About the IPH Standard

The IPH standard refers to: International Association of Paper Historians, International Standard for the Registration of Watermarks, Provisional Edition, 1992.
copies may be ordered from Ludwig Ritterpusch, Sekretariat/Kassier, Wehrdaer Strasse 135, D-3550 Marburg, Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Germany.

The IPH standard consists of 5 parts. Parts 1 and 2 are statements of the purpose and basis of the standard. Parts 3-4, the outline of the relational database, are reproduced in the following table. Part 5 is an outline of the system for classifying watermarks, which provides the means for identification of watermarks in the database, but is not itself a file within the database. The standard concludes with two addenda and two appendices. The addenda include:

  1. a key to the alphanumeric code used for description of watermarks
  2. the International Automobile code used here for identification of countries.
The two appendices include:
  1. A comprehensive index of Classes and Subclasses of Watermarks
  2. A summary of "Recommendations for Structuring a Watermark Database-Convention for Data Exchange"