Bates: The Alumni Magazine  -  Winter 1996

In This Issue

A Sine of the Times
Story and photos by Phyllis Graber Jensen

In the sixties, Bonnie Shulman turned on, tuned in, and dropped out. Now she's Bates' barefoot mathematician, a feminist scholar who practices Tai Chi on the Quad and turns students on to math.

Come Together, Right Now
by H. Jay Burns

An ambitious building project promises to bring together the far-flung faculty in the social sciences,who now find themselves in a variety of unusual office spaces around campus.

A Changeable Climate for Bates Women

Bates and coeducation have coexisted since the college's founding in 1855. Yet pressing gender issues remain in the mid-1990s. Staff writer Phyllis Graber Jensen interviews Director of Athletics Suzanne Coffey, who chaired a campus committee charged with examining the status of women at Bates.


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