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The WWW Watermark Archive Initiative

Produced by James A. Hart for
The 1996 Roanoke Conference Standards Project

© 1996, 1997 James A. Hart. All rights reserved.

The purpose of the Standards Project of the World Wide Web Watermark Archive Initiative is to arrive at standards for the design and function of World Wide Web based Archives of Papers and Watermarks. To facilitate that purpose and to help people get archives going, we are making all supporting programs freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public license. All programs are Copyright © 1997, Bates College.

Programming note: although most of the programs are written in AWK, they should be easily translated into PERL using the a2p program that comes with most PERL distributions.

Important note: clicking on the program links will not get you a useable program. Use the "Save As..." or "Download" function of your browser to transfer a copy of the program to your local hard drive. Choose Text format, if given a choice.

  1. wmlookup is a shell script (Bourne or compatible shell) which, using an awk script, processes the parameters to fetch multiple matching records between files as part of a one-to-many relationship. For example, looking up all the Watermark records for a particular Paper. It is called as a CGI by the UNIX web server.
  2. wmlookup.awk is a new-AWK (nawk) script which does the bulk of the work in wmlookup.

Old programs.

Robert W. Allison, designer
Dept. of Philosophy & Religion, Bates College


James Hart, Technical support and functionality
Information Services, Bates College Lewiston, Maine, 04240

Last updated: April 4, 1997