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Last-minute forecasts

This is to reassure those of you who requested AV/Technological equipment
that the following will be available for all sessions at the Watermarks
Conference this week:

        Overhead projectors (2)
        Slide projectors (2)
        Laser pointers (2)

For the Saturday sessions, in addition to the above, the following will be

        Macintosh 8500 Power PC
        LCD Panel and Projector

(the Mac has the following specs: 16MB memory, 1 GB hard drive, 17" color
monitor, CD-ROM drive, 100 Mhz 586 DOS/Windows card w/16 additional MB of
memory, Ethernet connection)

The weather forecast, after showers on Wednesday, looks very good at this
point: highs inthe 60s, lows in the 40s, sunny-partly sunny.

I don't have details yet, but there was a news report yesterday that a
sinkhole had opened up on I-81 near Dixie Caverns, closing one lane south
of Roanoke.  Alternate approaches would include U.S. 460 (becoming Orange
Avenue and intersecting with I-581 between I-81 and Roanoke).

Bon voyage!

                                ...Dan Mosser <dmosser@vt.edu>
                                     VOICE:  (540) 231-7797
                                       FAX:  (540) 231-5692
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The Watermark Initiative was created by

Robert W. Allison
Dept. of Philosophy & Religion, Bates College and

James Hart
Information Services, Bates College Lewiston, Maine, 04240