New England Divsion III Men's Cross Country

Weekly Polls:

Week of 9/15/14:

Note to Coaches: Please remember to get meet result links emailed as soon as possible after your meets.

1. Williams 87 (6)

2. MIT 83 (3)

3. Colby 70

4t. Amherst 47

4t. Bates 47

6. Middlebury 36

7. Tufts 33

8. Bowdoin 29

9. Keene State 23

10. WPI 14

Others Recieving Votes: Roger Williams 13, Coast Guard 6, Conn College 1

Week of 9/8/14:

Note to Coaches: Great response on our first weekly top 10 of the season. 13 School participated.

The next national poll will be next week.

1. Williams 129 (12)

2. MIT 116 (1)

3. Colby 94

4. Middlebury 88

5. Amherst 78

6. Tufts 65

7. Bates 64

8. WPI 32

9. Coast Guard 25

10. Conn College 12

Others Recieving Votes: Wesleyan 8, Bowdoin 2, Keene State 2

New England Pre-season Top 10:

Note to Coaches: The National preseason poll that will be release later this week will not reflect these rankings. That information was due earlier and was based on last year's NCAA and Regional results. Future New England rankings will reflect the thoughts of our coaches, so like last year we need all of you to be involved in the voting process on a regular and consistant basis.

1. Williams 79 (7)

2. MIT 69 (1)

3. Colby 62

4. Middlebury 53

5. Amherst 51

6. Tufts 42

7. Bates 34

8. Coast Guard 14

9. WPI 12

10. Wesleyan 11

Others Recieving Votes: Bowdoin 6, Conn College 5, Brandies 1, Keene State 1

2014 New England Men’s Cross Country Preview

Williams College (1st 2013)
Graduated: Chris Lee (3rd regional), Max Laberge (36th regional) and Peter Drews (65th regional).  Return: Cotton (2), Mazaheri (14), Inde (22), Hale (57) from regional. Ford (2nd ECAC and 86 NCAA)  Cole Townsend (1st ECAC and 113 NCAA), Andrew Beaudoin (27th ECAC), Kyle Kistinger, Daniel Siegel (13th ECAC), Kieran Scannell (3rd ECAC), David Folsom (7th ECAC), Noah Williams (36th ECAC).First Years include Liam Simpson (ME), Ben Decker (ME), Alex Kilman (CA), and Griffin Colaizzi (VA). We expect to be strong, and vie for conference and regional titles, and perform well on the national level.

Middlebury (2nd 2013)  Returns 4 of the top 7 from 2013 : Kevin Wood ’15 (regionals, 10th – 24:56, NCAA’s, 46th – 25:30),Wilder Schaaf ’14 (regionals, 16th – 25:06, NCAA’s, 125th – 26:06), Sebastian Matt ’16 (regionals, 33rd – 25:30, NCAA’s, 112th – 26:00), Luke Carpinello ’16 (regionals, 63rd – 26:09, NCAA’s, 238 – 26:58).  Other key returning men – Jake Fox (transfer/15:35), Sam Klockenkemper ’17 (4:16/9:30/15:46), Sam Cartwright (3:55/1500m). Possible impact – James Mulliken (1:55/800m, 4:22 / 1600m), Peter Howe (9:08 / 3000m, 16:08 / 5000m).

MIT (3rd 2013) We graduated only Roy Wedge out of our top seven and also Justin Bullock out of the top 10.  We have a pretty strong distance oriented group returning: Rory Beyer, Matt Deyo, Matt Jordan, Allen Leung, Ken Leidal, Matt McEachern and Benji Xie.  Colin Godwin, a sophomore this coming year has missed two years due to injury but could make a difference.  Spencer Wenck, leaving the team after his freshman year, returns for his senior year. Incoming freshman group is fairly strong on paper:  Ben Freed (Frederick, MD), Nick O’Connell (Chantilly, VA), Michael Picchini (Moorpark, CA), Cooper Sloan (Cupertino, CA), David Walter (Middleville, MI) and Nicholas Waltman (Lexington, KY). After finishing third last year with two of our top runners having a poor regional race, I would think we should be in position to finish top five at least with the possibility of contending for the win if we are healthy and have the right competitive attitude.

Tufts University (4th 2013) Return Tim Nichols '17 (30th Reg, 15:05), Nick Guarnaccia '15 (42nd Reg), Luke O'Connor '17 (48th Reg, 14:56) and 3 All-ECAC runners Marshall Pagano '15 (4th ECAC), Greg Hardy '15 (8th), Colin McCrory '15 (10th). Many non-varsity XC runners of 2013 look to build off of strong track seasons. New comers Ty Enos '18 (15:48), John Greenberg '18 (4:23, 9:37), Sam Little '18 (1:59, 4:23), Ian Clarke '18 (9:43, 15:57)

Bates College (5th 2013) will look to a new group of athletes to continue the tradition of recent years.  Bates will be without the services of three All Region athletes Tully Hannan (6th), Mike Martin (21st) and Noah Graboys. Returning from last year’s NCAA squad are John Stansel ’15 (24th All Region),  Gregg Heller ’16 (69th), Joe Doyle ’17 (100th) and Camden Black-Ingersoll ’15 (110th).  Also returning will be Bryant Perkins ’16 (All ECAC XC) Mark McCauley (4:16/2:26/1:50). Bates saw significant development through the spring season, other returning runners who will be prepared to impact the team will be Allen Sumrall ’16 (15:12, 31:52 All ECAC 10km), Mike Horowicz ’17 (9:29 SC All ECAC) and Evan Ferguson Hull ’17 (9:32 SC All New England). Bates has a large and talented first year class with a number of first year runners who could be able to impact the top seven. Robert Daniels PA  (15:50/1:58/4:26), Hugh Kenny NY (15:55/9:29/4:22), Jack Kiely MD (15:45/9:38/4:22) Zach Magin CT (15:51/9:24/4:30), Ben Tonelli WA (16:05/9:31/4:24). 

Colby College (6th 2013) graduated our seventh man, that was the only real loss. Key returners would be Chelimo (15th Reg, 3:49, 14:47), Eastman(19th Reg), Hale 26th Reg, 14:51/31:24), Coffman (37th Reg, 15:11). Hard to say if any first year additions will be impact, but we are getting Ben Lester (15:31) back from injury and abroad.  He’s got the ability to be right there with Hale and Coffman.

Bowdoin College  7th in NE regional in 2013 Significant losses: Coby Horowitz 4th, Sam Seekins 28th, Nick Saba 34th, James Boeding 60, Greg Talpey 56 Returning:  Kevin Hoose 55 (9:15 SC), Avery Wentworth 93 (32:07)

Amherst  (8th 2013) Return 5 of 7 from Regional 8th place team. Dan Crowley JR 18th Regionals (NCAA Qualifier) 25:12 (8:30 & 15:05), Greg Turissini SR 32nd Regional 25:29 (4:11, 8:19 and 9:29 Steeple), KC Fussell SR 63rd Regionals with 25:30 XC best (14:56 and 31:04), Raymond Meijer SO 68th at Regionals 26:12 (15:17 and 32:04), Steven Lucey 127th at Regionals with 26:30 XC best (1:54). Also coming back are Jeff Seelaus JR 26:30 XC (8:40 and 9:33 Steeple), Romey Sklar SR 26:50 XC (1:52 and 3:57), Ben Fiedler SO 26:28 (8:49 and 15:17), and Kevin Connors SO 26:25 XC (1:54 and 3:58).  
Incoming class - A strong incoming class could potentially see a couple of guys (Mohamed Hussein Northfield Mt Hermon – MA Gatorade Runner of the Year; Twins Craig (9:23 and 9:40 Steeple) and Scott (9:35 and 9:48 Steeple) Nelson NY; Zack Grand NM 15:50) potentially factor into the scoring seven but will see how they adjust to the 5m distance

Keene State College (9th 2013) Loss from regionals: Ryan Widzgowski 11th, Brett Mastrangelo 43rd, Chris Plankey 51st, Nick Riendeau 73rd Returnees: Ryan Brady 71st, Pat Chabot 94th, Hayden Patterson DNF. New: Phillip Parent, Pinkerton Academy- 9:38/3200, 16:11 5k xc, Ben MacDonald,  Lincoln-Sudbury Ma- 9:52/3200  16:28 5k xc, Ian Connell, Guiford ct.  16:50 5k xc

Coast Guard Academy (10th 2013)  Graduated: Gary Ezzo 14’ (17th Reg/25:09 8K/30:58 10K); Brad Pienta 14’ (91st Reg/ 26:29 8K); Jordan Lee 14’ (148th Reg/27:37 8K). Return 4 of the top 7 at regional’s:  Zachary Velasquez 17’ (27th Reg/ 25:19/15:15); Jon Lash 15’ (72nd Reg/ 26:16/15:37); Joseph O’Connell 15’ (80th Reg/26:23/injured during 2014 outdoors); Stephen Horvath 15’ (163rd Reg/27:52/15:39/9:38 SC); also top ECAC runners Nick Foster 15’ (26:29/15:35); James Martin 15’ (26:48/4:01). Also up and coming Caleb Teachout 17’ (28:25/15:52); Gill Hill 17’ (27:28/16:15). 
Incoming Freshmen: 3-4 solid freshman middle distance/long distance specialists that could possibly make an impact during cross country season. Time will tell if any can break into the top 7.

WPI (11th 2013) We are returning 8 of our top 10 from last year's team, including 6 of our top 7. Key Losses: Rob Hollinger (46th at Regionals); Key Returners: SR - Ryan Moran (54th at Regionals; battled an illness all last season, he had projected to be a top-20 finisher prior to getting sick), SR - Andrew Zayac (67th at Regionals), SO - Austin Scott (88th at Regionals), SR - Patrick Murphy (107th at Regionals), SO - Nathan Stomberg (137th at Regionals), JR - Tobin Dancy (DNF at Regionals), SR - Joe Kelly (50th at ECACs); Possible Impact: FR - Justin Trott - Winnacunnet HS (9:50 3200m), FR - Tristam Winship - Bedford HS (4:28 1600m, 9:49 3200m), SO - Daniel Mortimer (injured last season), SO - Dan Stomski (injured last season), SR - Kyle Gerlach (underperformed last season).

Connecticut College, who finished 12th at regionals last year, lose only one runner from their top 7, but that runner is reigning NESCAC, NE D. III, and National Cross Country Champion and two-time National Steeplechase Champion Michael LeDuc.  Returning are senior Patrick Dermody (40th at regionals; 8:48/14:56 PRs); sophomore Ben Bosworth (80th at regionals; 1:57/3:59/8:49); sophomore Zander Mintz (116th at regionals); junior Niall Williams (128th at regionals; 1:56/3:56); junior Brad DeMarco (158th at regionals); and senior Billy Barnes (188th at regionals; 1:57). Also expected to contribute are senior Mike Joyce (10:01 SC PR), sophomores Alejandro Hernandez (16:03) and Raymond Rich-Fiondella, and freshmen Connor Trapp (New Trier HS, IL) and Jordan Comeau (Cushing Academy, MA).

Wesleyan University (13th 2013) We have everyone returning this year. Key returners are Eric Arsenault (26:26 @ 2013NE regional/injured track last year), Evan Bieder (26:08 @ 2013 NE Regional/15:10 5k), Paul Brauchle (28:02 @ 2013 NE Regional/1:59 800m/ 4:09 1500m), Keith Conway (26:24 @ 2013 NE Regional/15:22 5k), Will Dudek (27:07 @ NE Regional/1:59 800m/4:06 1500m),Reid Hawkins (26:29 @ 2013 NE Regional/15:44 5k), Taylor Titcomb (25:57 @ NE Regional/15:00 5k). I don't think any freshman will break into our top 7.

USM was 14th last year at Regionals 
1. Significant losses: Briar Beede 78th (graduation), Alex Beals 59th (transfer), Tyler White 90th (transfer), basically our 1,2, and 4 guys. 
2. Key Returners: Chris Dunn 84th, Kinnon Church 105th, Kevin Desmond 146th, Jon Clement (6th or 7th guy last year, sat out regionals), Will Lundquist (ineligible last cross season, 9:39 steeple outdoors). 
3. No expected impact first year runners. 

Lyndon State College (15th 2013)

Significant Losses:  #1 Kyle Powers – graduated, #4 Aaron Bellomo - transferred to Roberts Wesleyan College.  Key Returners: #2 Tyler Scheibenpflug SR, #3 Kenedi HallSR, #5Josh Hopmans(JR(healthy now), #6 Ayan Cole (SO, #7 Tim LaRoche (JR), #? Ben Lewis (JR) did not run his sophomore year, was our #5 as a freshman.

Babson (16th at Regionals):
Return Mark Gulesian (62nd), Ian Maclean (113th), Will Nemeth (144th). The Freshmen should impact us with the addition of Ryan Colaco, John Decker, Jon Miller, Scott Atwood and Jonathan Martin.

Westfield State Finished tied for 17th last year looking to crack top 10: Tim Shea(25:53),Ben Parzich(26:38) (Chris Williams(26:53),Cam Fairbanks(27:01), Mike Kelleher(27:02),Mike Skelly(27:18),Steve Connolly(27:38) Lost Fairbanks & Kelleher to graduation, still have Derik Noland (7-8th runner last year) & Matt Moussamih(800 runner) will help along with newcomers Justin Halley from North Reading, Peter Skaza Ludlow,MA and  Tom Mulligan Georgetown,MA.

Brandies Univeristy tied for 17th in 2013
Brandeis Men’s team is returning 7 from the top 8 as well as adding strong freshman talent. Returning for Brandeis: Jarret Harrigan,Quinton Hoey, Grady Ward, Matt Doran, Daniel Leon, Liban Aden, Greg Bray (back from injury).  Only losing Michael Rosenbach (Not Returning).Adding a lot of depth to the men’s team with 12 incoming freshman.  Highlights of that freshman class who will impact top 7 include Ryan Stender of Amherst, MA (PRs of 4:25, 9:38, 16:11), Liam Garvey West Springfield, MA (PRs of 4:37, 9:38, 15:45), Mitchell Hutton, CA (PRs of 4:34,9:38,15:22(3mile), Brian Sheppard of Whitman, MA (PRs of 9:58, 16:25), Aaron Karlin, CA (PR of 16:16)

Roger Williams College (19th in 2013) No Report

U Mass Dartmouth (20th in 2013) No Report


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