1971: 92nd Congress, First Session

MUSKIE, EDMUND S. (a Senator from Maine).

Appointed to Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 3718.

Appointed conferee, 12782.

Appointed to United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (alternate), 47652.

Biography, 15111.

Broadcast: An Angry Man, station WCBS (New York City), 8936.

Cloture motion, 2587, 4108, 5227.

Credentials, 5.

Elected to Committee on Foreign Relations, 867.

Elected to Committee on Government Operations, 867.

Elected to Committee on Public Works, 867.

Oath of office, 6.

Pamphlet: College of the Atlantic, 26376.

Poem: I Am Democracy -- Friend of Man, Sol Mann, 9740.

Proclamation: POW Day, K. M. 13849.

Questions and answers: Intergovernmental Revenue Act, 14864.

Remarks in House: candor relative to black running mate, 38719.

Charges against FBI activities, 10650, 11565, 15762-15765.

Criticism by Senator Dole, 6024

Gerald Ford's attack relative to Middle East policy, 13352-13354.

Remarks in Senate: position on vote for cloture, 3021.

Revenue sharing position of, 8066.

Resolution: salute to environment campaign, Board of Commissioners, Allegheny County, Pa., 5004.

Survey: Widens Margin Over President, 14254.

Telegram: distribution of food in East Pakistan, W. P. Rogers, by, 13885

Television broadcast: Vietnam Policy, Eric Sevareid, CBS news, 15860.


A Job for Every Worker, Detroit Econimic Club, by, 25947.

African -American Dialogs, by, 12710.

Beyond Urban Survival, U.S. Conference of Mayors, Philadelphia, Pa., by, 25959.

Chicago South Side Chapter of the NAACP, by, 20146.

Cities of Hope-A Chance for the new South, LQC Lamar Society of Emory University, by, 18151.

Cleaning the Ugly Costly Face of Pollution, Senator Randolph, 1602.

Conference on Property Tax Reform, 14240

Consumers Come First, Hamilton Democratic Reception, by, 36950

Context of Peace Efforts in the Middle East, Arthur J. Goldberg, London, England, 11708-11710.

Current Issues (1970-71): sundry, 25943-25971.

Elderly in America's Destiny, by, 38756

End America's Participation in Indochina War, University of Pennsylvania, by, 5763.

The Fifth Freedom, Four Freedoms Award Dinner, New York City, by, 25952.

The Forgotten American Farmer, Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point, Wis. by, 25948.

Healthcare for Older Americans: A Right, Not a Privilege, by, 25954

The Heritage of Maine, Narraguagus Regional High School Commencement, by, 25970.

Heroin – The City Killer, by, 19327

Indochina, University of Pennsylvania, by, 4412.

Israel's Survival and America's Security, Denver, Colo., by, 25966.

Majority Who Are Women, Schenectady, N.Y., by, 47608.

A Medical Bill of Rights, Albert Einstein College, by, 20447.

National Governor's Conference, San Juan, P.R., by, 32140.

New Directions in Aging in 1971? Council of Senior Citizens, Senator Church, 21016.

Nuclear Weapons, World Affairs Council, by, 13882.

Oregon State School Boards Association, Portland, Oreg., by, 43024.

Polish National Alliance, Humboldt Park, Chicago, Ill., 13987.

Rebuilding Urban Government, American Jewish Committee, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, by, 25956.

Reflections on Death of Joetha Collier, Rivier College Commencement, Nashua, N.H. by, 25951.

Revenue Sharing, League of Cities and Conference of Mayors, by, 7418.

Revenue Sharing, before the Committee on Ways and Means, U.S. House of Representatives, by, 25943.

The Right to Know and the Right to be Left Alone, 25962.

Support of Nonproliferation Treaty, by, 13883.

To Lead Again, San Francisco, Calif. by, 46282.

To Restore America's Trust: Comments on the Pentagon Papers, Eugene Nickerson Testimonial Dinner, Garden City, N.Y. by, 25946.

To Stand in the Brandeis Tradition, by, 45770.

Toward a More Democratic Party, Wisconsin State Democratic Convention, by, 25970.

Weizmann Institute, by, 38753.

Amendments offered by, to

Armed Forces: amend bill (H.R. 6531) to increase pay and authorizing active duty strengths, 16724.

Department of Agriculture – Environmental and Consumer Protection Appropriations Act of 1972: amend bill (H.R. 9270) to enact, 25413.

Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1971: amend bill (S. 2770) to enact, 38856.

International security assistance: amend bill (H.R. 1657) to consolidate and revise Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 relating to, 24479.

National Railroad Passenger Corporation: amend bill (S. 2760) to provide financial assistance for purchasing railroad equipment, 41386.

Offenses against the United States: amend bill (S. 895) to provide for speedy trial for persons charged with, 38995.

Revenue Act of 1971: amend bill (H.R. 10947) to enact, 41771.

Social Security Amendments of 1971: amend bill (H.R. 1) enact, 38190.

Sugar Act of 1948: amend bill (H.R. 8866) to amend and extend, 21210, 27509, 27586.


Analysis: S. 523, National Water Quality Standards Act of 1971, 1347.

Analysis: S. 573, standards for manufacture of products to protect the environment, 1552.

Analysis: S.1770, Intergovernmental Revenue Act of 1971, 13506.

Analysis: S. 2744, Servicemen's and Veteran's Education, Training, and Job Assistance Act of 1971, 37489.

Analysis: S. 2966, Truth in Government Act of 1971, 45157.

Articles and editorials

Arms From East and West Used in Africa, Jim Hoagland, Washington Post, 13548.

Big Ed of Maine, James Reston, New York Times, 13248.

Bunker Assays Vietnam Years, Alvin Shuster, 15862.

Candor Admired Relative to Black Running Mate, Willows (Calif.) Democrat, 38719.

Christians Support Unified Jerusalem, American Jewish Committee, 47855.

Conservation of Oil, G. Hill, New York Times, 11311.

Earth Day Scare, Omaha World-Herald, 12701.

Economic Impact of Retirement, Nelson H. Cruikshank, Social Action, 44614-44616.

Endorsement of Antiwar Demonstration, Washington Post, 11034.

Environment Boom, 0. Fanning, Saturday Review, 26375.

Exploring – A New Path to a Better America, J. G. Hubbell, Reader's Digest, 7679.

Finds Granite State Quiet, Tom Braden, Washington Post, 45106.

Global Pollution – U.N. as Policeman, Richard N. Gardner, Saturday Review, 32331.

Kosygin Harsh With Muskie on Mideast, Jack Anderson, Washington Post, 13354.

Law and Order: Beyond the Code Word, by, 25961.

Mansfield Amendments, Two Views, W. A. Harriman, Washington Post, 16727.

Muskie: The Longest Journey Begins, Time magazine, 31855.

Muskie Blooper, Knoxville (Tenn.) News Sentinel, 34404.

Muskie Campaign, Congressional Quarterly, 15110.

Muskie Declassification Proposal Would Bury "Credibility Gap" (sundry), 45154-45156.

Muskie Dislikes Busing But Says It's Needed. J. M. Naughton, Washington Star, 31224.

Muskie Responds to Congressional Quarterly Questions, 15111.

Muskie and Revenue Sharing, New Republic, 17580.

Muskie's Southern Strategy, Birmingham (Ala.) News, 41342.

New Hampshire Poll Shows Muskie Strong, Robert Healy, Boston Globe. 16067.

Once Booming Potato Farms Die in Maine, B. Kovach, New York Times, 28023.

Our Nonpolicy Toward Latin America, S. Linowitz, Life, 25035.

President's Veto of Day Care, Washington Post, 46726.

Silent Vietnam, 0. Schell, Look, 8505.

Soviet Union, United States, and United Nations, R. N. Gardner, Foreign Service Journal, 2613.

Speaks Up, Tom Wicker in Bath-Brunswick (Maine) Times Record, 35927.

Tax Credit Seen as a Spur to Profits, Not Jobs, M. C. Jensen, New York Times, 36952.

Thermal Effects of Heated Pipeline in Permafrost, A. H. Lachenbruch, Geological Survey, 11310.

Truth Could Cost Muskie Dearly, Paul Hope in Washington Star, 34518.

What Technology Has Done to the Earth, Technology Can Cure, R. Bendiner, New York Times, 4112.

Bills and resolutions introduced by

Adequate Nutrition Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 1773), 13502.

Agricultural commodities: assist producers in marketing of at fair price (see bill S. 727), 15498.

Agricultural commodities: orderly means of bargaining with handlers of (see bill S. 726), 15498.

Air and navigable waters: standards for manufacture of certain products to protect quality of (see bill S. 573), 1539.

Air and water pollution: establish structure to provide knowledge of ecological and technical problems associated with (see bill S. 1113), 5020.

Air and water pollution: prevent false and deceptive advertising with respect to products and services to prevent and control (see bill S. 927), 3565.

Amphetamines and other stimulants: move from schedule III to schedule II of Controlled Substances Act (see bill S. 674), 1995.

Appalachian Regional Development Act Amendments of 1971: enact (see bill S. 575), 1540.

Armed Forces: in-service education and training programs for members (see bill S. 2744), 37484.

Asset Depreciation Range system: relating to proposed (see S. Res. 98), 10344.

Barbara Ann (vessel) : documentation of (see bill S.1003), 4086.

Blind persons: assure rehabilitation services to older (see bill S. 1030), 4378.

Calendar year: establish as fiscal year, and provide for separate periods for consideration of appropriation bills (see bill S. 1875), 15070.

California: create marine sanctuaries off coast of (see bill S. 1446), 9088.

Cancer: strengthen national effort to Conquer (see bill S. 1828), 22292.

Cap'n Frank (vessel) : documentation of (see bill S. 1001), 4086.

Child development program: provide for a comprehensive (see bill S. 1512), 9869.

Children's Dental Health Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 1874), 22011.

Clean Up America Day: declare (see S.J. Res. 158), 32463.

Coal Gasification Development Corporation: establish (see bill S. 1846), 19807.

Commission on Mental Health and Illness of the Elderly: establish (see bill S. 2922), 43748.

Comprehensive Community College Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 545), 1346.

Comprehensive Correctional Training and Employment Act: enact (see bill S. 2962),45142.

Congressional Record: require use of recycled material in printing of (see bill S. 2267), 24966.

Conquest of Cancer Act: enact (see bill S. 34), 3941.

Consolidated Farmers Home Administration Act of 1961: amend (see bill S. 2223), 27434.

Consumer Class Action Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 984), 3914.

Defense and space spending: assist workers whose jobs may be terminated by reductions in (see bill S. 1191), 6083.

Department of Education: establish (see bill S. 1483). 41996.

Depreciation deduction: relating to (see bills S. 1530, 1532), 10318.

District of Columbia: designate "Benito Juarez Circle" in (see bill S. 2230), 23652.

District of Columbia: grant congressional representative (see S.J. Res. 6), 271.

Dow Air Force Base, Maine: adjust legislative jurisdiction over certain lands within area formerly known as (see bill S. 1000), 4086.

Downing, Kenneth W.: for relief (see bill S.1006), 4086.

Drugs: international control assistance (see bill S. 1944),16714.

Earth Week: designate (see S.J. Res. 15), 3941.

East-West Trade Relations Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 2620), 39575.

Economic Disaster Area Relief Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 2393), 28685.

Education Amendments of 1971: enact (see bill S. 659), 27937.

Election days: designate certain as legal public holidays (see bill S. 1203), 6084.

Elections: regulating, encouraging voter participation, and financing campaigns (see S. 1), 268.

Emergency Detention Act of 1950: repeal (see bill S. 592), 1649.

Emergency Employment Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 31), 269.

Environmental Financing Authority: establish (see bill S. 1015), 4087.

Environmental standards and regulations: relative to international economic and social consequences (see S. Con. Res. 53), 46084.

Equal Employment Opportunities Enforcement Act of 1971: enact (see bill S.2515), 31702.

Ethnic groups: study of cultural heritages (see bill S. 23), 22291, 22292.

Eugenie II (vessel): documentation of (see bill S. 1002), 4086.

Everglades-Big Cypress National Recreation Area, Florida: establish (see bill S.2465), 41212.

Family Farm Act of 1972: enact (see bill S.2828),47063.

Federal courts: change a minimum age qualifications for jurors (see bill S. 1975), S11920.

Federal Drug Abuse and Drug Dependence Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 2217), 22900.

Federal employees: protect constitutional rights and prevent invasion of their privacy (see bill S. 1438), 9087.

Federal Water Pollution Control Act: amend (see bills S. 1012, 1143, 2133, 2770), 4087, 5467, 21539, 37902, 38198.

Fisheries Products Protection Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 296), 11275.

Fishery resources: protection of (see bill S. 2764), 37901.

Fishing industry: provide certain essential assistance to United States (see bill S.221),8534.

Food Stamp Act of 1964: relating to regulations issued under (see S. Res. 120), 14024,14025.

Foreign Service employees: procedure to investigate and render decisions with respect to grievances and appeals of (see bill S. 2023), 25805.

Foreign Service employees: procedure to investigate and render decisions with respect to grievances and appeals of (see bill S. 2659), 35183.

Foreign tourists: facilitate entry of (see bill S. 1899), 29243.

Full opportunity and National Goals and Priorities Act: enact (see bill S. 5), 268.

Government of the United states: Promote public confidence in (see bill S. 343), 1369.

Health security: create national system (see bill S. 3), 268.

Historical and archeological data: preservation of (see bill S. 1245), 6565.

Household aide: pay under medicare for services of (see bill S.882), 3941

Immigration and Naturalization Amendments of 1971: enact (see bill S. 1488), 9523.

Income tax: credit for purchase of durable consumer goods (see bill S. 2730), 36940.

Income tax: exclude from gross income entire compensation of persons who are prisoners of war and missing in action (see bill S.2944),44594.

Income tax: permit certain tax-exempt organizations to engage in communications with legislative bodies and committees (see bill S. 1408), 8513.

Income tax: same exemption for servicemen in and around Korea as for those in Vietnam (see bill S. 1233), 6314.

Indian tribes: make certain benefits available to (see bill S. 1460), 9088.

Institute on Retirement Income: establish (see bill S. 883), 3941.

Intercity rail passenger service: prevent discontinuance of certain (see bill S.1665),12593.

Intergovernmental Drug Abuse Control Coordination Act of 1971: enact (see bill S.1945),16714.

Intergovernmental Revenue Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 1770), 13502.

International Conference on Ocean Dumping: convene (see S.J. Res. 80), 9605.

Irish potato futures: prohibit trading in (see bill S. 1947), 16714.

Joint Committee on the Environment: establish (see S.J. Res. 17), 544.

Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Rehabilitation Act of 1971: enact (see bill S.2148),21979.

Laundering and dry cleaning instructions: require apparel be permanently labeled with (see bill S. 424), 3579.

Law Enforcement Officers Benefits Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 2748). 42836.

Law enforcement officers and firemen: extend certain benefits to those killed or disabled in line of duty (see bill S. 1081), 32482.

Marine preserves: study means of protecting certain areas as (see bill S. 1458), 9088.

Martin Luther King Day: designate (see S.J. Res. 5), 4099.

Medical care facilities: grants for reconstruction or repair of certain, damaged or destroyed by a major disaster (see bill S. 1237), 6314.

Members of Congress: prohibit imposition of residency requirements as condition of voting for (see bill S. 933), 3726.

Military Administrative Discharge Procedures Act of 1971: enact (see bill S.2247),36969.

Milk: support price of manufacturing at not less than 85 per centum of parity (see bill S. 1277), 9651.

Mineral exploration in Atlantic Ocean: study environmental impact (see bill S.2892), 46081.

Motion picture films: temporary free importation of certain (see bill S. 1004), 4086.

Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act: enact (see bill S. 976), 3907.

Narcotic drugs: prohibit assistance to any country which does not act to prevent entry into United States (S. 1188), 18378.

National Board of Regents for Indian Education: create (see bill S. 2724), 37906.

National Coastal and Estuarine Zone Management Act of 1971: enact (see bill S.582), 5328.

National Engineering Technicians Week: designate (see S. J. Res. 145), 31911.

National Explorers Presidents' Congress of the Boy Scouts of America: commemorating (see S. Con. Res. 10), 7680. 

National Hunting and Fishing Day: declare (see S.J. Res. 117), 30922.

National Institute of Gerontology: establish (see bill S. 887), 4099.

National fuels and energy policy: authorize study of (see S. Res. 45), 3943.

National Legal Services Corporation: establish (see bill S. 1305), 7139.

National Transportation Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 2279), 24966.

National Volunteer Blood Donor Month (see S.J. Res. 126), 23652.

National Voter Registration Act: enact (see bill S. 2574), 33267.

National Water Quality Standards Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 523), 1346.

National Week of Concern for POW's and MIA's: designate (see S.J. Res. 10), 2596

Naturalization: amend Immigration and Nationality Act relative to certain tests for (see bill S. 2711), 36640.

New England States Fuel Oil Act of 1971 enact (see bill S. 1816), 14298.

Noise pollution: control (see bill S. 1016) 4087.

North Vietnam: require prior approval b Congress for U.S. forces to participate in invasion of (see bill S. 974), 3904.

Nutrition Program for the Elderly Act enact (see bill S. 1163), 7679.

Oceans and other waters: regulate dumping of material in (see bill S. 1238), 6564

Offenses against the United States: speedy trial for persons charged with (see bill S.895), 3405, 22749.

Oil pollution: control off the State of California (see bill S. 1459), 9088.

Older American Community Service Employment Act: enact (see bill S. 555) 1346.

Opportunities Industrialization Assistance Act: enact (see bill S. 687), 2168.

Pakistan: suspend military aid until conflict is resolved (see S. Con. Res. 21), 10500.

Payroll tax: improvements in (see bill S 2656),34972.

Phantom jets: urging sale to Israel (see S. Res. 177), 36366.

Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc.: incorporate (see bill S. 2509), 42990.

Population stabilization: declare U.S. policy of achieving (see S.J. Res. 108), 41382.

President: eligibility of naturalized citizens to hold office of (see S.J. Res. 161), 33582.

President and Vice President: direct popular election (see S.J. Res. 1), 4530.

President and Vice President: quadrennial enrollment of persons to vote in election of (see bill S. 1191), 6083.

Presidential Task Force on Women's Rights and Responsibilities: carry out recommendations of (see bill S. 2185), 32482.

Prisoners of war: humane treatment and release of American (see S. Con. Res. 49), 40852.

Public Health Service hospitals and outpatient clinics: continue (see S. Con. Res. 6), 2596.

Public Works Acceleration Act: Make benefits available to certain areas of extra high unemployment (see bill S. 732), 2408.

Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965 and Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965: extend (see bill S. 2317), 26102.

Quality Integrated Education Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 683), 2168.

Radiation Health and Safety Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 426), 885.

Recreation areas: exempt persons over 65 years of age from paying entrance or admission fees (see bill S. 1172), 11275.

Rural and other economically-distressed areas: revitalize (see bill S. 10), 13530.

Rural residences: farmer-owned cooperative system of making credit available for (see bill S.1483), 11446.

Rzeszotarski, Waclaw Janusz: for (see bill S. 1005), 4086.

Sakanishi, Noriko: for the relief (see b 2916), 43748.

Sales below cost: prohibit, for purpose of destroying competition (see bill S. 1457), 32765.

San Juan, Puerto Rico: anniversary (S. Con. Res. 11), 7680.

Sellier, Victor Frederick: for relief (see bill S. 1409), 8513.

Senate: amend rule XXII (cloture) of the Standing Rules of the Senate (see S. Res. 9) 570

Senate and House of Representatives: Require Public Printer to furnish recycled material for official use of (see bill S. 2266), 24966.

Senate pages: appointment of females (S. Res. 112), 13133.

Service academies: permit appointment of certain additional persons to (see S.2945), 44594.

Shoreline erosion: authorize program to develop and demonstrate low-cost means of preventing (see bill S. 1053), 4379

Sickle cell anemia: prevention (see bill S.2676), 35596.

Social Security Act: eligibility of blind persons to receive benefits (see bill S.1335),7370.

Social Security Act: extend certain health programs established for mothers and children (see bill S. 2135), 21539.

Social Security Act: make more realistic and equitable the criteria for determining disability (see bill S. 1173), 5718.

Social Security Reform Act: enact (see S.1645),40851.

Soviet Jews: for relief (see bill S. 1872), 17079.

Spanish-speaking Americans: publication of economic and social statistics for (S.J..Res. 177), 41662.

Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention Act: enact (see bill S. 2097), 20782.

Student internship program: establish to offer practical political involvement with elected officials (see bill S. 1410), 8513

Survivor Benefit Plan: establish (see bills S.325, 2654), 17078, 34972.

Territorial and international waters: regulate discharge of wastes in (see bill S.1082),4507.

Thaddeus Kosciuszko Home National Historic Site. Pennsylvania: establish bill S. 1973), 17335.

Timber resources: establish commission to investigate practice of clear-cutting (see bill S. 1592), 10889.

Transportation research and development utilize SST employees (see bill S. 1382), 8023.

Truth in Food Labeling Act: enact (see bill S. 1985), 32152.

Truth in Government Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 2965), 45142.

Unemployment: use model cities program to combat (see S. Con. Res. 4), 10501, 25304.

Vietnam: affirm U.S. neutrality in 1971 elections in South (see S. Con. Res. 17), 9513.

Vietnam: care, housing, education, and adoption of certain orphaned children in (see bill S. 2071), 26105.

Vietnam Children's Care Agency Act: enact (see bill S. 2497), 33606.

Vietnam Disengagement Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 375), 3579.

Vietnam veterans: use of Mail by (S. Res. 101). 11501.

Voice of America: broadcast in Yiddish into Soviet Union (see S. Res. 145), 23695.

Volunteer firemen: make provisions of Vocational Education Act of 1963 applicable to (see bill S. 2040), 19291.

Volunteers in the National Forests Act 1971: enact (see bill S.1379), 8023.

Voting age: lower to 18 (see S.J. Res. 7), 271.

Voting Rights Act Amendments of 1971: enact (see bill S. 2349), 41670.

Wholesome Fish and Fishery Products Act of 1971: enact (see bill S. 1528), 37490.

Women: equal rights (see S.J. Res. 8, 9, 79), 4530, 5062, 27434.

Youth camp safety standards: grants for developing State programs for (see bill S.922),3561.


Letter: Aid for East Pakistan, W. P. Rogers, by, 18222.

Letter: Amchitka nuclear test, W. A. Egan, 28476.

Letter: Cannikin nuclear test (sundry), 28477, 28478.

Letter: Commission on Party Structure and Delegate Selection, 25970, 32909.

Letter: Conference report on S. 575, to all Senators, by, 18744.

Letter: Interstate Commerce Commission policy, G. M. Stafford, by, 2004.

Letter: Mexican commuter problems, R. Clark, by W. Wirtz, 9562.

Letter: Opposition to pipeline across Alaska, President Nixon, by, 11307.

Letter: Proposed school lunch regulations, President Nixon, by, 34486.

Letter: Proposed tax depreciation rules, R. W. Thrower, by, 10332.

Letter: Regulations on the draft, C. W. Tarr, by, 47351.

Letter: School lunch regulations, President Nixon, by, 36417.


List: Congressional Record page numbers of speeches by, 27466.

List: Legislation sponsored by, 15113.

List: Members of Intergovernmental Relations Committee, 36714.

List: Staff, advisers, 15113.

List: State entitlements under Intergovernmental Revenue Act of 1971, 13508

Memorials of legislature: Maine, 2167, 5521, 10709, 13502, 21569, 25028.

Remarks by, on

ABM: deployment, 24479.

Actuarial calculations: proposed reforms, 40698.

Africa: arms shipments to, 13547.

Alaska: opposition to pipeline across, 11307.

Amchitka Island, Alaska: nuclear test, 28474, 28477, 28478.

Appalachian Regional Development Act Amendments of 1971: bill (S. 575) to enact, 18760, 25106.

Armed Forces: reduce in Western Europe, United States, 15558, 15560, 15958.

Arms control: hearings, 19808.

Atomic Energy Commission: bill (H.R. 9388) authorizing appropriations for, 26059.

Baltic States: Invasion and fall of, 19821.

Biological weapons: ban on, 30277.

Boeing 707's: African sales, 13547.

Boy Scouts of America: National Explorers Presidents' Congress, 7679, 7680.

Butz, Earl L.: nomination, 42727.

Campaigns: reform, 372.

Ceylonese Independence Day, 4423.

Children's Dental Health Act of 1971: Introduction, 36666.

Civil rights: equal employment opportunities, 40714, 40715.

Civil rights: school segregation outside the South, 11329, 11330.

Clean Air Act: proposed amendment, 1552.

Commission on Civil Rights: funds, 25918.

Commission on Mental Health and Illness of the Elderly: establish, 43750. 43751.

Committee on Aging (Special) : notice of hearings, 13537, 18126.

Committee on Foreign Relations: notice of hearings, 17761, 19808, 22749, 24479, 26117.

Committee on Government Operations: drug abuse bill reported by, 41660.

Committee on Government Operations: notice of hearings, 27940.

Committee on Government Operations: resolution (S. Res. 31) authorizing funds for, 4460.

Committee on Public Works: tribute to members and staff of, 38802, 38822.

Comprehensive Child Development Act: President's veto, 46726.

Cruikshank, Nelson: tribute, 44614

Demonstrations: expected April 24th, 9637.

Department of Defense: bill (H.R. 11731) making appropriations, 42890, 42909.

Department of Transportation: resolution (H.J. Res. 468) making continuing appropriations for, 7784-7786.

Departments of State, Justice, and Commerce, the Judiciary, and related agencies: bill (H.R. 9272) making appropriations for, 25918.

Depreciation of property: tax computation, 10331.

Disclosure Board: establish classification, 45152-45154, 45157.

Dredged spoil. discharge permits, 38854-38856.

Drug Abuse Office and Treatment Act of 1971: bill (S. 2097) to enact, 44102.

Drug Abuse office and Treatment Act of 1971: committee report, 41660.

Drug addiction: veterans, 37489.

Drugs: legislation to control, 16716-16720.

Eagleton, Thomas F.: Vietnam policy, 15860.

Earth Day: FBI surveillance of, 10313-10315.

East Pakistan: situation in, 10361.

Economic Disaster Area Relief Act of 1971: bill (S. 2393), 30132.

Education: Integration picture other than in the South, 11329, 11330.

Elderly: economic impact of retirement, 44614.

Ellender, Allen J.: birthday tribute, 34186.

Emergency Employment Act of 1971: bill (S. 31) to enact, 9334, 9335.

Emergency Loan Guarantee Act: bill (S. 2308) to enact, 27579, 28022.

Emergency School Aid and Quality Integrated Education Act of 1971: bill (S. 1557) to enact, 11329, 11330.

Environmental careers: opportunities, 26375.

Environmental Health Letter: anniversary, 40709.

Equal Employment Opportunity Enforcement Act: need to enact, 40714, 40715.

Equal rights amendment: importance, 37495.

Europe: reduction of United States troops in Western, 15558, 15560, 15958.

Everglades--Big Cypress Recreation Area: create, 42729.

FBI: intelligence surveillance by, 10313-10315.

Federal election campaigns: Improve, 372.

Federal Elections Campaign Act of 1971: bill (S. 382) to enact, 29329.

Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1971: bill (S. 2770) to enact, 38797-38804, 38807, 38816, 38822, 38823, 38825, 38826, 38828-38840, 38844-38849, 38852-38858, 38860-38862, 38864, 38888.

Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1971: proposed amendment, 1552.

Foreign aid: Pakistan, 10361.

Foreign aid: Proposed solution to problem of continuing, 39016, 39017.

Gandhi, Mrs. Indira: U.S. visit, 39210.

Genocide Convention, 7697.

GI bill: revision, 37489.

Health Professions Educational Assistance Amendments of 1971: bill (S. 934) to enact, 25167.

Health Professions Educational Assistance Amendments of 1971: proposed amendment, 18080, 18081.

Holland, Spessard: eulogy, 41073.

Honest Elections Reform Act of 1971: introduction, 372.

Immigration and Naturalization Amendments of 1971: introduction, 9553, 9554

Income tax: legislation relative to computing depreciation of useful life of property, 10331.

Income tax: provide credit for purchase of durable consumer goods, 36948-36950.

India: Pakistan refugees in, 39210.

Indians: extend Federal benefits to, 9164

Indochina: military involvement, 9637.

Intelligence surveillance: invasion of privacy, 10313-10315.

Intergovernmental Drug Abuse Control Coordination Act of 1971: introduction, 16716-16720.

Intergovernmental Relations Committee: report, 36714.

Intergovernmental Revenue Act of 1971: introduction, 13502-13504.

Intergovernmental Revenue Act of 1971: questions and answers, 14864.

Internal Revenue Code of 1954: proposed amendment, 8517.

Invasion of privacy: FBI, 10313-10315.

Irish potato futures: prohibit trading on commodity exchanges, 16723.

Israel: funds for military aid to, 28993, 42890.

Jerusalem: Christians support unification, 47855.

Lithuanian Independence Day, 4429.

Lockheed Aircraft Corp.: loan guarantee, 27579, 28022.

McGovern -Hatfield end the war amendment, 20210, 20211.

Marine Resource Preservation Act: introduction, 9163.

Mass transportation: use SST employees to improve, 8025.

Medicare and medicaid programs: cutbacks, 13537.

Middle East: new perspectives, 11708.

Military Selective Service Act of 1971: bill (H.R. 6531) to enact, 15558, 15560, 15958, 20210, 20211, 21041-21043, 21580, 32354.

National Water Quality Standards Act of 1971: Introduction, 1346, 1347.

Nuclear arms race, 13879-13881.

Older persons: increase social security benefits, 40694, 40695.

Older persons: mental health, 43750, 43751.

Pakistan: emergency relief for East, 13544.

Pakistan: situation in, 39210, 39211.

Peace Corps: anniversary, 4417.

Pollution: control water, 1346, 1347.

Pollution: indifference of scientific and engineering community, 4111.

Pollution: legislation to control, 1552.

Portugal: arms shipments to Africa, 13547.

Prisoners of war: Maine resolution, 13849, 25028.

Property taxation: report by Congressional Research Service, 17761.

Public health: children's dental care, 36666.

Public Health Service hospitals and outpatient clinics: continue, 2585.

Public works, AEC, and certain agencies' bill (H.R. 10090) making appropriations for 28474, 28477, 28478.

Rehnquist, William H.: nomination, 44644-44647.

Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1971: resolution (S. Res. 108) disapproving, 17801-17803.

Research: academic crisis, 30002.

Retired military personnel: establish survivor benefit program for, 34973.

Russell, Richard B.: eulogy, 4117.

Russia: deployment of nuclear arms by, 13879-13881.

SALT negotiations, 13879-13881.

San Juan, Puerto Rico: commemorate anniversary of, 7680.

Santa Barbara Channel Preservation Act of 1971: introduction, 9163.

Senate: rejection of foreign aid bill by, 39016, 39017.

Senate: resolution (S. Res. 9) to amend rule XXII (cloture) of the Standing Rules of the Senate, 2629, 2630.

Servicemen's and Veteran's Education, Training and Job Assistance Act of 1971: introduction, 37486-37490.

Sickle Cell Anemia Act: bill (S. 2676) to enact, 45341.

Sinatra, Frank: tribute, 22895.

Social security: proposed payroll reform tax legislation, 34973-34975.

Social security: reform, 40694, 40695.

SST: development, 7784-7786.

SST employees: solve transportat4on problems with, 8024.

Supreme Court: Rehnquist nomination, 44644-44647.

Tax-exempt organizations: permit communications with Congress, by, 8517.

Thaddeus Kosciusko Home: establish, 17764.

Transportation problems: use SST employees to solve, 8025.

Truth in Government Act of 1971: introduction, 45152-45154, 45157.

United Nations: anniversary, 2612, 2613.

Veterans: legislation to aid returning, 37486-37490.

Vietnam: expected protest demonstrations against war in, 9637.

Vietnam: recent peace proposal by North, 25028.

Vietnam: situation, 8505.

Vietnam: U.S. policy, 15859.

Waste treatment facilities: construction authority, 38846, 38849, 38852, 38853.

Women: equal rights, 37495.


Report: Alien Commuter Problems, Department of Labor, 9562.

Report: Committee on Public Works, 21539.

Report: "Commuter" Problem and Low Wages and Unemployment in American Cities on the Mexican Border, Department of Labor, 9555.

Report: Earth Day Rallies on April 22, 1970, FBI, 10315.

Report: Muskie Consumer Tax Credit, 36951.

Report: Muskie Payroll Reform Proposal, 34975.

Report: Policy Position and Final Report, Intergovernmental Relations Committee of National Legislative Conference, 36714.


Amchitka Nuclear Test, Committee on Foreign Relations, J. Havelock, 28475.

American Policy Toward China, Committee on Foreign Relations, Senator Kennedy, 22782.

Appalachian Regional Development Act Amendments of 1971, by 6242.

Arms Control for American Security, Committee on Armed Services, H. Scoville, 14867.

Arms Race, by, 13882.

Cannikin Nuclear Test, Committee on Foreign Relations, Senator Gravel, 28474.

Credo of the Elderly-a Philosophy of Aging. Maine Delegation to White House Conference on Aging, 43764.

Drug Control Legislation, Committee on Foreign Relations, by, 25856.

Environmental Health: Does It Have a Future? G. W. Fishbein, American Public Health Association, 40709.

Environmental Impact of the Trans Alaska Pipeline, F. S. Chapin, 11309.

Environmental Impact of the Trans Alaska Pipeline, R.R. Curry, 11312.

Establish Joint Committee on the Environment, by, 6684.

Genocide Convention, A. J. Goldberg, 7697.

Joint Committee on the Environment, by, 635.

Middle East Policy, by (sundry), 13354.

Middle East Policy, Gerald R. Ford and (sundry), 13355.

Necessity for the Cannikin Experiment, AEC, 28477.

1972 Defense Budget, Committee on Appropriations (House), M. H. Halperin, 19815.

Notice of Hearing by Committee on Aging, by, 31719.

Problems in Underground Pipe Corrosion Control, B. Woodman, 11314.

Prohibit Oil Development in Santa Barbara Channel, Los Padres Chapter of Sierra Club, 9164.

Proposed Trans-Alaska Pipeline, by, 11307.

Proposed White House Office of Drug Control, by, 33266.

Provide Special Refugee Visas to Soviet Jews, by, 15079.

Vietnam Policy, by, 1744.

Vietnam Policy: Senator Eagleton, Committee on Foreign Relations, 15861.

Texts of

Text: S. 573, provide standards for manufacture of products to protect the environment, 1552.

Text: S. 1408, permit tax-exempt organizations to communicate with Congress, 8518.

Text: S. 1460, extend Federal benefits to Indians, 9165.

Text: S. 1488, Immigration and Naturalization Amendments of 1971, 9554.

Text: S.1530, amend Internal Revenue Code of 1954 relative to depreciation on property, 10332.

Text: S. 1770, Intergovernmental Revenue Act of 1971, 13504.

Text: S. 2922, Commission on Mental Health and Illness of the Elderly Act, 43751.

Text: S. 2965, Truth in Government Act of 1971, 45157.

Text: S. Con. Res. 10, commemorating the first annual National Explorers Presidents' Congress of the Boy Scouts of America, 7680.

Text: S. Con. Res. 11, commemorate the anniversary of San Juan, Puerto Rico, 7680.

Text: United States-Soviet Draft Convention on Elimination of Bacteriological Arms, 30277.