March 7, 1999  

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PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- The Bates College squash teams sent three players to the individual championships at the University of Pennsylvania this weekend. Though the three unseeded Bobcat performers were knocked out by seeded opponents in the first round, two of the three had impressive performances in the consolation bracket. Sophomore Sean Doherty (Toronto, Ont.) reached the semifinals of the consolation bracket on Sunday, while first-year player Aisha Shah (Bombay, India) was through to the round of 16. Between them, Doherty and Shah managed to defeat three Ivy League opponents. Junior Mary Ellen Hennessey (Manchester, N.H.), the third Bates participant, was eliminated after two rounds.

First round
Sean Doherty (Bates) l. #8 Beau River (Dartmouth), 10, 12, 7
Aisha Shah (Bates) l. #7 Olga P-Sola (Cornell), 0, 0, 6
Mary Ellen Hennessey (Bates) l. #5 Janine Thompson (Trinity), 0, 0, 0

Consolation First Round
Doherty def. Kunal Surana (MIT), score not avalaible
Shah def. Colby Hall (Harvard), score not available
Hennessey l. Rachel Nisselson (Amherst), score not available

Consolation Second Round
Doherty def. Nick Lukens (Yale), 3-2, game score not available
Shah l. Mimi Bartow (Williams)

Consolation Quarterfinals
Doherty def. Peter Withstanley (Penn), 15-14, 10, 17-16

Consolation Semifinals
Doherty l.  Olukutan (Yale), 10, 10, 8

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