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Important Note: 2014 New England Preseason Report - Please read below.

Coaches of teams that placed in the top 20 at the 2013 Regional Meet, or any team who feels like they have a realistic shot at a top 10 New England Regional finish, please submit a report on your team for 2014 with consideration to athletes who graduated, athletes returning, impact new comers and any returners who were not available last year. Below is last years report to give you an idea. I will need these emailed to me (email listed at the bottom of this page) no later that Friday August 15th. I will then get them posted on line for everyone to see by Wednesday August 20th so that this information can be utilized for our preseason poll which coaches can vote for on Monday August 25th. The better the information the better I can, as your regional representative, express the strength of our region to the other regional reps as we move in to the 2014 season. Once I get this report up I will remove the 2013 report but it can still be accessed by looking through the "Previous Years Polls" file.


2013 Season Preview New England Men's Cross Coutry Preview August 21st

Bates Preview (6th at NCAA's,3rd at Regional’s)
Return 4 of the top 7, and 7 of the top 12. Three All Region runners Tully Hannan ‘14 (5th NCAA, 14:36/4:10mi.), Mike Martin ‘14 (12th Reg, 9:06 SC/ 14:41/3:54), Noah Graboys ‘14 (23rd Reg/ 3:52/14:38).  John Stansel ‘15 (42nd Reg/ 1:53RS/4:12mi)   All ECAC runners Camden Black-Ingersoll ’15 and Christian Sampson ’15 could also be strong contributors.  New comers: we have a number of first year athletes who will have the chance to impact our team, however time will tell as they transition to the longer distances. 

Tufts Preview (7th at NCAA's, 5th at Regional’s)  
Ben Wallis ‘14 (11th Reg, steeple AA), Andrew Shapero ‘14 (34th Reg, 14:58 5k), Brian McLaughlin ‘14 (35th Reg) Liam Cassidy ‘14 (8:38 3k), Jamie Norton ‘14 (16th ECAC, DMR AA, 3:51 1500m) Marshal Pagano ‘15 (13th ECAC, 9:30 steeple), Bobby McShane ‘14 (25:54 Open NE) Team also returns a handful of solid 5k/10k runners and will look for some solid steps forward and add depth.  Newcomers Luke O'Connor ‘17 (IL, 4:21, 9:24) and Tim Nichols ‘17 (OH, 4:29, 9:24). 

Middlebury (9th at NCAA's, 1st Regionals)
Top returnees  - Kevin Wood ’15(25th Reg/114th NCAA/14:56), Nate Sans ’14 (18th Reg/ 81st NCAA), Wilder Schaaf ’14 (46th Reg/ 126th NCAA/ 25:21/3:52), Greg Krathwohl’14 (26th Reg/141 NCAA (25:04/4:19), Sebastian Matt ’16 (25:58).
Other key returning men - Jake Fox (transfer/15:35), Mark Perry ’16 (15:31), Luke Carpinello ’16 (1:56) and Sam Kluckenkemper ’17 (4:16/9:30/15:46).

Williams (12th at NCAA's, 4th at Regionals)
Return: Lee (8th at Regionals), LaBerge (30), Mazaheri (48), Inde (58), Ford (2nd ECAC) Did Not Compete in Postseason Last Fall: Cole Townsend (injured last year), Henry Koster (injured last fall, abroad spring, competed at NCAA XC as freshman), Colin Cotton (returning from a year away, NESCAC Rookie of Year as freshman), Kyle Kistinger (injured last fall), Daniel Siegel (injured last fall) Incoming Freshmen: Peter Hale (9:18), Kieran Scannell (4:24), David Folsom (4:17/16:09), Noah Williams (9:39/16:03)

Bowdoin Preview (16th at NCAA's, 2nd at Regional’s)
Return two All Americans: Horowitz ‘14 (1st Reg/9th NCAA) Seekins ‘14 (2nd Reg/17th NCAAs) Saba ‘14 (Reg 20th), Hoose ‘15 (37th Reg) Talpley ’14 (41st Reg)  Boeding (51st Reg/ 9:14 SC). Should get help from Taylor Love ’16 (26:26/1:56) and Matt Jacobson ‘17 (16:04)

Springfield (6th at Regional’s)
Graduated 6 of their top 7 from Regionals

Wesleyan (7th at Regional’s)
Lost top 5 from last year. Returning will be Titcomb (127th) and (15:23-5k), Kim (98th) (16:01 -5k), Bieder (4:08- 1500m) and Conway (16:00-5k). We have 4 freshman (Arsenualt 4:38, 10:02, 16:38; Brauchle 1:59, 4:26, 16:20; Dudek 1:55, 4:27, 16:19; Hawkins 4:40, 9:47, 16:22).

Conn College (8th at Regional’s)
Returning Mike LeDuc ‘14 (4th at reg, 13th at NCAAs in X-C; 3rd at NCAA 5,000 Indoors/14:28; NCAA National Champion in 3000 SC Outdoors/8:50); junior Patrick Dermody ‘15 (44th regionals; 8:48/14:56/32:32); Andrew Majkut ‘14 (92nd regionals; 16:00); sophomore Brad DeMarco ‘16 (135th regionals; 4:16/15:57); Niall Williams ‘16 (2:33/4:09); and  Mike Joyce ’15 (10:01 SC/16:05). Several freshmen could impact including Ben Bosworth from Milton Academy (MA) (4:05/8:56/15:58 5K X-C).

MIT Preview (9th at Regional’s)
Returning Benji Xie '15 (73rd Reg), Roy Wedge '14 (27th Reg), Allen Leung '15 (82nd Reg), Justin Bullock '14 (45th Reg), Matt Jordan '15, Edgar Gridello '16 (75th Reg), Ian Tolan '16 (66th Reg) and Matt Deyo '16.  Newcomers (Rory Beyer 9:18, 4:21), (Ken Leidal 9:36, 4:18), (Matt McEachern 9:24, 4:20), Andrew Mullen (9:30, 4:21). 

Keene State Preview (10th at Regional’s)
Return Track All-American Widzgowski ’14 (31 Reg),Plankey ‘15 (60),Brady ’16 (79 Reg.) Mastrangelo ’15 (107 Reg.) Davis-O’Donnell ’16 Reg 114) Two newcomers who may help Patrick Chabot, Pinkerton 16:16 xc /4:27 and Ryan Milewski, Hanover Ma 4:35 and 2:03

Amherst Preview (11th at Regional’s)
Greg Turissini ‘15(54th Reg, 25:20 XC and 4:13 Mile, 8:29 3k, 15:04 5k) KC Fussell ‘15 (68th Reg 25:46 and 8:42/15:10/ 31:25) Charlie Reighard ‘14 (25:50 and 4:20 Mile, 8:36, 15:08), Alva Morales ‘14 (26:00, 8:51 / 15:18 but no outdoor)Gus Greenstein ‘14 (81st Reg, 26:00 and then abroad in track). All ECAC performers Romey Sklar ‘15 (86th Reg 26:17 and 1:54 & 4:02 1500)Dan Crowley ‘16 (26:17 and 8:41 / 15:20) Newcomers Raymond Meijer 4:23 / 9:27 / 15:37 XC and Ben Fiedler 4:19 / 9:20 / 15:45 XC

Colby Preview (12th at Regional’s)
Returns most of their top seven had some development in the spring and with any input from the first year class should be a top 10 team in the region.

Brandeis Preview (13th at Regional’s)
No Information Reported 

Lyndon State Preview ( 14th at Regional’s)
Return Kyle Powers ‘14 (9th Reg), Tyler Scheibenpflug ’15 (65th Reg), Returning from injury Kenedi Hall (15) (projected to be top 65), Ben Lewis ’16 (Reg 157) Joe Kill ’14 (Reg 158).  Add Arron Bellomo (Alverine, NH 15:49), Zac Styma (16:45)

Coast Guard Preview (15th at Regional’s)
       Returners - Garry Ezzo (24th Reg./14:52), Joey O’Connell (104th), Stephen Horvath (103rd), Jon Lash (105th), James Martin (118th), Ryan O’Neill (121st), Jordan Lee (133rd). Also, Nick Foster (15:48) and Brad Pienta (16:05) Additions - 6 freshman. Will be difficult for any freshman to break into the top 7.

WPI (16th at Regional’s)
Returning 4 of our top 7 from the regional meet including: Ryan Moran (40th), Andrew Zayac (88th), Rob Hollinger (95th) and Patrick Murphy (154th); also returning Tobin Dancy, who was our #2 runner prior to season ending injury. New Additions: Daniel Mortimer (2-mile: 9:55), Daniel Stomski, Austin Scott (3200m: 9:47; 1600m: 4:29), Mike McMahon

Babson Preview (17th at Regional’s)
We are returning 6 of our top 7 from Regionals. Gukesina 22, Skains 89, MacLean 117, DeLeon 126, Kolman 149, Hickey   Adding:Nemeth who should impact our top 5, Hatzopoulos, Jang, Lomba


Contact Information: Al Fereshetian, Bates College 207-786-6360