1975: 94th Congress, First Session

MUSKIE, EDMUND S. (a Senator from Maine)


Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Senator Hathaway, (sundry), 32253-32255

American Economy, National Tire Dealers and Retreaders Association, by, 32906

Bipartisan Foreign Policy, University of Delaware, by, 4098

Commencement, G. W. Ball, Bates College, 19297

Commencement, Tilton Academy, N.H., by, 18336

Congressional Budget Reform, Council on National priorities and Resources, by, 41564

Environmental Objectives, International Conference on Biological Water Quality Alternatives, by, 5765

Future American Foreign Policy, Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, by, 16626

General Revenue Sharing; Conference on Federalism by, 4447

Heart House (sundry), 34193, 34194

Impact of the Federal Budget on Maine, Maine State Legislature, by, 9311

New Budget Process and the Role of Congress, majority conference, by, 40477

Small Business Problems, Smaller Business Association of New England, by Senator McIntyre, 15667

Unfinished Liberal Consensus, New York Liberal Party's dinner, by, 33548

Amendments offered by, to

Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1975: amend bill (H.R.9524) to enact, 30504

Foreign affairs: amend bill (S. 1517) authorizing appropriations for administration of, 24269

Foreign aid: amend bill (H.R. 4592) making appropriations for, 7448

Older Americans Act Amendments of 1975: amend bill (S. 1426) to enact, 13983

Public Works Employment Act of 1975: amend bill (S.1587; H.R. 5247) to enact, 24898, 25702

Silk yarns: amend bill (H.R. 7727) to suspend duty on certain, 41244, 42044

Strategic Energy Reserves Act of 1975: amend bill (S.677) to enact, 21440

Tax Reduction Act of 1975; amend bill (H.R. 2166) to enact, 5727


Analysis: Federal Budget and the Cities, League of Cities, League of Cities and Conference of Mayors, 2844

Analysis: S.957, to improve personnel administration in State and local governments, 5280

Analysis: S.1359, Intergovernmental Countercyclical Assistance Act of 1975, 9082

Analysis: Utility Rate Hikes, by D. N. Jones and S. Dovell, 8394


Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 3254

Committee on the Budget Ad Hoc Task Force, 20785

Conferees: 13245, 30617, 36544, 36545, 36773

Elected to Committee, 777, 778

United Nations Law of the Sea Conference, 4529

Articles and editorials

Address to the New York Liberal Party (sundry), 33549-33551

As Maine Debates How to Save its Timber From Budworms, Pests Keep the Upper Hand, S. Margolies, Wall Street Journal, 21774

Auto Emissions: EPA Decision Due on Another Cleanup Delay, C. Holden, Science Magazine, 6063

Budget Discipline and Defense, Stephen S. Rosenfeld, Washington Post, 29539

Campobello: FDR's Beloved Island is a Joy Today, D. R. Larrabee (sundry),18116

Child Nutrition Veto, Washington Post, 32016

CIA and Tar Baby, O. Robinson, Maine Times, 2546

Cities and States Slowing Spending (sundry), 41135, 41136

Cold War to Cold Peace, A. Friendly, Newsweek, 24279

Congressional Budget, Wall Street Journal, 13220

Cooling the Fiscal Fever, Fortune (magazine), 14937

Ecology: Flush Times, Newsweek (publication), 36431

Federal Aid to the Cities (sundry), 24093, 24094

Global View of"Crowding Out," William C. Cates, Wall Street Journal, 13870

Haves and Have Nots, N. R. Peirce, Washington Post, 7198

Housing Program Advances, Charles A. Krause, Washington Post, 36691

Impact of Revenue Sharing on Minorities and the Poor, M. H. Sklar, Harvard Law Review, 8738

Impasse on Taxes (sundry), 42164

Inflation's Grip Tightens on Poor, J. T. Wooten, New York Times, 3317

Last Stronghold of Democracy, H. Johnson, Washington Post (sundry), 9645-9648

Local Fiscal Crisis (sundry), 9087

Maine, Canada Test a Magic Bullet, John P Wiley, Jr., Smithsonian (publication), 30461

Maine's Fishing Industry, Thomas Business Review (sundry), 24282-24284

Maine's Long-Term Future, H. Smith, Maine Business Indicators, 24098

May Craig Eulogies (sundry), 25413

Military Procurement Conference Washington Post, 29093

Mrs. Smith Calls on Young People for Regeneration of American Will, Richard A. Plummer. Waterville (Maine) Sentinel, 35856

New England Firm Decides to Stay. J. D. Moorhead, Christian Science Monitor, 6286

Outward Bound at Moosehead, Eliza Cocroft, Down East (magazine), 25428

Partners of the Americas Program (sundry), 7454-7461

Politics of Apathy, Joseph Kraft, Washington Post, 22108

Psychiatrists Pay New Need to Mental Problems of Aged, D. Buell, National Observer, 4442

Reorganizing State Government, N. R. Peirce, Washington Post, 9650

Retirement of Justice Douglas, St. Louis Post Dispatch (sundry), 36713-36718

Right to Privacy (sundry), 30497-30499

Rules Not Followed by Foreign Fishing Fleet, Mary Brewer, Boothebay (Me.) Register, 42238

Sailing Through Outward Bound: No Easy Trick, Toni Brodax, Boating (magazine), 25428

Setting Environmental Standards. G. Fishbein, Washington Post, 5750

Sewerless Society, Harold H. Leich, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, 36428-36431

Strip Mining Shift Could Hit Hathaway, L. Larsen. Denver Post, 18355

Taking Oil Off the Shelf, R. Bendiner, New York Times, 21543

Tax Status of Sternmen on Fishing Boats, Peter B. Sang, Maine Bar Bulletin, 32827

Tribute to May Craig, Lawrence Spivak, Meet the Press, 25412

Wetlands and the Corps of Engineers, Washington Post, 17347

What Do We Expect of the Military? Philip L. Geyelin, Washington Post, 13875

Where F.D.R. Sunned, L. Lowry, New York Times, 20065

Bills and resolutions introduced by

American Folklife Center: establish in Library of Congress (see S. 1618), 12698

American Revolution Bicentennial Advisory Council: appoint New Englanders to (see S.J. Res. 77), 12485

Angola: relative to U.S. involvement (see S. Res. 333), 41209

Antitrust Enforcement Authorization Act of 1975: enact (see S. 1136), 6007

Appropriations: authorize for transition period (see S. 1874), 16956

Budget: committee referrals of matters relative to rescissions and deferrals (see S. Res. 45), 1895, 1917

Budget: determination of the congressional (see S. Con. Res. 32), 10217

Budget: revising congressional (see S. Con. Res. 76), 36045

Budget deferral: disapproving relative to Federal paid highways (see S. Res. 69), 2805

Budget deferral: disapproving relative to water program operations construction grants (see S. Res. 70), 2806

Committee on Intelligence Oversight (Joint): establish (see S. 3 17), 998

Committee on the Budget: authorizing additional expenditures (see S. Res. 50), 1898

Committee to Study Intelligence Activities (Select): establish (see S. Res. 19), 727

Congressional budget: revise (see S. Con. Res. 76), 36045

Congressional Office of the Budget: prepare fiscal notes for legislation (see S. 65), 213

Congressional Right to Information Act: enact (see S. 2170), 24597

Constitution Day: designating (see S.J. Res. 4), 5490

Construction resources: promote more efficient use (see S. 865), 26293

Consumer agency: establish independent (see S. 200), 641

Credit: prohibit age discrimination in granting (see S.483), 6030

Customs employees: aircraft exemption relative to certain overtime services (see S. 2312), 42037

Dairy and Meat Import Inspection and Identification Act of 1975: enact (see S. 2598), 34354

Department of Defense: exclude industrially funded personnel from total authorized (see S. 2207), 32841

Department of Health, Education, and Welfare: proposed rules relative to discrimination (see S.Res. 235), 26777

Eijenshtein, Shalom Arye: relief (see S. 1412), 9882

Emergency Marine Fisheries Protection Act of 1975: enact (see S. 961), 5272

Energy Conservation Month: designate (see S. Res.59), 2613

Ethnic groups: strike medals commemorating contributions of (see S. 371), 17297

Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act of 1975; enact (see S. 1437), 10190

Federal Mine Safety and Health Amendments of 1975: enact (see S. 1302), 8138

Federal Oil Pollution Liability and Compensation Act of 1975: enact (see S. 2666), 36405

Fishermen: loans to cover costs of damages caused by foreign vessels (see S. 2193), 25315

Fishing industry: tax status (see S. 2410), 32341

Food Stamp Act of 1964: amend (see S. 13), 212

Forest service: further insect and disease control programs (see S. 34), 212

Government agencies: necessity of reorganizing (see S. 189), 527

Government Agencies and Congressional Committees: open public hearings (see S. 5), 22796

Government intelligence and surveillance activities: Senate action an legislation relative to congressional oversight (see S. Res. 231), 27824

Government of the United States: promote public confidence (see S. 181 ), 7875

Government Secrecy Control Act of 1975: enact (see S. 2420), 30289

Intergovernmental Countercyclical Assistance Act of 1975; enact (see S. 1359), 9080

Intergovernmental Personal Act of 1970: amend (see S. 957), 5272

International commerce: condemning discrimination (see S. Res. 100), 5429

Israel: concern over attempts to expel from United Nations (see S. Res. 214), 24897

Lobbying: relative to certain exempt organizations (see S. 2832), 42028

Lobbying Act of 1975 enact (see S. 2477), 31769

Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1975: enact (see S.2167), 24253

Mail rates: educational publications (see S. 2015), 27339

Marine Pollution Control Zone: establish 200-mile (see S. 1341), 8681

Martin Luther King Day: designate (see S.J. Res.2), 215

Medicare: freeze deductibles (see S. 525), 2026

Medicare: proposed curtailment of benefits (see S. Con. Res. 24), 7524

Milk: price support (see S. J. Res. 121), 30457

Mussenden. William F.: relief (see S. 2640), 35647

National Employ the Older Workers Week: designate (see S.J. Res. 35), 3796

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Funds: disapprove President's deferral (see S.Res. 102), 5726

National Ski Patrol Association: grant Federal charter (see S. 1736), 31933

National Trust for the Preservation of Historic Ships: establish (see S. 228), 16600

Nuclear test ban treaty: promote negotiations for (see S. Res. 163), 15257

Nursing homes: concerning (see S. Res. 113), 6472

Nursing homes: reform (see S. 1563), 35087

Nursing homes: updating life safety requirements (see S.2558),33495

Oil: relative to tariff on imported (see S. Res 11), 889

Oil imports: prohibit for 60 days the imposition of tariffs, fees, and quotas (see S.J. Res. 12), 999

Oil imports: require congressional approval of fees on (see S. J. Res. 3), 215

Outer Continental Shelf: provide relief for damages from discharge of oil from (see S. 1954), 21497

Parole Commission Act: enact (see S. 1109), 5675

Post Card Voter Registration Act; enact (see S.1177), 6446

Radiation Health and Safety Act of 1975: enact (see S. 1261), 7826

Right to Financial privacy Act of 1975 enact (see S.1343), 8681

Science and technology: national policy and priorities (see S. 32), 5490

Senate: amend rule XXII relative to certain debate procedures (see S. Res. 4), 12

Senate: amend rules relative to committee meetings (see S. Res. 9), 403

Senate Members: authorize additional assistants (see S. Res. 60), 2478

Senate proceedings: providing radio and television coverage (see S. Res. 39), 1551

Social security: disapprove 5-per cent ceiling on cost-of-living increases (see S. Con. Res. 2), 889

Solzhenitsyn, Alexandr: invitation to address Congress (see S Con. Res. 48), 24055

State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972: extend and revise (see S. 1625), 13304, 13521

State lotteries: exempt from certain Federal prohibitions (see S. 1485), 10967

Tax expenditure: more effective use by Congress (see S. 2258), 29959

United Nations: relative to Zionism resolution (see S. Con. Res. 73), 35776

Wool: Change Customs treatment Of Certain woven fabrics of (see S.1904),18073

World food crisis: aid to poorest people (see S. Con. Res. 66), 41544

Zionism: condemn United Nations resolution (see S. Res Res 289), 33925


On article written by Richard Saltonstall about Dickey-Lincoln School Lakes, Maine, 38931

Court Decision

Natural Resources Defense Council vs. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, 18583


Intergovernmental Countercyclical Assistance Act, 12298

History: Development of "Needs" Formula, 25692

Invocation: Bates College Commencement, 19297


Letter: Anniversary of Partners of the Americas program (sundry), 7453, 7454

Letter: Amtrak service, by, 11189

Letter: Battle at Little Round Top at Gettysburg, J. Ben Rubin, 24102

Letter: Congressional Right to Information Act, S. J. Ervin, 24598

Letter: "Executive Privilege" bill, by Senator Church, 24598

Letter: Funds for Emergency Energy Conservation Services, exchange of correspondence between White House and, 11928

Letter: Funds for Emergency Energy Conservation Services, exchange of correspondence between White House and Senator Magnuson, by, 15341

Letter: Funds for summer youth jobs program, exchange of correspondence between White House and, 11926, 11927

Letter: Impact of tariff Concessions on Maine (sundry), 14934

Letter: Jobs programs, by, 12593

Letter: Legislation to provide aid for refugees of Vietnam war, Senator Sparkman, by, 14843

Letter: Military procurement authorization conference report, Representative Adams, 30558

Letter: Naval shipbuilding program, by, 17619

Letter: Needed funds for summer youth jobs program, President Ford, by, 5510

Letter: New York City's economic condition (sundry), 35309, 35310

Letter: Oil price control and the independent refiner, by, 28481

Letter: Paying tribute to May Craig (sundry), 25412

Letter: Providing assistance to Vietnamese refugees in the United States, by, 13596

Letter: Public Works Employment Act of 1975, R. E Train, 25689

Letter: Public Works Employment Act of 1975, (sundry), by, 25689

Letter: Status of H.R. 8069) by, 29097

Letter: Water pollution control (sundry), 17347, 17348


List: Coalition of Concerned Charities, 42031

List: Possible reductions in defense, by, 26687, 26688


Memorandum: Comments on reordering of priorities between international and domestic programs, Sid Brown, 29093

Memorandum: Estimated fiscal year 1967 revenue gains from selected proposed tax reforms, 12570

Memorandum: Financial condition of State and local governments, Library of Congress, 25724

Memorandum: National Secrecy Act: Provisions of S. 1, 26909

Memorials of legislature Maine, 5779, 12497, 17035

Motions offered by

Cloture, 4973, 5251, 7285, 7755. 13588, 14055, 20192, 20530, 20748, 21433, 22177

Hathaway, Stanley K. nomination, recommit, 18355

Public Works Employment Act of 1975: bill (S. 1587; H.R. 5247) to enact, to table Talmadge amendment, 25701

Petition: Urging the Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project, 28869

Proclamation : POW's-MIA's, Governor Curtis of Maine, 8752

Questions and Answers: Countercyclical assistance, 33574

Questions and Answers: Intergovernmental Countercyclical Assistance Act of 1975, 9086

Remarks by, on

Abortion: Federal funds, 9818

Agency for Consumer Advocacy: create, 14721

Air pollution: impact on public health, 28652

Angola: resolution (S. Res. 333) relating to activities in, 41210, 41211

Angola: situation and U.S. policy in, 41207, 41210, 41211

Appalachian Regional Development Act: bill (S. 15 13; H.R. 4073) to amend, 23367

Appropriations: bill (H.R. 448t) making emergency employment, 11939, 11940

Appropriations: bill (H.R. 5899) making second supplemental, 15344, 15367

Automobile emission standards: Proposed 5-year delay, 28652

Automobile Fuel Economy and Research and Development Act of 1975: bill (S 1883) to enact, 22879

Budget: bill (H.R. 10647) making supplemental appropriations, 39679

Budget: League of Cities and Conference of Mayors report on, 2844

Budget: rejection of $100 billion deficit, 8665-8668

Budget: resolution (S. Res. 45) providing committee referrals of matters relative to rescissions and deferrals, 1917

Budget: scorekeeping reports, 22800

Budget: second concurrent resolution, 36463

Budget deferral legislation to disapprove for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration funds, 5726

Budget for fiscal 1976: establish timetable for consideration of second concurrent resolution, 32881

Coal: regulation of surface mining, 6201

Coastal Zone Management Act Amendments of 1975: bill (S. 586) to enact, 23080, 23081

COMBAT: consumer organizations in Maine, 6274

Committee on Government Operations: notice of hearings, 1364, 5729, 6040, 10131, 10219, 12232, 23867, 29753

Committee on Government Operations: notice of open business meeting, 17639

Committee on Government Operations: postponement of hearing, 6257

Committee on Public Works: notice of hearings, 8720, 12881

Committee on the Budget: announcement of hearing, 28884

Committee on the Budget: budget rescissions and deferrals, 1917

Committee on the Budget: consideration of the first concurrent resolution on the Budget, 6257

Committee on the Budget: formation of four ad hoc task forces to, 20785

Committee on the Budget: notice of hearings, 4424, 24269, 30459

Committee on the Budget: notice of seminars, 1899, 3948, 21742

Committee on the Budget: postponement of hearing, 25624

Committee on the Budget: reports by, 5271

Committee on the Budget: rules of procedure, 4454

Committee to Investigate Governmental Intelligence Activities (Select): resolution (S.Res, 21) to establish, 1428

Congressional budget: conference report, 13819

Congressional budget: resolution (H. Con. Res. 466) revising for fiscal year 1976, conference report, 39998-40003, 40005

Congressional budget: resolution (S. Con. Res. 32, H. Con. Res. 218) determination, 12319, 12320, 12329-12331, 12333, 12340, 12342, 12361, 12365, 12373-12376, 12531, 12548-12552, 12559, 12562, 12568-12571, 12573,12577, 12589, 12596, 12655-12657, 12970, 14272, 14274, 14275, 14278, 14295, 14297-14301

Congressional Budget Office report, 28883

Congressional Right to Information Act: introduction, 24597

Consumer Product Safety Commission Improvements Act of 1975, bill (S. 644) to enact, 23585

Consumer Protection Act of 1975: bill (S, 200) to enact, 14721

Consumers: utility rates, 8391

Council on Wage and Price Stability: bill (S. 409) to confer additional authority on, 13224

Courts: environmental law, 5750

Craig, May: eulogy, 25412

Cyprus- military action against, 14994

Department of Agriculture and related agencies: bill (H.R. 8561) making appropriations, 24998, 25003, 25004

Department of Defense: bill (H.R. 9861) making appropriations, conference report, 41207, 41210, 41211

Department of Defense: budget, 14297-14299

Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 1976: bill (H.R. 9861) to enact, 36510, 36512, 36748

Department of Defense Authorization Act. 1976: bill (H.R. 6674) to enact, conference report, 26686-26690, 26692. 26699-26703. 26706, 26707, 3O557, 30559, 30560

Department of HUD and sundry independent agencies: bill (H.R. 8070) making appropriations, conference report, 31715, 31716, 31719

Department of HUD and sundry independent agencies: effect on budget of appropriations for, 25155, 25156

Department of Transportation and related agencies: bill (H.R. 8365) making appropriations, 24959, 24960, 24980-24983

Departments of Labor and Health, Education. and Welfare Appropriation Act, 1976: bill (H.R. 8069) to enact, 29089-29093, 29097-29100, 30524

Departments of State, Justice. and Commerce, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appropriation Act, 1976: bill (H.R. 8121 ) to enact, 27395

Departments of State, Justice,. and Commerce, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appropriation Act, 1976: bill (H.R. 8121) making appropriations, conference report, 30554

Douglas. William 0.:resignation from Supreme Court, 36713

Economic conditions: antirecession aid to State and local governments, 21528, 21529

Economic conditions: budget deficit, 8665-8668

Economic conditions: legislation to establish a system of emergency support grants to State and local governments, 9080

Economic conditions: New York City, 35308

Economic conditions: problems of State and local governments, 7198

Economic conditions: utility rates, 8391

Education Division and related agencies: bill (H.R. 5901) making appropriations, conference report, 23338

Education Division and related agencies: bill (H.R. 5901) making appropriations, veto message, 28497

Emergency Compensation and Special Unemployment Assistance Extension Act of 1975: bill (H.R. 6900) to enact, 20143, 20144

Emergency Marine Fisheries Protection Act of 1975: introduction, 5310

Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1975: bill (H.R. 9254) to enact, 28697-28699, 28707, 28710, 28711, 28715, 28716, 30504. 30505, 30507, 30509

Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1975: bill (S. 1849) to enact, veto message, 28206, 28475

Emission controls: to achieve air quality, 28652

Employment appropriations: bill (H.R. 4481) making emergency, 11939, 11940

Energy: bill (S.677) to establish a Strategic Energy Reserve Office, 21437, 21438, 21440

Energy: costs and conservation, 3570

Energy: Federal Energy Administration Report, 23901

Energy: offshore oil, 21543

Energy: oil price control, 27848

Energy: potential of the tidal flow in Passamaquoddy Bay, 28869

Energy Policy and Conservation Act: bill (S. 622) to enact, conference report, 41195

Energy Research and Development Administration: bill (H.R. 3474) authorizing appropriations, Conference report, 39265, 39266

Energy Research and Development Administration: bill (S. 598) to authorize appropriations, 26411, 26501

Environment: U.S. courts of appeals decisions, 5750

Environment: water pollution control, 17346, 17347

Environmental Protection Agency: regulating parking, 31715, 31716

Federal agencies: classified information, 26894

Federal Election Commission: resolution (S. Res. 215) disapproving certain regulations proposed by, 32320

Federal employees: resolution (S. Res. 239) disapproving alternative plan for pay adjustments, 29264-29268

Federal Government and right to privacy, 30496

Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972: court decision concerning the implementation of, 18583

Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1975: bill (S. 2711) to enact, 40006-40008, 40279, 40280

Financial Institutions Act of 1975; bill (S. 1267) to enact, 39962, 39963

Fish and fishing: tax treatment for certain, 41244

Fishing industry; legislation to cover the costs of damage caused by foreign vessels, 25390

Food service programs for children: bill (H.R. 4222) extend and revise special, conference report, 27768, 27769

Food stamps: bill (S. 35; H.R. 1589) to prohibit increases in cost of, 2601

Ford, Gerald R.: energy program, 23901

Ford, Gerald R.: proposed tariff on oil imports, 3570

Foreign aid: bill (H.R. 4592) making appropriations for, 7448, 7461, 7462

Foreign policy: bill (S. 2330) relating to military assistance to Turkey, 26525

Government Secrecy Control Act of 1975: introduction, 30292

Hathaway, Stanley K.: nomination, 18355-18357

Health Revenue Sharing Act of 1975: budget effects, 25155, 25156

Heart House: cardiology, 34192

Historic Preservation Fund: bill (S. 327), to establish, 34246-34253

Hurricane Island (Maine) Outward Bound School, 25427

Income tax: legislation relating to the lobster fishing industry, 32827

Income tax: percentage depletion allowance, 7811

Intelligence activities: investigation of governmental, 1428

Intergovernmental Anti-Recession Assistance Act of 1975: support, 24093

Intergovernmental Countercyclical Assistance Act of 1975: introduction, 9080

Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1970: legislation to amend, 5279

International Development and Food Assistance Act of 1975: bill (H.R. 9005) to enact, 34734-34739, 35172

International Trade Commission: hearings an tariff concessions, 14933

Irrigation facilities: bill (H.R. 9968) to authorize certain, 42161-42165, 42253

Keating, Kenneth B.: eulogy, 17036

Legislative appropriations: bill (H.R. 6950) making, conference report, 25405

Legislative branch: bill (H.R. 6950) making appropriations, 21806

Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1975. introduction, 24258, 31774

Lobster fishing industry: legislation relating to taxation of, 32827

Local Public Works Capital Development and Investment Act of 1975: bill (H.R. 5247) to enact, conference report, 41134

Magnuson Fisheries Management and Conservation Act: bill (S. 961) to enact, 42236-42238

Maine: COMBAT organizations, 6274

Maine: impact of tariff concessions on, 14933

Maine: inauguration of new housing program, 36691

Maine: Project Fuel, 15344

Maine: resolution relative to general revenue sharing, 4446

Maine: spruce budworm problem, 15367

Maine: tax treatment for fishermen, 41244

Marine Pollution Control Zone: legislation to establish a 200-mile, 8694

Mental health: care for the elderly, 4442

Military construction: bill (H.R. 10029) making appropriations, 35364

Military construction: bill (S. 1247) to authorize appropriations, conference report, 30719

Military procurement: bill (S. 920; H.R. 6674) authorizing appropriations for, 17041-17043, 17047, 17617, 17618

Mussenden, William F.: legislation for the relief of, 35668

National Association of the Partners of the Alliance, Inc.: funds, 7448, 7461, 7462

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: legislation to disapprove a budget deferral for funds for, 5726

National School Lunch Act and Child Nutrition Act Amendments of 1975; bill (H.R. 4222) enact, veto message, 32015

National Secrets Act: proposed, 26908

Natural Gas Emergency Act of 1975: bill (S. 23 10) to enact, 32299

Navy: patrol frigate program, 17618

Navy: ship construction, 21772

New Hampshire: resolution (S. Res. 166) determination of contested election, 20121, 20123

New York City: fiscal crisis, 35308

Nurse Training and Health Revenue Sharing and Health Services Act of 1975: bill (S. 66) to enact, 9818, 9830

Nursing homes: legislation to provide for the updating of the life safety requirements for, 33516

Oil: offshore, 21543

Oil: price control, 27848

Oil and gas: depletion allowance, 7811

Oil imports: bill (H.R. 1767) to suspend certain imposition of tariffs on, 3570

Older Americans Act Amendments of proposed amendment, 13984

Older persons: mental health care, 4442

Outer Continental Shelf Management Act of 1975: bill (S. 521) to enact, 26036, 26040

Panama Canal: treaty negotiations, 30554

Passamaquoddy Bay: energy potential, 28869

Public Works Employment Act of 1975; bill (S.1587; H.R. 5247) to enact, 25687-25686, 25693-25695, 25702, 25705, 25708, 25712, 25722-25724, 25728, 25730, 25732-25736

Public Works Employment Act of 1975: proposed amendment, 24898

Public Works for Water and Power Development and Energy Research Appropriation Act, 1976: (H.R. 8122) to enact, 38928, 38935, 39936

Refugees, Vietnamese, 13313

Revenue Adjustment Act of 1975: bill (H.R. 5559) to enact, 40544-40546, 40548, 40550, 40561-40563, 40566 

Revenue sharing: Maine Legislature resolution relative to, 4446

Revenue sharing: renewal, 13307

School Lunch Act and Child Nutrition Act of 1966 Amendments of 1975: bill (H.R. 4222),to enact, 22208-22211

School Lunch Act and Child Nutrition Act of 1966 Amendments of 1975: bill (H.R. 4222) to enact, conference report, 29539-29540

School Lunch Act and Child Nutrition Act of 1966 Amendments of 1975: School lunch program: proposed conference report, 26686

Senate, privilege of the floor, 12319, 12543, 14272, 17041, 18355, 22205, 25693, 26678, 26685, 27765

Senate, resolution (S. Res. 9) open committee meetings, 35187-35189, 35194, 35195

Sewage: methods for disposal, 36427

Sinai: resolution (S.J. Res. 138) to implement early-warning system, 32748

South Paris, Maine: new housing program, 36691

Spruce budworm: control, 15367, 30461

State and local governments: antirecession aid to, 21528, 21529

State and local governments: economic plight, 7198

State and local governments: legislation to improve personnel administration in, 5279

State and local governments: revenue sharing renewal, 13307

Strategic Energy Reserves Act of 1975: bill (S. 677) to enact, 21437, 21438, 21440

Supersonic aircraft: noise, 24959

Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1975: bill (S. 7) to enact, 6201

Tax Reduction Act: bill (H.R. 9968) to extend certain provisions, 42161-42165, 42253

Tax Reduction Act of 1975: bill (H.R. 2166) to enact, 7811, 8116

Tax-exempt organizations: legislation to reform lobbying activities, 42028

Treasury, Postal Service, and General Government Appropriation Act, 1976: bill (H.R. 8597) to enact, 25114, 25115

Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands: legislation to extend the Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1970 to, 5279

Turkey: bill (S. 846, 2230) relating to military assistance to, 14994, 26525

Unemployment: legislation to provide additional compensation, 20143, 20144

United Nations: resolution on Zionism, 35320

U.S. fishing zone: extend to 200 miles, 5779

Utilities: rate hikes, 8391

Veterans' Administration Physician Pay Comparability Act of 1975: bill (S. 1711) enact, 26741

Vietnam: bill (S. 1484) authorizing funds for humanitarian and evacuation purposes in South, 11466

Vietnam: immigration of refugees, 13313

Voting Rights Act of 1965: bill (H. R. 6219) to extend, 24225

Water pollution: control, 17346, 17347

Water Program Operations Construction Grants: deferral of budget authority, 2806

Remarks in Senate relative to : Tribute, 40477, 42136


Report: Budget Estimates for Unemployment Compensation, 20144

Report: Budget Programs by Function, Committee on the Budget, 12531

Report: Committee on the Budget, 1820, 5271, 10190, 32178, 36045, 39871, 42026

Report: Committee on Government Operations, 24031

Report: Congressional Budget, H. Con. Res. 218, Conference Report, 14272

Report: Dickey-Lincoln School Lakes, Maine, 38928

Report: 1975:Federal Budget and the Cities. National League of Cities and United States Conference of Mayors, 2844

Report: Fuel Adjustment Clause Actions in the Electric and Gas Utility Industries, 8392

Report: Impact of Decontrol of Oil Prices, Congressional Budget Office, 27848

Report: Impact of Veto of Price Control and Allocation Authority, 28475

Report: Implementation of New Congressional Budget Procedures for Fiscal Year 1976, Senate Budget Committee, 32881

Report: Military Procurement Conference Report (sundry), 29094

Report: Partners of the Americas, National Association of the Partners of the Alliance, Inc., 7449

Report: Presidential Secrecy System Versus Our Right to Know, Freedom of Information Center, 26894

Report: Resolution on the Budget. Fiscal Year 1976, 39998

Resolutions by organizations

Resolutions by organizations: Commending the President in securing the release of the Mayaguez, Maine Legislature, 17035

Resolutions by organizations: Concerning aid to Vietnamese refugees, Maine Legislature, 17036

Resolutions by organizations: Extension of voting rights. Maine Legislature, 12497

Resolutions by organizations: Limitation on cost-of-living increases in Federal income maintenance programs, Maine Legislature, 5778

Resolutions by organizations: Medicare -medicaid payments, Maine Legislature, 5777

Resolutions by organizations: Relative to general revenue sharing, Maine Legislature, 4446

Resolutions by organizations: Relative to proposed change for title XX of the Social Services Act Amendments of 1974, Maine State Legislature, 17035

Resolutions by organizations: Relative to taxing petroleum-based fuels, Maine Legislature, 17035

Resolutions by organizations: Transmittal to the States of Decennial Census data, Maine Legislature, 17035

Rules: Committee on the Budget, 4454

Schedule: Clean Air Act hearings: Committee on Public Works, 8721


Barriers to Health Care for Older Americans, Special Committee on Aging, by, 26259

Budget Committee Position on H.R. 6900, Unemployment Compensation, 20143

Environmental Movement After 5 Years, John R. Quarles, 42030

History and Purpose of Northeast Combat, Inc., 6274

Intergovernmental Countercyclical Assistance Act of 1975, by Senator Humphrey, 9081

Military Procurement Authorization Bill Revised Conference Report, by, 30557-30559

Military Procurement Authorizations, by, 26685, 26692

Present Plight of the Potato Growers, by, 14768

Solar Energy: Select Committee on Small Business, by Senator Hathaway, 14662

Tariff Concessions and Maine, International Trade Commission, by, 14934

Tax Ruling for Fishermen, Fisheries Communications, 41244


Table: Agency for International Development loan reflows available for reuse, 34739

Table: Automobile, emission standards, 28653

Table: Budget authority and outlays of H.R. 8069 (sundry), 29092, 29093

Table: Budget estimates for child nutrition programs (sundry), 22209, 27769

Table: Budget of $345.8 billion, 8666

Table: Education, manpower, and social services, 28497

Table: Federal-aid highway funding, 24980

Table: Fiscal-year 1976 budget authority and budget outlays by defense, energy, and research, 39266, 39267

Table: Fiscal year 1976 pay raise costs, 29265

Table: Health spending legislation, 25155

Table: House financial adjustments in defense budget, 14298

Table: National defense requirements, 17042

Table: Possible reductions in national defense, 17043

Table: Selected increases under present budget law, 8666

Table: Summary of ERDA fiscal year 1976 budget authority and outlays, 26502, 26503

Texts of

Text: Amendment (No. 816) Public Works Employment Act of 1975, 24899-24901

Text: S. 957. to improve personnel administration in State and local governments, 5280

Text: S.1341, to establish 200-mile Marine Pollution Control Zone, 8695

Text: S. 1359, Intergovernmental Countercyclical Assistance Act of 1975, 9082

Text: S. 2167, Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1975, 24259

Text: S.2170, Congressional Right to Information Act, 24598

Text: S. 2193, Fishing Vessels Claims Act, 25390

Text: S. 2420, Government Secrecy Control Act of 1975, 30294

Text: S. 2518, relating to taxation of the lobster fishing industry, 32829


Increasing Gasoline Prices, Phil Pimental, WGAN-TV, Portland, Maine, 26904