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(Fwd) Dylux

Forwarded message:
From:     Self <knops>
To: watermarks@ebbs.english.vt.edu
Subject: Dylux
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 09:57:31

Dear Watermarks-friends,

I'm sure there is someone among you who can explain to me how the 
Dylux-process works.
I would like to know what I need to make these prints. As I 
understood it is some kind of photo-sensitive paper to make a kind of 
contact-print ???
Does this print has to be processed in any way ? Do I need a 
dark-room and chemicals etc. to make these prints ? If so, what 
chemicals ? Where can I buy the Dylux-paper ? 
Any information on the subject is very welcome !

Thanks in advance,

Cor Knops.

Knops Boekrestauratie
Conservation & Restoration of Books and Paper
Groenstraat 8
6151 CS Munstergeleen / Netherlands
tel/fax +31 46 4200024
mail knops@xs4all.nl OR corknops@worldaccess.nl
url http://www.worldaccess.nl/~corknops/index.htm
OR  http://www.xs4all.nl/~knops/index.htm

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