the exhibition --20 page booklet with essay on puzzle history and exhibition checklist --illustrated article, "Unlocking the Puzzle's Puzzle" --article on how to cut wood jigsaw puzzles. Price $8 postpaid

A Puzzle Trio (video) by Anne D. Williams and Robert Cole. Video shown at 1996 puzzle exhibition at the Museum of Our National Heritage, Lexington, MA. Segments include: 1) "Puzzle-Making at Parker Brothers." Features Pastime Puzzles and interviews with former employees. One cutter demonstrates how she created her own patterns for figure pieces. 2) "Jig-Saw Craze Sweeps Country" newsreel footage of Depression-era puzzle mania. 3) "How Puzzles Are Made." Features contemporary puzzle makers, including Stave Puzzles (hand-crafted wood puzzles) and Hallmark (die-cut cardboard puzzles). 9 minutes total; VHS (American) format only. Price: $18 postpaid

The Art of the Puzzle: Astounding and Confounding, by Jerry Slocum and Anne D. Williams. Catalog for puzzle exhibition at Katonah Museum of Art, fall 2000. Contains two long essays on jigsaw puzzles and mechanical puzzles, complete checklist for exhibition, and preface by Will Shortz. 63 color photos, 38 pages, paperbound. $18 postpaid

Master Pieces: The Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles, by Chris McCann. Over 500 color photos of die-cut cardboard puzzles of the 1930s through 1960s. Lengthy appendix with biographical info on artists who painted the pictures used for puzzles. 223 pages, hardbound. Price: $24 postpaid.

Jigsaw Jackson, by David F. Birchman and Daniel San Souci (Lothrop, Lee & Shepherd, 1996). A wonderful children's book, that any puzzle collector will appreciate. Maine farmer J.J. Jackson has a great talent for putting puzzles together. On a nationwide tour, his downfall comes with a missing piece, and he realizes there's no place like home. San Souci's illustrations are superb; my favorite is his jigsaw machine, shown in operation cutting up the paintings at the New York Museum of Very Expensive Art. Ages 4-8 (and up to 100!) 30 pages, profusely illustrated in color, hardbound. Price: $19 postpaid.

Life Magazine. This 1944 issue has a 3-page photo essay on Par Puzzles. Other features include features on WWII progress, Admiral Nimitz, China Today, and Australian War Brides. $16 postpaid.

British Jig-Saw Puzzles of the 20th Century, by Tom Tyler. (published in England in 1997). Very informative, very well illustrated book that picks up where Hannas left off. Good historical information on major English puzzle companies (Tuck, Chad Valley, Hayter/Spear, as well as contemporary manufacturers), almost 400 color pictures. 132 pages, hardbound. Price: $44 postpaid.

Piece by Piece: A History of the Jig-Saw Puzzle in the Netherlands, by Betsy and Geert Bekkering. (Amsterdam, Van Soeren, 1988) The definitive history of Dutch jigsaw puzzles, abundantly illustrated in both color and black and white. 80 pages, paperbound; with 56-page spiral-bound English translation of Dutch text. Autographed by authors. Never distributed in the U.S. Price: $25 postpaid.

Making Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles by Evan Kern. (Stackpole Books, 1996). Complete how-to for makers of wood puzzles for adults. Includes one chapter on children's puzzles. Well illustrated, mostly black and white. 115 pages, paperbound. Out of print. Price: $14 postpaid.

The Jigsaw / Scroll Saw Book, by R. J. Cristoforo. (Tab Books, 1990) 240 pages of tips on scroll saws and how to use them, plus 80 project patterns. Hardbound. $12 postpaid.

Virtual Jigsaw (software). SouthPeak Interactive, 1996. Includes my illustrated copy of essay on "Jigsaw Puzzles: A Boston Area Tradition" from "Cutting A Fine Figure" (above). Computer jigsaw puzzle program with 6,000+ different puzzle possibilities, many other great effects. For PCs, requires Windows 95 or higher. $13 postpaid.

It's All in the Game, by James J. Shea and Charles Mercer. (Putnam, 1960) The definitive history of Milton Bradley, his company, and the games and puzzles they produced, told by then-president Shea in 1960. Out of print and very hard to find. 284 text pages with some illustrations, plus 16 pages of black and white photos. Hardbound, $45 postpaid.

Playing by Different Rules, by Ellen Wojahn. (Amacom Books, 1988) History of Parker Brothers in the 1970s and 1980s, the clash of corporate cultures between General Mills, and its game making subsidiary, and how electronic and video games fit into the picture. 306 pages, hardbound, $12 postpaid.

Jigsaw Puzzles: An Illustrated History and Price Guide, by Anne D. Williams. Radnor, PA: Chilton/Wallace-Homestead, 1990. paperbound, 362+ pages, 64 color photos, 750 b&w photos. Contains history of jigsaw puzzles, details on history of 30 major manufacturers, collecting tips, valuation guide, price guide, 3 indexes. Now out of print, but I buy copies whenever I can find them for people on the waiting list. It also shows up for sale fairly regularly on online auction: