Prospective Students

We are excited that you're checking out Bates!

Jewish life on the Bates campus consists of a closely knit group of dedicated students who work diligently to provide the best experience for Jewish students that we can. The JCC is one of the most active groups on campus providing a comfortable forum to meet other Jewish students, practice religion, and partake in cultural activities. Over the year, the JCC organizes and co-sponsors about 60 events and activities open to the entire student body. And not only are we one of the most activie organizations, but we are one of the most fun and best looking!

If you are concerned that going to school in Maine will deprive you of a good Jewish experience, don't worry. Maine has over 10 synagogues with Rabbi's who help us out in activities and in worship. With events like the Maine Jewish Film Festival and the scenery like the beautiful beaches and mountains, we feel that Maine is a wonderful place to practice Judaism.

In addition, Bates College is a great place to study Judaism. Classes such as: The Binding of Isaac: Three Traditions, From Law to Mysticism, Ancient Israel: History, Religion, and Literature, The Jewish Diaspora of Latin America, The Holocaust in History: The Genocide of European Jews, Early Jewish History and Thought, Religion and Sacred Texts, From Shoah to Shoah: Judaism in the Modern World, Tolerance and Intolerance in the Bible, and more. Hebrew classes are sometimes offered as well. Professor Mishael Caspi, from Israel, has written over 20 books about Judaism and was a student of Martin Buber. Caspi is a wonderful resource and a wonderful person. The Ladd Library has a large collection of books from a Rabbi from Lewiston who's family left his collection to Bates. Special Collections has fascinating ancient Talmudic Texts.

Jews in Maine are wonderful people. There is a unique history of Jewish life in Lewiston/Auburn. If you want to learn more, we would love to have you for an overnight visit. Stay with a Jewish Student on Shabbat and see what our programs are about.