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Dylux chemistry for conservators

At 12:20 PM 5/8/98 -0400, RODESSAU wrote:

>I feel terrible about unkept promises.  I am still alive, but working too hard
>as a consultant on DYLUX, and related things.   I will try to get something to
>you during the next few days.  Sorry, about these delays.
>Hope that you are well.

Hi, Rolf!

It is great to hear from you, and I'm delighted you will be able to do this
soon.  I just got back from a colloquium in Paris sponsored by the Centre
Nationale de Recherche Scientifique that was attended by lots of
conservators and curators, and they all need to be reassured with some hard
facts before they feel comfortable allowing use of Dylux paper in contact
with medieval manuscripts, prints etc.

I think if we can get that info out to them, there will be a surge of

Yes, I am well, and busy, which I guess is a good way to be!

I changed the subject line! That other one -=
     "newer" watermarks - C.   Revolutionary War
was irrelevant to this subject -- I think it came from an old e-mail note
that I used to get Tom's e-mail address the other day and I forgot to
change the subject line!

Thanks again!


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