How To Join
Bates EMT
Any Maine licensed EMT or First Responder associated with Bates College can run calls as part of a Bates EMS Crew. If you are already an EMT or FR in a different state, you can apply for license reciprocity in Maine. Otherwise, you can take the EMT course that is offered on campus, or take a course elsewhere in Maine. There is no application process to join our service and we are always looking for new members.

Becoming and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) requires attending a Maine state approved EMT class. The class runs for 120 hours and teaches the participants everything from basic first aid and back-boarding spine injuries to splinting fractures and assisting with specific medication administration.

Bates EMS sponsors an EMT class each year which usually meets 2 nights per week with an occasional weekend session. The price of the class is approximately $500 but can be less depending on the number of students. Those who successfully complete this training course will be certified as EMT-Basics. Participants must then take a written and practical exam to be licensed in the State of Maine. These tests also grant certification for the National Registry of EMT's which makes it easier to work as an EMT in different states.

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