1973: 93rd Congress, First Session

EDMUND S. MUSKIE (A Senator from Maine)

Cloture motion, 13765, 14095, 38902, 39060, 39166, 40258, 40259, 40708, 40759, 41458, 41464

Document, Budget Effects on Education, 8139.

Elected to Committee, 320.

Excerpts from "Battle of the Budget 1973", 11875.

Opinion, EPA regulation on catalysts, E.B. Staats, 29029

Pamphlet: Tax Shelters; Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 38938.

Press Release: Ervin, Muskie, Kennedy subcommittees join for Executive privilege, secrecy hearings; 8713.

Resolution, property tax relief and reform, National Governors Conference, 19605

Sermon, Forgotten Values, W. J. Robbins, 11910.


An Antisecrecy Plan, Montclair State College, by, 14155.

Automobile Standards, Environmental Writers Association, by, 10268.

City of Hope Hospital Story, B. Horowitz, annual convention, 33278.

Effects of Watergate, University of Nevada, by, 37768.

Energy Crisis and New Resources, University of California -Riverside, by, 37771.

Environmental Protection, by, before National Academy of Sciences symposium, 32881.

Frostburg State College, by, 10471.

Harry S. Truman Institute, by, 365.

Israel's Situation, Chicago, by 35417.

Law of the Seas Institute, University of Rhode Island, by, 20863.

Leaders Must Tell Truth, Grave of Franklin D. Roosevelt. by, 17283.

Limits to Growth, Senator C. Pell, University of Rhode Island, 33530.

Memorial Service for President Truman. D. Berent, 4403.

Mental Health Policy for the Elderly, B. S. Brown, Governor's Conference on Aging, 32698.

New Oil Policy for the Nation, Maine Oil and Heating Equipment Dealers, by, 13514.

New World Frontier, Colby College, P. A. Gorman, 14772.

Planning for National Growth, Planning and Conservation League, by, 37763.

President's Budget, National Legislative Conference, by, 4071.

Press and the Politicians, Public Society of America, C. Daniel, 14751

Property Tax Reform, Association of Assessing Officers, by, 26379.

Resolving the Constitutional Crisis, University of Toledo, by, 36143.

Senator Muskie's Response to Nixon address, 10677.

United Nations and Alternative Formulations, R. N. Gardner, Pacem in Terris Conference, 35937.

United States-Soviet Trade Conference, by 6540.

Watergate Affair, by, 29432.

Amendments offered by, to

Aircraft, missiles, naval vessels, combat vehicles, and other weapons: amend bill (H.R. 9286) authorize appropriation, 31254, 31619.

Appropriations: amend bill (H.R. 11576) supplemental, 41049.

Civil service retirement: amend bill (S.866) to provide minimum annuity under, 29211.

Congressional Budget and National Priorities Act of 1973: amend bill (S. 1541) to enact, 31939.

Debt limit: amend bill (H.R. 11104) to increase, 38088, 38177.

Department of Agriculture and Environmental and consumer agencies: amend bill (H.R. 8619) making appropriations for, 22031, 22032.

Department of Defense: amend bill (H. R.11575) making appropriations for, 41483.

Department of State: amend bill (S. 1248) authorizing appropriations, 15436, 15438.

Economic Stabilization Act of 1970: amend bill (S. 398) to extend and amend, 6518.

Energy Emergency Act of 1973: amend bills (S.2589, 2776) to enact, 37356, 41870, 42155

Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1973: amend bill (S.502) to enact, 2710, 2977, 7914.

Federal Election Campaign Act Amendments of 1973: amend bill (S. 372) to enact, 26314.

Foreign assistance: amend bill (H.R. 11771) making appropriations for, 41948, 41953.

Foreign Assistance Act of 1973: amend bill (S.2335) to enact, 32574.

Land Use Policy and Planning Assistance Act of 1973: amend bill (S. 268) to enact, 20407, 20409, 20475, 20626.

North Slope Energy Resources Act of 1973: amend bill (S. 1565) enact, 20470.

Par Value Modification Act: amend bill (S.929) to require congressional approval to change dollar exchange rate, 10735, 11038.

Prisoner of War and Missing in Action Tax Act of 1973: amend bill (H.R. 8214), to enact, 41870.

Public debt limit: amend bill (H.R. 8410) continue existing temporary increase, 21081, 21764.

Social Security Act Amendments of 1973: amend bill (H.R. 3153) to enact, 35910, 38911, 38911, 38967.

Trade Reform Act of 1973: amend bill (H.6767) to enact, 11550.


Analysis: Amendments to Freedom of Information Act of 1967, 6929.

Analysis: Clean Air Act amendments, Committee on Public Works, 37358.

Analysis: Muskie Tax Reform Act of 1973, 1851.

Analysis: Proposed Highway Act amendments (sundry), 1529, 1530.

Analysis: Proposed Muskie-Brock-Saxbe amendment to reform the congressional budget process, 29040.

Analysis: S. 792, Environmental Protection Permit Act, 3766, 20405.

Analysis: S. 1439, Tax Reform Act of 1973, 10433.

Analysis: Title II of S. 929, 11044.


Appointed Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 4544.

Appointed Canada-United States Interparliamentary Meeting, 8677.

Committee, 1323.

Appointed Conferee, 14111, 26866, 26884, 33579, 41935.

Appointed Conference of the Committee on Disarmament, 10529.

Appointed Law of the Sea Conference, 39185.

Appointed National Study Commission on Water Pollution Control, 2383.

Articles and editorials

Acknowledging the Status of OMB, Washington Post, 3342.

Air Pollution Alert Continues in Washington Area, Washington Post (sundry), 28929-28933.

Alexis Johnson is Expected to Replace Smith as Negotiator on Strategic Arms, B. Gwertzman, New York Times, 1234.

Arms Control: Bad Time for Disarray, C. M. Roberts, 1235.

Arms Control, M. Childs, Washington Post, 2006.

Ball Leaves Top SSA Post (sundry), 3309-3311.

Beware Phase III, G. C. Means, Washington Post, 9971.

Budget: A Question of Priorities, C. Fritchey, Washington Post, 3801.

But Budget Cuts Stall City Housing, Roman S. Gibbs, Washington Post, 6600.

Clean Air Rules Must Be Eased, Nixon Declares, T. O'Toole, Washington Post, 29032.

Cold Wave Could Spur Fuel Oil Crisis, E. Cowan, New York Times, 3018.

College of the Atlantic, S. A. Eliot, Harvard Bulletin, 37643.

Coming Up for Air, New York Times, 2977.

Cowboy Arithmetic, J. Rowan, Washington Post, 1854.

Craftsmen and News is Partnership, L. Hammel, New York Times, 31952.

Crank Call Saved by Bell, Washington Star-News, 30514.

Death of the Christmas Tree Bill, 1859.

Dim Light on Books, New York Times, 16423.

Direct Lobbying Activities of Public Charities, A. J. Geske, ABA Tax Journal, 2772.

Disappearing Crisis, New York Times, 6593.

Do Libraries Need Federal Aid? J. Pierson, Wall Street Journal, 16423.

East and West Open Talks for Parley on Force Out, D. Middleton, New York Times, 3013.

East-West Talks on Force Reductions Open in Vienna, J. M. Goshko, Washington Post, 3013.

End to Nuclear Tests? New York Times, 26079.

Energy Saving Plan by L. F. Trust, Livermore Falls Advertiser, 40167.

Facts on Science Foundation Near East Report, 6598.

"Far-Out 15" Skirmish Now a Battle, M. Causey, Washington Post, 11873.

Gary: Epitaph for a Model City, G. Hodgson and G. Crile, Washington Post, 7846.

Heating Oil Plan by Nixon Faces Uncertainty, Wall Street Journal, 29031.

How to Find a Loophole, Washington Post, 8140.

HUD Offers Cities New Urban Plan, Floyd H. Hyde, Washington Post, 6599.

Impoundment Relies on Weak Arguments, L. Fisher, Washington Star, 5801.

Inflation, Oil and the Press Conference, Washington Port, 29032.

Joseph Kraft Tailed By FBI (sundry), 30818, 30819.

Latin America is on the Map, Too, S. M. Linowitz, 9975.

Law of the Sea Conference (sundry), 39145.

Libraries Put Out Lights in National Fund Protest, G. Goodman, New York Times, 16423.

Lobbying Organizations Tax Plan Sought (sundry), 32716.

Lobster Supply Dropping, V. Warren, Bath-Brunswick Times Record, 11543.

Loopholes and Little Guys, Hobart Rowen. Washington Post, 8140.

Losing With a Landslide, D. S. Broder, Washington Post, 5804.

Margaret Chase Smith, 9181.

More MIRV Missiles Sought, Washington Post, 1235.

More Than Doodads Needed, J. J. Kilpatrick, Washington Star, 23526.

Muskie Inclined To Agree With Allen on CLT Ties, F. Van Der Linden, Nashville Banner, 14512.

Muskie May Hold Area Tax Hearings, T. Wyngaard, Knoxville News-Sentinel, 17273.

Muskie Raps Appraisal Firm Conflict "Look", E. Shannon, Nashville Tennessean, 14511.

Muskie Says Impeachment May Be Best, Las Vegas Sun, 37770.

My Turn: "Gimme Shelter", A. Smith, Newsweek, 1854.

New Breed in Maine Legislature, J. Brunelle, Maine Telegram, 39053.

Nixon Aides Say Homes May Face Heating Oil Curb, E. Cowan, New York Times, 28892.

Nixon Plan Hits at Elderly Sick, S. Porter, 22588.

Nixon's Cuts in Social Programs, H. Rowan, Washington Post, 3305.

Nixon's Federalism in Trouble, J. Doyle, Washington Star, 5803.

No Exit for Congress, New York Times, 434.

"Old Folks" Undertake Biggest Independence Movement Since '76, B. Applebee, Lewiston Sun, 28499.

Opposition Needs a Fair Shake on TV Time, N. Minow, J. B. Martin and L. M. Mitchell, Washington Star, 37029.

Partners of the Americas Program (sundry), 41958, 41960.

Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project (sundry), 35393-35396.

Political Gain: Billing It to the Poor, D. S. Broder, Washington Post, 4646.

Pollution Chokes Birmingham, S. Auerbach, Washington Post, 29031.

Poultry Industry Feeling Pinch, D. Bright, Bangor News, 24524.

President's Environmental Message, New York Times, 4852.

Property Tax Change, L. Stillwell, Albuquerque Tribune, 17272.

PR Men Gird for "Battle of Budget", Al Causey, Washington Post, 11873.

Putting Strings on Federal Aid, A. J. Large, Wall Street Journal, 4647.

Reform in Social Security, L. Hollander, New York Times, 431.

Richardson's Turn, H. Scoville, New York Times, 1235.

Sacrificing Legality for Efficiency, D. S. Broder, Washington Post, 5804.

Screwing of the Average Taxpayer, J. Fallows, Washington Monthly, 1856.

Secrecy of Corporate Ownership, Indiana Law Review,.Senator Metcalf, 21738.

Secret Way the Rich Escape, P. M. Stern, Washington Monthly, 1859.

Senate Eyes Tax-Exempt Property, L. Stillwell, Fort Worth Press, 17272.

Senator Hughes Wants to Work for God, L. Shearer, Parade, 35387.

Shaping the Budget: A Way Out of Chaos, A. M. Rivlin and C. L. Schultze, Washington Post, 29038.

Short Rope, New York Times, 5805.

Side-Effects of Nixon's Budget, W. W. Heller, Wall Street Journal, 5157.

Suburbia: Vitality, Selfishness, D. S. Broder, Washington Post, 12671.

Tax Breaks Lead to Executive Wealth, 38939.

Tax Scandal, Cleveland Press, 17272.

Telling It Not Quite Like It Is, T. Wicker, New York Times, 5805.

Tensions of Talking, New York Times, 3014.

Town Meeting: Alive and Well in Maine, Day Thorpe, Washington Star-News, 9175.

Tyranny of Silence, New York Times, 434.

United States Versus the People, New York Times, 11592.

Urban Parks and Recreation 'Under the New Federalism, D. R. Dunn and L. X. Lee, Parks and Recreation, 25162.

Value of Home Health Care Services Emphasized, American Medical News, 27169.

Vanishing Lobster, S. Spitzer, Travel and Leisure, 22254.

We Should Open Up the Highway Trust Fund Now, A. Dear, Reader's Digest, 10987.

Wendy Tells Tax Burden, St. Paul Pioneer Press, 17273.

What's Margaret Smith Doing? B. Caldwell, Maine Telegram, 12674.

What's Wrong With the Property Tax, P. Gruenstein, 14758.

Where Have All the Lobsters Gone? LP, Keiffer, New York Times, 37921.

White House Girds for Budget Battle, D. S. Broder, Washington Post, 11874.

White House Moves In – Arms Control Unit Bypassed, 0. Johnston, Washington Star 2778.

Wider Fish War? New York Times, 22253.

Bills and resolutions introduced by

Afro-American History Week: proclaim (see S.J. Res. 56), 6517.

Air pollution; use of highway funds for transportation improvements to avoid (see bill S, 739), 2911.

Airborne cooperative collision avoidance systems: require installation on certain aircraft (see bill S. 1610), 20246.

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism: concentrate Nation's resources against (see bill S.1125), 13999.

American Folklife Center: establish (see bill S. 1844), 32943.

Atlantic Union delegation: create (see S. Res. 21), 1340.

Autism: expand definition of developmental disability to include (see bill S. 1949), 20246.

Auto emission control systems: State Inspection programs (see bill S. 738), 2911.

Barbiturate Control Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 983), 8129.

Bilingual Job Training Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 414), 1338.

Bitsakou, Penelope C.: for relief (see bill S. 2306), 27114.

Budget requests of various Government agencies: provide Congress with information relating to (see bill S. 1214), 7713.

Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental Affairs: establish (see bill S. 1430), 10193.

Car Pool Incentives Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 2598), 34597.

Cattlehides: reinstitute export controls on (see bill S. 791), 3762.

China's grain purchase: calling for a report on (see S.J. Res. 147), 29429.

Clean Air Act: amend (see bills S. 2680, 2772), 36484, 39436.

Commission on Mental Health and Illness of the Elderly: establish (see bill 1768), 14891.

Commission on United States Participation in the United Nations: establish (see Res. 151), 28481.

Committee reports: new forms (see bill S.200), 2707.

Community Supervision and Services Act: enact (see bill S. 798), 6138.

Congressional Budget Control Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 1414), 37638.

Congressional Budgetary Procedure Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 1541), 14465.

Congressional Right to Information enact (see bill S. 2432), 30066.

Constitution Day: designate (see S.J. Res. 117), 19969.

Culebra: terminate weapons range activities (see bill S. 156), 8129.

Dangerous Drug Identification Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 984), 8129.

Dangerous Drug Tracer and Law Enforcement Information Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 985), 8129.

Deepwater development: regulate and control (see bill S. 1316), 9086.

Defense workers: benefits to certain separated from employment (see bill S. 1695), 14112.

Department of Health: create (see bill S. 423),1338.

Disabled veterans: authority to readjust schedule of ratings for (see bill S. 882), 4195.

Disaster Relief Act of 1970: eligibility for relocation assistance (see bill S. 753), 6516.

Disclosure of Corporate Ownership: authorizing the printing (see S. Con. Res. 59), 40001.

Dissemination of news and other matter through the mails: encourage (see bill S. 630), 2627.

District of Columbia: representation in Congress (see S.J. Res. 76), 7714.

Earth Week of 1973: designate (see S.J. Res.2), 10731.

Economic Opportunity Act of 1964: calling upon President to carry out provisions of (see S. Con. Res. 12), 5141.

Emergency Federal-State Extended Unemployment Compensation Benefits Program Amendments of 1973: enact (see bill S. 980), 6517, 10731.

Emergency Rural Housing Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 2190), 24030.

Energy program : provide more effective and efficient management (see bill S . 2776), 41559.

Environmental or geophysical modification activity: use of as weapon of war (see S. Res. 71), 5145.

Environmental Protection Permit Act: enact (see bill S. 792), 3762.

Everglades Big Cypress National Recreation Area, Florida: establish (see bill S.783), 7327.

Executive Office of the President: require Senate confirmation of certain appointments in (see bill S. 590), 2395.

Family planning services and population research: extend appropriations authorizations (see bill S. 1708), 14465.

Federal agencies: keep congressional committees fully and currently informed (see bill S. 1923), 27860.

Federal Employee Privacy Art: enact (see bill S. 1688), 13980.

Federal employees: annual leave status for MIA's (see bill S. 1221), 15434.

Federal Full Employment Board: establish (see bill S. 1693), 14112.

Federal Mine Safety and Health Amendments of 1973: enact (see bill S. 2117), 22208.

Federal officers and employees: relative to information by (see S. Con. Res. 30), 18792.

Federal Regulation of Lobbying Act: amend (see bill S. 1121), 8398.

Fish Disease Control Act of :1973: enact (see bill S. 522), 1866.

Fishing industry: strengthen and protect domestic (see S. Con. Res. 11), 3794.

Foreign and military policy: require due Process of law in formulation (see S. Res. 107), 14924.

Foreign Assistance Act of 1961: amend (see bill S. 2026), 21965, 22227.

Freedom of Information Act of 1967: amend (see bill S. 1142), 6908.

Fuel consumption: relative to reduction by Federal Government (see S. Con. Res. 60), 40341.

Gasoline: disclose certain information to consumers (see bill S. 2328), 32502.

Health Security Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 3), 93.

Highway Safety Act of 1973.: enact (see bill S. 893), 4351.

Historical and archeological data: preservation (see bill S. 514), 1866.

Impoundment of funds by the President: notification of Congress (see bill S. 373), 1137.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 834), 3964.

Israel: continue transfer of Phantom aircraft and other equipment to (see S. Res. 189), 35615.

Japan-United States Friendship Act: enact (see bill S. 649), 2628.

Joint Funding Simplification Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 2299), 26792.

Judicial disqualification bill: enact (see bill S. 1064), 16708.

Law Day: pay tribute to law enforcement officers (see S.J. Res. 11), 4038.

Lead-Based Paint Poisoning Prevention Act: extend provisions of (see bill S. 607), 2395.

Lobster Conservation and Control Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 1527), 11517.

Martin Luther King Day: designate (see S.J. Res. 20), 1138.

Medicare program: urge President to submit recommendations for legislation to improve (see S. Res. 124), 23499.

Medicare program: posthospital home services (see bill 2690), 36750.

Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin: repeal act terminating Federal supervision over property and members (see bill S. 1687), 26062.

Middle East: deploring outbreak of hostilities (see S. Con. Res. 179), 33144.

Military Installations: review proposed closings (see bill S. 1548), 15434.

Mobile homes: safety standards (see bill S. 1348), 18271.

National Arthritis Month: designate (see S.J. Res. 80), 10446.

National Diabetes Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 648), 6138.

National Employ the Older Worker Week: designate (see S.J. Res. 49), 3153, 4253.

National Hunting and Fishing Day: establish (see S.J. Res. 24), 8712.

National ocean policy study: authorize (see S. Res. 222), 42391.

National School Lunch Act: amend (see bill S. 1005), 14464.

National Science Policy and Priorities Act: enact (see bill S. 32), 93.

National System of Interstate and Defense Highways: apportion funds for (see S. Con. Res. 6), 1932.

National Welcome Home Our Prisoners Week: proclaim (see S.J. Res. 4), 3793.

New England States Fuel Oil Act of 1973. enact (see bill S. 319), 746.

North Slope Energy Resources Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 1665), 15136.

Office of Management and Budget: confirmation of Director and Deputy Director by Senate (see bills S. 37, 518), 1930, 2263.

Oil: emergency imports (see S.J. Res. 23), 1340.

Oil Import control program: terminate (see bill S. 1019), 5541.

Older Americans Act of 1965: strengthen and improve (see bill S. 50), 2706.

Olson Home, Cushing, Maine: establish as national historic site (see bill S. 1399), 9634.

Opportunities Industrialization centers: assist (see bill S. 136), 4253.

Parole Commission Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 1463), 10964.

Petroleum products: price controls (see bill S. 2453), 30701.

Presidential Election Campaign Fund: designation of payments on front page of income tax return (see bill S. 1109), 7771.

Presidential election campaign of 1972: Appoint Special Prosecutor (see S. Res. 109), 14704.

Presidential Response Time Act: enact (see bill S. 2699), 37027.

Prisoners of war: double credit for retirement purposes and payment of certain pay and allowances (see bill S.608), 2395.

Program Information Act: enact (see S. 928), 6138.

Property Tax Relief and Reform Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 1255), 8093.

Public Budgeting and Rulemaking Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 676), 2628.

Public Health Service: establishing home health services (see bill S. 2695), 42723.

Public Health Service Act: amend title X (see bill S. 1708), 14465.

Public service employment opportunities: provide, for unemployed and underemployed persons (see bill S. 793), 3762.

Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965: extend (see bill S. 467), 1340.

Radiation Health and Safety Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 667), 2628.

Railroad rolling stock: increase supply and improve utilization of (see bill S. 1149), 6908.

Rehabilitation Act of 1973: enact S. 1875), 16658.

Retirement Income Security for Employees Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 4), 93.

Rhodesian chrome: halt imports (see S. 1868), 16381.

Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission: unemployment compensation benefits (see bill S. 1979), 19133.

Rural electrification direct loan program: make loans in full amount appropriated by Congress (see bill S. 394), 1138.

Rural Health Act of 1973: enact (see S. 744), 3153.

Sales below cost, prohibit, for purpose of destroying competition or eliminating competitor (see bill S. 780), 3428.

Sewage treatment construction grants: authorize the allocation of funds for fiscal year (see bill S. 2812), 41364.

Small businesses: economic disaster loans to certain (see hill S. 804), 3762.

Small businesses: management counseling (see bill S.44), 7770.

Social security: increase benefits (see bill S. 2397), 33247.

Social security check: prohibit any material to be enclosed with any (see bill S. 1664), 17052.

Social service programs: availability and use of Federal funds for (see bill S. 1220), 7714.

Social Services Amendments of 1973: enact (see bill S. 2528), 34243.

Special Prosecutor: establish independent (see bill S. 2611), 35076.

Speedy Trial Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 754), 3261.

Survey of Public Attitudes: print additional copies (see S. Con. Res. 61), 41559

Tax-exempt Organizations: legislative activity (see bill S. 1036), 5741.

Tax Reform Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 1439), 10427, 12976.

Test ban treaty: promote negotiations for comprehensive (see S. Res. 67), 4632.

Truth in Food Labeling Act: enact bill S. 904), 14139.

Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970: minimum Federal payments (see bill S. 261), 644.

Urban Parkland Heritage Act: enact (see bill S. 12), 1930.

Vietnam Disengagement Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 48), 94.

Vocational rehabilitation services: extend and revise authorization of grants to States for (see bill S. 7), 1197.

Voter Registration Administration: establish (see bill S. 352), 4373.

Voter Registration Assistance Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 472), 1340.

War Powers Act: enact (see bill S. 440), 1339.

White House Conference on the Handicapped: call (see S.J. Res. 118), 17222.

Women: prohibit discrimination in extending credit (see bill S. 867), 7771.

Worker Alienation Research and Technical Assistance Act of 1973: enact (see bill S. 736), 2911.

Court decisions

Campaign Clean Watch, Inc. v. William D. Ruckelshaus, 19174, 19177.

City of New York v. Ruckelshaus, 14855.


Essay: My Responsibility to Freedom, Ruth E. Comber, 6556.

Essay: Secrecy and the Presidency, R. Berger, 25651.


Letter: Air pollution research-EPA commitment (sundry), 28682-28685.

Letter: Appointment of independent prosecutor in Watergate affair, E. L. Richardson, by, 14704.

Letter: Appointment of prosecutor to investigate Watergate affair, E. L. Richardson, by, 16754.

Letter: Canadian oil policy effects Maine, by, 43056.

Letter: Clean air backfire, R. E. Train, 41922

Letter: Concern over emergency energy legislation, Senator Jackson, by, 37308.

Letter: Emission standards for automobiles, P. Handier, by, 22297.

Letter: Energy shortages and the Clean Air Act, by, 36496.

Letter: EPA and Coordinating Research Council, R. G. Ryan, R. Train (sundry), 39600.

Letter: Food price spiral, T. Brown, 28497.

Letter: Fuel rationing, D. M. Nelson (1943), 40175.

Letter: Funding for public library programs in(sundry), 16422-16425.

Letter: Health care for older persons, C. F. Brickfield, 10761.

Letter: Income tax reform, E. P. Doss, 38939.

Letter: Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1970 report, K. M. Curtis, 28535.

Letter: Investigate "Battle of the Budget, 1973" kits, E. B. Staats, by, 11873.

Letter: Joint Funding Simplification Act of 1973, R. L. Ash, 26805.

Letter: Motor vehicle emissions report, P. Handler and E. L. Ginzton (sundry), 5830, 5831.

Letter: Need to override President's veto of' War Powers Act, to all Senators, by, 35952.

Letter: Passamaquoddy tidal power project, by, 35392.

Letter: Permit use of highway trust funds for urban mass transit (sundry), 7916, 7921.

Letter: Pollution, standards for trucks, D. A. Jensen, 39601.

Letter: Problems imposed by price freeze (sundry), 24525, 24526

Letter: Property tax relief and reform, C. L. Rampton, 19605.

Letter: Rationing of gasoline, to President Nixon, by, 37762.

Letter: Recent activities of Margaret Chase Smith, W. C. Lewis, 22588.

Letter: Recent price freeze, 0. Humphrey, 24524.

Letter: Relaxation of State Air Pollution regulations, J. Love, by, 29031.

Letter: Request for opinion on EPA regulation of catalysts, E. B. Staats, by, 29028.

Letter: Request to testify before Committee on Government Operations, exchange of correspondence between R. L. Ash and Senators Ervin and Muskie, l0985.

Letter: Role of United Nations, W. S. Schoenberger (excerpts), 35936.

Letter: Social services regulations, K. M. Curtis, 9982.

Letter: Termination of status as a Senator, Margaret Chase Smith, 22588.

Letter: Test ban opportunity during Mr. Brezhnev's visit, President Nixon, by, 20270.

Letter: Tidal power project at Passamaquoddy (sundry), 35392, 35393.

Letter: Tribute to Robert H. Cayer, by E. C. Coughlin, 20868.

Letter: War Powers Act, Senator Stennis, 25082.

Letter: Water pollution control programs. R. Train, 39602.


List: Nations and governors involved in Partners of the Americas, 41957.

List: Organizations supporting bill S. 1036, 5747.

List: Participants in budget panel, 12982.


Memorandum: Environmental Protection Agency severe ties with CRC/APRAC, EPA, 39601.

Memorandum: Health effects of air pollution, Library of Congress, 11003.

Memorandum: Implementation of section of 110 of the Clean Air Act, EPA, 19184.

Memorials of legislature: Maine, 4395, 9977, 35393.

Motions offered by

Sewage treatment construction grants: bill (S. 2812) to authorize, concur with House amendments, 43130.


Questions: Availability of oil, Governor Curtis, 42465.

Questions: Federal grant system, to city officials, by, 3991.

Remarks by, on

Agriculture: Sale of grain to Russia, 28928.

Air pollution: emission standards for trucks, 39600.

Air pollution: EPA research, 28681.

Air pollution: increased, 28928, 28929, 28933.

Air pollution: legislation to curb auto, 2977.

Air pollution: use of high-sulfur coal, 36495.

Aircraft, missiles, naval vessels, tracked combat vehicles, and other weapons: bill (H.R. 9286), authorize appropriations for, 31887-31889.

Alaska: bill (S. 1081) relative to proposed pipeline, 23611.

American Medical Association: charges against medicare, 16459.

Appropriations: bill (H.R. 11576) making supplemental, 41049, 41052.

Appropriations: resolution (H.J. Res. 636) making continuing for 1974, 22317.

Arms control: need for, 1233, 1234.

Ash, Roy L.: refusal to testify, 10984.

Auto emission control systems: State Inspection programs, 2977.

Auto industry: efforts to change requirements of Clean Air Act, 22296, 22297, 22299.

Automobile emissions: National Academy on Sciences report, 5830.

Automobiles: emission control systems, 29028.

Automobiles: Emission standards, 40405, 41917, 41918, 41922, 41923, 41924.

Ball, Robert M.: tribute, 3309.

"Battle of the Budget, 1973," administration distribution of kits entitled, 11872.

Brazil: bill (H.R. 8529) to implement the shrimp fishing agreement with, 42100.

Budget: provide requests of agencies shall be made public, 2687, 2688.

Budget: White House propaganda, 11872.

Budget cuts: impact on Maine, 12982-12984.

Budget Information, 7863.

Budget reform, 29038, 31939.

Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, legislation to bar use of funds after August 15, 1973, to support combat activities in, 22317.

Canada: oil policy, 43056.

Oil shipments to Maine, 43086.

Oil: proposed pipeline, 23611.

Catalysts: EPA regulation of auto, 29028.

Cattlehides: permit President to reinstitute export controls on, 3763.

Cayer, Robert H.: tribute, 20868.

City of Hope Hospital: tribute, 33278.

Clean Air Act of 1970: auto industry standards, 22296, 22297, 22299.

Clean Air Act of 1970: implementation, 23526.

Clean Air Act of 1970: introduction of legislation amend, 36495.

Clean Air Act Amendments of 1973: bill (S. 2772) to enact, 41917, 41918, 41922, 41923, 41936, 41939.

Clean Air Act Amendments of 1973: energy crisis, 37356-37360, 37362.

Clean Air Act Amendments of 1973: nondegradation provision, 19183.

Coal: industry will use to conserve oil, 36495.

College of the Atlantic: program, 37643.

Commission on Mental Health and Illness of the Elderly Act: introduction, 14913.

Committee on Aging (Special) : notice of hearings, 4376, 12659, 14466, 17286, 22542.

Committee on Foreign Relations: notice of hearings, 25606.

Committee on Government Operations: hearings on property taxes, 14495.

Committee on Government Operations: notice of hearings, 4043, 6520, 8713 12659, 12978, 15438, 28488, 38088.

Committee on the Judiciary: notice of hearings, 8713.

Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities (Select): Watergate Investigation, 27146.

Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, 26079.

Congress: court decision on waterway funds favors, 14854.

Congress: erosion of powers, 434.

Congress: legislation to provide information relating to budget requests to, 7740.

Congress: require Presidential notification when impounding funds, 1152.

Congressional Election Finance Act of 1973 bill (S. 1103), 25981.

Congressional Right to Information Act bill (S. 2432) to enact, 42104.

Control Expenditure and Establish National Priorities Act: proposed amendments, 31939.

Coordinating Research Council cut off by EPA, 39600.

Coughlin, James B.: death in Rabat, Morocco, 20868.

Council on International Economic Policy bill (S. 1636) making a permanent part of Executive Office of President, 30645.

Debt limit: bill (H.R. 11104) to provide a temporary increase in public, 38197.

Department of Agriculture and environmental and consumer agencies: bill (H.R. 8619) making appropriations for, 22030-22032, 33540, 33541.

Department of Health, Education, an Welfare: social service regulations, 9982.

Dickey-Lincoln School project, 25360.

Economic conditions: failure of administration to control inflation, 31275.

Inflation, 42380, 42381.

Economic Stabilization Act Amendments of 1973: bill (S. 398) to enact, 8841, 8851.

Electoral college: reform, 414.

Electronic surveillance: committee hearings on, 41564, 41565.

Emergency Employment Amendments 1973: bill (S. 1560) to enact, 26850.

Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act: bill (H.R. 11372) to enact, 41649.

Energy conservation: legislation to promote, 40405.

Energy crisis: delivery of Alaska's North Slope oil and gas to the Lower 48, 23611.

Energy crisis: effects of gasoline shortage in Maine, 25148.

Energy crisis: switch to coal, 36495.

Energy crisis: WW II rationing experience, 40168.

Energy Emergency Act of 1973: bill (S.2589) to enact, 37356-37362, 37619.

Energy Emergency Act of 1973: conference report, 43163, 43164, 43197.

Energy Emergency Administration Act: bill (S. 2776) to enact, 42192, 42465, 42483, 43073, 43074.

Energy Policy: President's, 29030.

Environment: impact of growth on the, 10773.

Environmental Protection Agency: air pollution research, 28681.

Environmental Protection Agency: funds for program to regulate parking facilities, 41049, 41052

Environmental Protection Agency: manpower, 39602.

Environmental Protection Agency: regulation on catalysts, 29028.

Environmental Protection Agency: standards for Los Angeles Basin, 1233.

Environmental Protection Agency: withdraws support of Coordinating Research Council, 39600.

Environmental protection permits: legislation to provide, 3763.

Environmental quality: impact of energy crisis, 43163, 43164.

Environmental Quality Laboratory: California Institute of Technology's, 20870.

Europe: mutual force reductions in, 25606.

Europe: reduction of troops, 3013.

Europe: U.S. troops in, 25905.

Executive privilege: claim overruled, 27146.

Export controls: cattle hides, 3763.

Fair Labor Standards Amendments of 1973: bill (S. 1816) to enact, 24524.

Federal Aid Highway Act of 1973: bill (S. 502) to enact, 7914-7916, 7937, 7940, 7944, 7946, 7950, 27207.

Federal Aid Highway Act of 1973: Muskie amendments to, 1527-1529.

Federal Energy Emergency Administration: establish, 43073, 43074.

Federal Fire Prevention and Control Act: bill (S. 1769) to enact, 35836, 35837.

Federal Housing Administration: extend insured housing loan authority, 25125.

Federal Impoundment Control Procedure Act: bill (S. 373) to enact, 15223, 15240-15242.

Federal Lands Right-of-Way Act of 1973: bill (S. 1081) to enact, 23611.

Federal officers and employees: procedure assuring Congress of access to information from, 42104.

Financial institutions: NOW accounts, 16493.

Fire prevention: proposed legislation to study and improve, 35836, 35837.

Fishing Industry: problems, 22253.

Food: increased prices, 28497.

Food prices: impose 90-day freeze on, 8841.

Footwear industry: problems, 3763.

Ford, Gerald R.. nomination to be Vice President, 38221.

Foreign assistance: bill (H.R. 11771) making appropriations for, 41948, 41952, 41953, 41957, 41961-41963.

Foreign policy: Southeast Asia, 12676.

Free press: public right to know, 3021.

Freedom of Information: problems, 38117.

Freedom of Information Act: amend, 6929.

Fuel oil: allocation, 28891.

Fuel oil: crisis, 4072.

Fuels and Energy Conservation Act of 1973: bill (S. 2176) to enact, 40405.

Gary, Indiana: governmental structure Problem in, 7846.

Gasoline rationing: World War II experience, 40168.

Government: access to information, 38117.

Government: crisis of confidence, 39156.

Government: open procedures and hearings, 1259.

Government secrecy, 11592.

Health care: older persons, 10738-10740, 10761, 10776.

Highway funds: use to prevent air pollution, 2977.

Highway legislation: proposed, 1527-1529.

Highway trust fund: mass transit use of, 5162.

Highway trust fund: use for urban mass transit, 7914-7916, 7946.

Home Inc.: craft cooperative, 31952.

Home Health Medicare Amendments of 1973, introduction, 36750-36752.

Home health services: Medicare coverage, 38967.

Hughes Harold: tribute, 35387.

Impoundment of funds: bill (S. 373) to limit Presidential powers, 15223, 15240-15242.

Impoundment of funds: legislation, 1152.

Impoundment and spending ceiling measures, 11043, 11044, 11052.

Income tax: Kennedy minimum tax reform amendment to H.R. 3153, 38938.

Income tax: proposed reforms, 1848-1851.

Indochina: danger of U.S. military reinvolvement in, 12677.

Insured housing loans: resolution (H.J. Res. 512) to extend authority of FHA, 25125.

Interest rates: bill (S. 1798) to extend for 1 year regulation of financial institutions, 16493.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1973: introduction, 3991-3993.

Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1970: Maine's assessment of, 28534.

Israel: anniversary, 14466-14468.

Job Training and Community Services Act of 1973: bill (S. 1559) to enact, 25719.

Johnson, Lyndon B.: eulogy, 1846, 2097.

Johnson, Nicholas: retirement tribute, 40176.

Joint Funding Simplification Act of 1973: introduction, 26805.

Kissinger, Henry A.: nomination, 30817-30820.

Land development: environmental protection permits, 3763.

Land Use Policy and Planning Assistance Act: bill (S. 268) to enact, 20402, 20403, 20406- 20413.

Latin America: U.S. relations, 9975.

Law of the Sea Conference: opening, 39145.

Legislative program, 20332.

Lobster Conservation and Control Act of 1973: introduction, 11543.

Lobsters: declining supply, 37921.

Lobsters: designation as creature of the Continental Shelf, 42100.

Los Angeles: air quality standards, 1233.

McBridge, Roger: faithless elector, 414.

Maine: Canadian oil shipments to, 43086.

Maine: citizens view budget cuts in, 12982-12984

Maine: college of the Atlantic, 37643.

Maine: energy conserving measures, 40167.

Maine: firefighting in, 35837.

Maine: gasoline shortage, 25148.

Maine: health care for elderly, 17286.

Maine: impact of Canadian oil policy, 43056.

Maine: leather footwear industry, 3763.

Maine: lobster industry, 42100.

Maine: Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project, 35392.

Maine: report on Intergovernmental Personnel Act, 28534.

Maine: tribute to legislature, 39053.

Maine State Library, 16422.

Marcy, Carl M.: retirement, 38610.

Mass transportation: needs, 5162.

Medicare: administration's proposed cutbacks in, 6092.

Medicare: AMA charges, 16459.

Medicare: coverage for home health services, 38967.

Medicare: increase home care benefits, 36750-36752.

Medicare: prevent scheduled increase in rates, 38912.

Medicare: proposed limit on deductibles, 35910, 35911.

Mental health: policy needed for older Americans, 32698.

Middle East: situation, 14466-14468.

Minimum wage: legislation to extend, 24524.

National Academy on Sciences: auto emission report, 5830.

National Library Week, 16422.

National School Lunch and Child Nutrition Act Amendments of 1973: bill (H.R. 9639) to enact, 31088.

New England: oil crisis, 1260.

News media: freedom of the press, 3021.

News media: Nixon administration's relations with, 19456.

Nixon, Richard M.: arms control policy, 2778.

Nixon, Richard M.: budget, 5156.

Nixon, Richard M.: economic policies, 31275, 42380, 42381.

Nixon, Richard M.: need to explain energy policy, 29030

Nixon, Richard M.: separation of powers, 433.

NATO: need for strong, 25905.

Nuclear weapons: prevent spread to non nuclear nations, 26079.

Ocean resources: questions of ownership, 39145.

Office of Management and Budget: bill (S. 518) to require Senate confirmation of Director and Deputy Director of the, 3341, 3342.

Oil crisis, 1260, 3017.

Oil and gas: price controls, 42192.

Oil import quotas: eliminate, 5782.

Older persons: barriers to health care for, 10738-10740.

Older persons: health care, 4376, 10761, 10776 17286.

Older persons: home health care, 27167, 27169.

Older persons: limit Medicare deductibles, 35910, 35911.

Older persons: mental health policy needed, 32698.

Outer Continental Shelf: prohibit lobstering by foreign vessels, 37921.

Overseas troops: Humphrey amendment to reduce, 31887-31889.

Par Value Modification Act: bill (S. 929) to amend, 11043, 11044, 11053.

Partners of the Americas: program funds, 41956, 41962, 41963.

Petroleum industry: profits and prices, 42192.

Political campaigns: public financing of, 25981.

Pollution: air, 11002.

Pollution: air quality standards, 1233.

Pollution: approach to reduce smog day in California, 20870.

Pollution: authorize suspension of emission limitations during energy crisis, 37356-37360, 37362.

Pollution: increased air, 28928, 28929, 28933.

Pollution: waste treatment construction grants, 41636, 41638.

Porter, Sylvia: Nixon health proposal, 22587.

President: impoundment of funds, 1152.

President: war powers, 24544-24549, 25078, 25081, 25082, 25085, 25091, 25101, 25104, 25106, 25120, 33551, 33552, 38194.

Presidential Response Time Act: introduction, 37028.

Project Independence: health care for elderly, 17286.

Property tax: Federal role, 19605.

Property tax: reform, 17271.

Property Tax Relief and Reform Act of 1973, 14757.

Property tax: introduction, 8108-8110.

Property taxes: hearings on, 14495.

Public Budgeting and Rulemaking Act of 1973: introduction, 2687, 2688.

Public debt ceiling: bill (H.R. 8410) to continue temporary increase in the, 21667, 21669-21671, 21675, 21689.

Public financing of Federal election campaigns: amendment to bill (H.R. 11104) to provide, 38197.

Public health: home care for elderly, 27167-27169.

Public health: increase Medicare benefits, 36750-36752.

Public works: bill (H.R. 8947) making appropriations for, 25360.

Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965: bill (H.R. 2246) to extend authorizations, 14638.

Rail transportation: bills (S. 2767; H.R. 9142) to restructure in Midwest and northeast regions, system of, 40708.

Revenue sharing: study of State, 25159.

Roosevelt Campobello International Park: unemployment compensation for employees of, 19134.

Russia: anti-Semitism, 14466.

Russia: grain deal, 28928.

Russia: negotiate test ban treaty with, 4561, 4562.

SALT talks, 1233, 1234.

Senate: privilege of the floor, 11036, 15214 20401, 21663, 22296, 24545, 25054, 41047 41636, 41917.

Sewage treatment construction grants: bill (S. 2812) to authorize, 43130.

Smith, Margaret Chase, recent activities, 22588.

Smith, Margaret Chase: tribute, 9181.

Social programs: mayors plead for, 4884.

Social security: administration's proposed cutbacks in medicare, 6092.

Social security: payroll tax, 431.

Social Security Act: introduction of legislation to amend, 36750-36752.

Social Security Amendments of 1973: bill (H.R. 3153) to enact, 38912, 38938, 38967.

Social Security Amendments of 1973: proposed amendment, 35910, 35911.

Social services: HEW proposed regulations, 9982.

Soviet Jews: funds for resettlement, 41948, 41952, 41953.

States: land planning process, 20402, 20403, 20406-20413.

Stennis, John C.: return to Senate tribute, 28474.

Subsidies to railroads: ratio of State and Federal, 40708, 40709.

Sunshine in Government, 1259.

Supplemental appropriations: bill (H.R. 11576) making, conference report, 43119.

Supreme Court: decision on nondegradation provision of Clean Air Amendments of 1970, 19183.

Tax-exempt organizations: constitutionality of control of legislative activities, 32705.

Tax-exempt organizations: define legislative activity by, 5746.

Tax-exempt organizations: lobbying, 2771.

Tax reform, 12004, 12005.

Tax Reform Act of 1973: introduction, 1848-1851, 10432.

Television: political use of, 37028.

Test ban treaty: introduction of resolution (S. Res. 67) calling on President to promote negotiations for a comprehensive, 4561, 4562.

Truman, Harry S: eulogy, 364, 365, 3507, 4403.

Uniform Relocation Act Amendments: introduction, 652.

United Nations: anniversary, 35936.

Vietnam: cease-fire, 12677.

Vietnam Disengagement Act of 1973: introduction, 227.

Wage and price controls: record, 42380, 42381.

War powers: resolution (H.J. Res. 542) to govern use of Armed Forces by President, 33551, 33552, 36194.

War Powers Act: bill (S. 440) to enact, 24544-24549, 25078, 25081, 25082, 25085, 25091, 25101, 25104, 25106, 25120.

War Powers Act: introduction, 1413, 1414.

Waste treatment construction grants: bill (S. 2812) to authorize a formula for allocation of funds for, 41636, 41638.

Water pollution: construct sewage treatment plants, 43130.

Water pollution control: EPA administration of, 39602.

Water pollution funds: impoundment of, 19174.

Waterways: court decision on impounded funds, 14854.

Weinberger, Caspar W.: nomination, 4095.

Wild and Scenic Rivers Act: bill (S. 921) to amend, 43197.

Wiretapping: committee hearings on, 41564, 41565.

Remarks in House relative to

Muskie, Josephine Czarnecka, eulogy, 18410.

Response to President's TV address, 10648.

Remarks in Senate relative to

Opinions on energy, 37770.

Opinions on Watergate, 37768.

Relative to sympathy on death of mother of, 17566.

Sabotage of 1972 political campaign, 37265


Report: Access to Government Information, Conference on Advocacy, 38117.

Report: Air Pollution, Environmental Protection Agency, 11003.

Report: Air Pollution Control in California, Environmental Quality Laboratory, 20870.

Report: Budget and Accounting Act of 1921: Background and Analysis of Executive Confidentiality in Relation to S. 676, J. Braden, Library of Congress, 7864.

Report: California Transportation Control Plan, 41050.

Report: Charities, Law-Making and the Constitution, T. A. Troyer, N.Y.U. Institute of Federal Taxation, 32706.

Report: Committee on Government Operations, 2626, 37197.

Report: Committee on Public Works, 39436, 41363.

Report: Cost of Emission Control Program, TVA, 19202.

Report: Effect of Freeway Travel on Angina Pectoris, W. S. Aronow and others, Annals of Report: Internal Medicine, 11008.

Report: Fuel Rationing in WW II, Library of Congress, 40168.

Report: Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1970-Maine Government Personnel Assessment and Training Programs, 28535.

Report: Intermittent Control Systems, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, 19189.

Report: Lethal Gas Linked to Accident Toll, California State Department of Public Health, 11003.

Report: Motor Vehicle Emissions, National Academy on Sciences, 5830, 5831.

Report: NBC News Versus AMA Controversy, 16460.

Report: of Cars – Carbon Monoxide and Human Health, Clean Air Now Information Bureau, 11012.

Report: Parking Restrictions and the Clean Air Act, 41050.

Report: Preliminary Survey of General Revenue Sharing Recipient Governments, Office of Revenue Sharing, 25159.

Report: Press Covers Government: Nixon Years From 1969 to Watergate, American University, Report: Department of Communication, 19456-19469.

Report: Prospects for a Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Arms Control Subcommittee, 4562.

Report: Under Medicare, Average Doctor Bill Has Been Going Down, AMA Update, 16459.


Air Pollution Research – EPA Commitment (sundry), 28682-26685.

Approval of Test Ban Resolution, by, 19470.

Asian Troop Reductions, R. Barnett and others, 31888.

Barriers to Health Care for Older Americans, Subcommittee On Health of the Elderly, by, 17287.

Budget: Cut in Poverty Program, Sargeant Shriver, before Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations, 8145-8148.

Budget: Cut in Social Programs, Andrew J. Biemiller, before Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations, 8143-8148.

Budget Cuts, Committee on Government Operations, J. Wurf, 5786.

Budget Reform, Senator Brock, 31940.

Budget Reform, Representatives Obey and W. A. Steiger, 31284.

Canadian Oil to Maine, Maine Congressional delegation, 43086.

Clean Air Act Amendments, Committee on Public Works, 37358.

Closed Loop System for Air Pollution Control (sundry), 19183, 19184.

Constitutional Question of Tax Status of Lobbying Organizations, Tax Analysts and Advocates, U.S. District Court for District of Columbia, 32716.

Crisis of Confidence, by, 39156.

Crisis of Confidence: Senator Gurney, 39157.

Crisis of Confidence: L. Harris, 39157.

Ecological Effects of Growth, Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution, G.M. Woodwell, 10773.

Environmental Impact, Washington State Air Quality Implementation Plan, 7920.

EPA Funds and Activities, Representatives Leggett, Rogers, and Whitten, 43120.

Environmental Protection Permits Legislation, by, 20403.

Establish Commission on Executive Secrecy, Committee on Government Operations, Representative Mink, 15163.

Executive Privilege, by, 18793.

Executive Privilege: R. Berger, 12174.

Executive Privilege: R. G. Kleindienst, Senator Fulbright, and C. M. Clifford (sundry), 11621- 11627.

Executive Privilege: Senator Stevenson, 12172.

Executive Privilege and Government Secrecy, Committee on Government Operations, Senator Hughes, 15161.

Funds for Environmental Programs, 22031

Health Care for Older Persons, N. H. Cruikshank, 10776.

Highway Legislation, Senate Roads Subcommittee, Representative G.M. Anderson, 5162.

Impoundment-Spending ceiling Amendment, by, 11043.

Introduction of Congressional Right to Information Act, by, 30072.

Minimum tax amendment to H.R. 8214, 41871.

National Study Commission, Senator Randolph, 22032.

New Federalism: Impact On State and Local Governments, by, Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations, 8143

New Federalism Policies, Committee on Government Operations, by, 4883.

Nixon's Budget: Six Governors View, 6995- 7011.

Pleas for Social Programs, Committee on Government Operations, Mayors Landrieu, R. S. Gribbs, N. Y. Mineta, H. W. Maier, J. V. Lindsay, S. Cmich, K. A. Gibson, R. G. Hatcher, J. L. Alioto, and L. Alexander (sundry), 4885-4898.

Price Increases by Petroleum Industry, Cost of Living Council, Senator McIntyre, 4072.

Property Tax Reform Act of 1973, Committee on Government Operations, J. Rowe, 14759.

Property Tax Relief and Reform, Committee on Government Operations, B.L. Dorgan, J. Shannon, K. M. Curtis, A.C. Stauffer, T. Laverne, S. H. Hoyer, C. F. Brickfield (sundry), 14496-14512

Refusal of Roy Ash To Testify, Senators Ervin and, 10984.

Sabotage of Political Campaign, B. In. Bernhard, 37265.

Smog in Los Angeles Basin, to Environmental Protection Agency, by L. Lees, 20874.

Support of War Powers Bill, Senator Stennis, 24544.

U.S. Forces in Europe, Subcommittee on Arms Control, Senator Mansfield, 25906

U.S. Troop Levels in Europe, Subcommittee on Arms Control, K. Rush, 25914

Use Highway Trust Funds for Urban Transit, M. Carballo, 7916.

War Powers Act. Senator Montoya, 24549


Table: Arkansas: impoundment of Federal funds, 7003.

Table: Dickey-Lincoln School project benefit - cost ratios, 25361.

Table: Funds for Soviet Jewish refugees, 41952

Table: Impact of Federal impoundments and budget cuts on Maine (sundry), 12984-12990

Table: Maine: impoundment of Federal funds, 6996-7001.

Table: Oxidant levels in major cities, 28929.

Table: Projects and travelers, fiscal year 1973, Partners of the Americas, 41958.

Table: Property taxes (selected data), 14498-14501

Table: Social services (selected data), 9983-9985

Table: U.S. forces in foreign countries (selected data), 25910-25914.

Texts of

Text: Agreement, relative to resettlement of Soviet Jews (sundry), 41949, 41951, 41952.

Text: Amendment (No. 649), Limit on Medicare Inpatient Hospital Deductible, 35911.

Text: Amendment (No. 4), use of highway system funds for public transportation, 2978.

Text: Proposed Federal Register Notice recognizing that tall stacks and variable control may be used to protect against violations of SO2 NAAQS, 19185.

Text: Proposed highway act amendments (sundry), 1529, 1530.

Text: Resolution relative to Governmental surveillance, 30818.

Text: S. 738, support state inspection programs for auto emission control systems, 2978.

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Text: S. 1979, unemployment compensation for employees of Roosevelt Campobello International Park, 19134.

Text: S. 2680, to amend the Clean Air Act because of energy shortages, 36497.

Text: S. 2699, Presidential Response Time Act, 37028.

Votes of. See YEA-AND-NAY VOTES.