Bates EMT

Olin Arts Center
Bates EMS exists to serve the Bates College community to our fullest capacity. Beyond being available 24 hours a day everyday of the school year, Bates EMS can dispatch a standby crew to serve at large gathering (i.e. dances, concerts, etc.) or events where there is a high likelihood of injury (i.e. contact sports).

Please download the Standby Request Application (.pdf format), fill it out, and return it as promptly as possible. If Bates EMS has the resources to staff the standby request, then a Standby Contract will be filled out ensuring proper communication and payment between Bates EMS and the requestor.

Standby Request Application

Standby Contract Form

In addition to offering standby capabilities, Bates EMS allows college clubs and organizations to borrow equipment for trainings or other purposes they may need them for at a small fee. Download the Equipment Rental Request and Contract and have it turned to Bates EMS as soon as possible.

Equipment Rental Request and Contract