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Years of overhearing people express their dislike for the Salvation Army made me want to look them up and find out if they're really as bad as people think. As far as I could tell, they are. Here's some info & sources:

- "Christians whose sexual orientation is primarily or exclusively same-sex are called upon to embrace celibacy as a way of life. There is no scriptural support for same-sex unions as equal to, or as an alternative to, heterosexual marriage." - Salvation Army USA Web site, Dec. 2003
- In 1998, the Salvation Army refused $3.5 million in city money from San Francisco because of a city ordinance that requires businesses that hold city contracts to provide spousal health insurance to married couples as well as gay and unmarried partners of employees. They said they "simply cannot agree to be in compliance" because they are Christians, and instead cut programming for senior citizens and the homeless.
- In October 2001, the Salvation Army commissioners decided to let the 4 US territories determine their health care policies, and the Western Territory extended benefits to the partners of gay and lesbian employees. In November 2001, the commissioners decided to return health care policymaking to the national level, and force the Western Territory to stop providing health care benefits to GLBTQ families. "We've been listening to our internal and external constituencies, and
we now confirm adherence to biblical principles concerning marriage and the family," said Theresa Whitfield, the Salvation Army's media relations director.
- In 2001, the Washington Post discovered that the Salvation Army and the Bush administration had made a deal that in exchange for the White House protecting the Salvation Army from anti-discrimination laws, allowing them to discriminate against GLBTQ people in hiring and domestic-benefits, the Salvation Army would spend $1 million on supporting Bush's "faith-based initiative."
- When the White House backed off of that deal, supporters of the Salvation Army got mad - Rabbi David Eldensohn, director of the New York-based National Non-Sectarian Council of Pro-Family Activists, claimed the "flip-flop [by the White House] shows that religious people in America have to give their tax money so that gays can destroy religion? The pro-family majority doesn't even get a few crumbs for doing social work, unless we tear out that page in the Bible that calls homosexuality an abomination."

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