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The IPH Standard

Dear All,
Hi. I have yet another query. I am trying to track down the correct
reference for the IPH standard for copying watermarks. Searches
of the Library of Congress OPAC, the British Library OPAC, Gabriel,
WorldCat and the Net have yielded very little. The only information
that I have been able to find is a brief reference from WorldCat
to the International Standard for the Registration of Watermarks
published by the IPH in 1992. Is this what I'm looking for? Further
searches with this title, using the aforementioned sources, failed
to provide any more information. Does anyone have a more detailed
reference which I could use to order a copy?
   Finally, is there a British Standard for the copying of
watermarks? If so, what is its number? I could 'phone them, but
anyone who has tried, knows what a nightmare it is!
   Many thanks,
         Lorraine Finch.

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