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The Watermark Initiative

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IPH Field:
Data Category:
Data or Link:
[- IPH] Person_ID: Johnevang
[- IPH] Surname_Name: the Evangelist [last name]
[- IPH] First_Name: John [first name]
[-IPH] MI: [middle name or initial]
[- IPH] Title: Saint
[- IPH] DOB:
[- IPH] DOD:
[- IPH] City/Place of birth:
cf. 3.3.9 *Floruit: first century

[- IPH] *Floruit_rationale: prevailing scholarly opinion

[- IPH] Primary_craft: Author (traditional attribution)

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The Watermark Initiative was created by Robert W. Allison
Dept. of Philosophy & Religion, Bates College

and James Hart
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