The International Club is one of the largest and most active of the Bates College clubs. We represent some 130 International students coming from over 40 countries all over the globe. Our role is to promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding at Bates by spreading the wealth of our diversity through activities like the annual International Dinner and International Fair. We welcome all members of the Bates community in the Club's activities.
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 What do we do 

The Club members meet on a weekly-basis to share a delicious meal in Bates' nationally recognized Commons, to share stories and jokes, and to plan the activities of the Club. Just a few of those activities include an International Dance night, when all Bates students are invited to dance to musical pieces from around the globe, and an International Dinner, where international students assume the role of chefs and prepare various national dishes for the enjoyment of all gourmets on campus. Furthermore, all first-year international students are invited by Dean Reese to a free lobster bake and a soccer game on the beaches of Maine. Of course, there are many, many more events that the International Club organizes or co-sponsors on campus each year.


Events We Do

    Lobster Bake
    International Dinner
    International Fair
    Coffee House
    Dance Night
    Movie Nights


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