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A day of pride, Veterans Day, forgotten
Writer argues that our neglect of this holiday a wonder and a shame
To the Editor;

Veterans Day is a national holiday here in the U.S. It is a day we take to remember all the veterans that have fought for our country. Many of these men have risked their lives for their country, and many have become handicapped for life as a result. Veterans Day is just one day out of the year where we honor all those who have fought and sacrificed for their country. Yet this holiday, just around the corner on November 11, is not celebrated here at Bates.

If you asked me why, I honestly couldn't give you an answer. Some of these men and women have come out alive from situations that you and I would be hard put to imagine. Many have been disfigured for life, lost a limb, lost someone dear to them in combat or have acted heroically under fire.

Even after the war, it has been a struggle for some to cope with the events that they have witnessed in combat. Many fought and died for the ideals that this country upholds and to preserve our way of living today. Don't you think that these people deserve a day to be remembered and respected?

Veterans Day is a day to remember the individual soldiers who fought in our wars whether they wanted to be there or not, whether people agree with the reason for warring in the first place is irrelevant. At the time when these soldiers fought, no matter which war you look at, their personal politics or beliefs didn't matter at all. They were there, they were fighting for our country, and they should be remembered for it.

I have spoken to a few veterans that are employed here on campus, they feel disrespected because we do not observe this holiday. There are many veterans, handicapped or or otherwise, whose services have been forgotten by people in general, and to me this is simply wrong. The point of this holiday is to remember the individuals that fought and lived through war, most whom were our age or younger at the time.

By honoring these men and women, we honor not only their valiance, but also the things they fought for. They fought to uphold the values that our country is based on and that we hold on high. The same values that make our country what it is today. They fought to guarantee us our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness here in America .Time after time again, they have fought forces that threatened to bring an end to our society: the British during the Revolution, the Confederates during the Civil War, and the Germans in both world wars.

Without their efforts, we could have lost our freedom of speech, right to a just trial, perhaps even the right to choose not to celebrate Veterans Day, just to mention a few. The freedoms we have in our country are unparalleled in most other nations, and we should be proud of them, therefore proud of those who put their lives on the line to protect those freedoms for us.

I don't know what most people here feel about Veterans Day, but it is an important holiday that should be observed and remembered. If you feel as I do, and believe Veterans Day is a holiday worth celebrating, keep a lookout in the Bates Daily. The College Republican Club will be holding a celebration of Veterans day in the coming week. it will include the chalking of the quad, a movie and a speaker. If you are interested in attending or would like to help out watch the Bates Daily or email or email BatesGOP@aol.com, and the details of the event wil1 be sent to you via email. So come to our celebration, and remember our vets.

George Schneider, `01

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