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These are some courses at Bates that deal with issues of sexuality, sexual orientation and gender (in terms of gender as a social/cultural construct, gender relations/differences, and from other approaches). If you know of any other related courses, please let us know.

For more info about specific courses, visit the Bates College Catalog

AA/AC 119. Cultural Politics

AA/EN 212. Black Lesbian and Gay Literatures

INDS 250. Interdisciplinary Studies: Methods and Modes of Inquiry

AN/SO 325. Ethnicity, Nation and World Community.

ART 266. Michelangelo to Sofonisba: The High Renaissance and Mannerism

ART 283. Contemporary Art.

AR/WS 287. Women, Gender, Visual Culture.

ART 374. Seminar in the Literature of Art.

ART 375. Issues of Sexuality and the Study of Visual Culture.

ASIA 280. Ethnicity and Gender: United States, Japan, and Korea

CMS 201. Gender and the Body in Ancient Greece

EDUC 240. Gender Issues in Education

EDUC 350. Anti-Oppressive Education

EN/WS 297. Feminisms

GER 303. German Romanticism.

PHIL 324C. Liberty and Equality

PHIL 258. Philosophy of Law.

PL/WS 365B. Sex, Love, and Marriage

REL 211. Religion and Sex

POLS 298. Sexuality and the Politics of Difference.

POLS 329. Law and Gender

POLS 347. Gender and the State PS/WS. Global Flows: Sex, Poitics, and War

PSYC 370. Psychology of Women and Gender

SOC 120. Race, Gender, and Society

SOC 220. Family and Society

SOC 270. Sociology of Gender

SOC 395B. Beliefs about Social Inequality

SOC 395D. Advanced Topics in the Sociology of Gender

TH/WS 264. Voice and Gender

RHET 260. Lesbian and Gay Images in Film

CM/WS 219. Greek Myths and the Psycology of Gender

AN/WS 275. Gender Relations in Comparative Perspective

EN/WS 297. Feminisms

WGST 400D. Global Feminisms



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