The Bates Student - November 6, 1998


The boycott ends
Hardly satisfied, letter examines perceived double standard remains
To the Editor;

To the resentment and dismay of many Physical Plant Employees the boycott of the den has been officially called off. Knowing full well that the den policies cater to some more than others, we know that we will never get our big-screen T.V. back for our break time. Still, our point was made, but the professor won.

I just wonder what deep philosophy compelled this guy to rob his fellow workers of twenty minutes of enjoyment. Are we really that irritable? Really?

No one else seemed to think so. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all control everything that inconvenienced us? I'd hate to see this guy in heavy traffic.

Some things you can't control and some things you can. Now we all know one more thing which this fellow can control. So, Physical Plant buddies, picture the Den like a library and you'll be all set. Talk softly and use good manners and, if you can find some time, brush up on your Shakespeare and Nuclear Physics and maybe we can all get along; Yeah, right.

Gerald Thibault

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