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Thank you! Re: Publication details Ravenhill

Very many thanks to Frieder Schmidt for the prompt
information on the elusive citation. My colleague is
absolutely delighted: we both much appreciate the
generosity shown.

Avril Henry

On Mon, 2 Mar 1998 08:00:52 GMT+0100 "Schmidt, Frieder" 
<l8201_01@dbl-s2.dbl.ddb.de> wrote:

> the complete publication details of W. L. D. Ravenhills article are:
> Ravenhill, William: A curious "Saint" watermark on a Saxton Atlas of 
> c. 1590. In: International paper history = Papiergeschichte 
> international. - Marburg 4(1994)1. - p. 5-10 : watermark reprod.
>  - Summary in German, English and French.
> Frieder Schmidt
> Deutsche Buecherei Leipzig
> Deutsches Buch- und Schriftmuseum
> Papierhistorische Sammlungen
> e-mail: schmidtf@dbl.ddb.de

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