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Paper Identification:
Athos , Philotheou general 005,1a

Description of the Ms in which the Paper Occurs

The manuscript in which this paper occurs is a codex measuring 253 x 195-200 mm.
This paper is utilized as the original material of the manuscript
This paper is used in the manuscript in 2o format
The scribe(s) who wrote the text on this paper are:

The provenance of the manuscript -- or if this paper is not the original material of the manuscript, the provenance of the part that is written on this paper -- is unknown; the scriptorium is unknown.

Paper Description

To see the watermark or the countermark (if there is one), you may click on the appropriate link in the description below

01. Watermark Design:
The watermark print was produced from:

02. Countermark:
No Countermark
The countermark print (if available) was produced from:

03. Watermark Dimensions and Disposition:
Dimensions: 64 x 52 mm.
Disposition: across two chain lines

04. Wire/Chainline description:
Density of Wirelines: 27 mm. for 20 wirelines. (style: thin wire lines)
Chainline Interval(s): 36-37 (40) mm.

05. Thickness:

06. Paper Surface/Texture Description:
Color: beige
Surface: matte wire lines visible in surface of paper

07. Stiffness:

08. Date of Production/Use:
Date estimate: 14th 3/4,
Criteria for dating: published watermark(s) cited in 9 below

09. Published Facsimiles:
Mosin & Traljic 419

10. Notes/Observations:
This paper occurs on folios 8-12 of the codex

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