1968: 90th Congress, Second Session

MUSKIE, EDMUND S. (a Senator from Maine).


American Bankers Association, by 30127.

Brotherhood and Conciliation, Maine State Society, E.M. Curran, 17395

Citizens Conference on State legislatures, Johns Hopkins University, by 3769.

Commencement, Hampden-Sydney College, Senator Spong, 20978.

Convention of the Polish American Congress, by, 31443.

Dedication of St. Croix National Monument, E. A. Connally and others, 22857-22859.

Dialogs of Impatience, Involvement, and Inquiry, J. A. Califano, Harvard University, 11159.

Intergovernmental Relationships in Changing Society, John W. Moey, Jr., 10009,10010.

Memorial Service for Martin Luther King, F. M. Coffin, 10500.

Mid-West Electric Consumers Association, by, 4538.

Model cities, University of Maine, R. F. Hawkins, 15229.

Municipal Finance Forum, Charles J. Zwick, 8197-8199.

State and the City – A Partnership for the Future, Jesse M. Unruh, League of California Cities, San Francisco, Calif., 314.

State Government at the Crossroads, John Hopkins University, B. Black, 13384.

University of Colorado, by, 30009.

Upward Bound Program, Smithsonian Institute of History and Technology, by, 26324.

Vietnam, University of Maine, Senator Mansfield, 3211.

Analysis: section 204, Demonstration Cities Act, Bureau of the Budget, 15226.

Appointed conferee, 2555, 3751, 20876, 21963, 27162.

Article: Backstage in Crisis News, D. Larrabee, Portland Telegram, 3231.

Beg Your Pardon, Chicago Tribune, 26616.

Charles 0. Abbot, Aging (magazine), 13140.

Chief Executives Request New England Power Study, Burlington Free Press, 22349.

Great-Grandmother is Proudest Graduate, M. Sinclair, Portland Press Herald, 13382.

Making a Safe Landing When an Airbase Goes, Business Week, 5190.

Muskie of Maine, Warren Hoge, New York Post, 27086.

Muskie is a Man at Peace With the Hard Facts, L. Wainwright, Life, 29154.

New Factor in Community Planning and Development, J. Rouby, AIA, 22846.

Occidental Petroleum's Corp.'s Import Project (sundry), 29514-29516.

Plan Study: Northeast Governors Talk Power Costs, Barre-Montpelier Times-Argus, 22349

Potato Farmers Swing To Sugar Beets, R. Metz, New York Times, 5019.

Rewarding Experience for Senator Muskie, M. Childs, Washington Post, 29864.

Senator's Mother, Sandor Palster, New York Post, 27081.

Smith Storage in Mars Hill Packing Plant, Potato Councillor, 20983.

Smithsonian Programs for Older People, Aging, 13140.

State of Maine (sundry), 8219, 8220.

U.S. Loans to Muskie Associates Called Unethical, William Langley, Maine Telegram, 5922.

Urban Future, interview with Senator Muskie, Nation's Cities, 6681.

Water Pollution Control, Engineer News Record, 18245.

Whatever the Outcome May Be, Ed Muskie is Bound To Win, W. S. White, Washington Post, 31278.

Citation: Degree of Doctor of Laws to Senator Mansfield, University of Maine, 3213.

Cloture petition, 3236, 3807, 4064, 4576, 4844, 4847, 4860.

Editorial: Let Us Have More Front-Rank Visitors, Bangor News, 3213.

Editorial: Muskie as Vice Presidential Candidate, St. Louis (Mo.) Post Dispatch, 26023.

Editorial: To Save Nation, New York Times, 8212.

Essay: Luck of the Irish, E. W. Herer, 6935.

Essay: History of St. Croix Island, 22856.

Interview: Vietnam for Japanese Broadcasting Co., by, 311.

Letter: balance of payments position of Export-Import Bank, H. F. Linder, 3836.

Letter: tribute to Lewis 0. Odom, by, 29991.

List: board of trustees for Urban Institute, 15103.

Memorandum: response to question of Senator Miller during debate on H.R. 16162.

B. J. Middleton, 17603.

Newsletter: Christmas message, by, 310.

Paper: Maine's Austin Caxey was Pioneer Forester, Isabel Whittier, 24573-24575.

Paper: Trends in International Trade of United States, Howard S. Piquet and Merrill A. Watson, 18267-18283.

Paper: Participation in ad hoc committee to confer with SCLC, 14835.

Press release: designation of air quality control regions, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 284.

Press release: standards to control air pollution from motor vehicles, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 284.

Remarks in House: 1964 vote against presidential debates, 31495.

Occidental Petroleum Corp.'s import project, 29513.

Simchas Torah supported by, 31501.

UPI corrects error, 26616.

Water Quality Improvement Act of 1968, 30617.

Remarks in Senate: need for draft law revision, 30008.

Report: Eximbank Transactions, Department of Commerce, 17412.

Report: Highlights in Intergovernmental Relations in 1967, excerpts from Ninth Annual Report of the ACIR, 3763.

Report: Provisions of S. 2525, Pollution From Vessels, Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, 20467.

Report: Section 204 of Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act, National Association of Counties and the National League of Cities, 20971.

Resolution: Dickey-Lincoln project, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, 8237.

Resolution: equal opportunity, U.S. Conference of Mayors, 4063.

Statement: Educational Publication "Selections Review," by 31911.

Ocean Eagle Disaster, by, 6089.

Problems of Crime, by, 26027.

Signing of S. 1785, Aid for Public Servants in Vietnam, President Johnson, 245.

Tribute to Senator Hayden, by, 30433.

Vietnam Situation, by, 6628.

Tables: exports and imports (selected data) (sundry), 18268-18281.

Tables: inventory of nontariff trade barriers by country, 5697-5703, 9468-9470.

Television program: Congress, 1968, NET Network, 2767-2775.

Text of proposed amendment (No. 748) to S. 698, Intergovernmental Cooperation Act, 12335.

Text of S. 3496: remove 2-year time limit on on-the-job training courses for veterans, 13359.

Tributes in Senate, 3768, 17605, 20472, 20474, 29154, 29864, 31277.

Amendments offered by, to

Civil rights: amend bill (H.R. 2516) to prescribe penalties for interference with, 2272, 3082.

Department of Agriculture and related agencies: amend bill (H.R. 16913) making appropriations for, 15292, 15326.

Department of Labor, and Health, Education, and Welfare, and related agencies: amend bill (H.R. 18037) making appropriations for, 25584, 25933.

Excise tax rates on communications and automobiles: amend bill (H.R. 15414) to continue existing, 7834.

Intergovernmental cooperation: amend bill (S.698) to improve operation of Federal systems, improve grants-in-aid to States, through, 12334.

Water Quality Improvement Act of 1968: amend bill (S. 3206) to enact, 20466, 20468

Bills and resolutions introduced by

Commercial Fisheries Research and Development Act of 1954: extend provisions of (see bill S. 3866), 23242.

Committee on Government Operations: authorize study of intergovernmental relationships between United States and the States and municipalities (see S.Res.221), 601, 602.

Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs(Senate, Select) : establish (see S.Res. 281), 10789.

Community self-determination program: establish (see bill S. 3875), 22981.

Executive branch of the Government: establish commission to study organization, operation, and management bill of (see S. 3640), 17128.

Export-Import Bank of the United: enable to approve extension of certain loans in connection with exports (bill S. 3218), 6931.

Firearms: control interstate traffic in (see bill S. 3633), 16914.

Firearms: require registration (see 3634), 17368.

Potatoes: enable growers to finance research and promotion program (S. 2862), 601.

Re-refined lubricating oil: limit application of trade regulation rule with respect to (see bill S. 3890), 23490.

Social Security Act: define term "disability" (see bill S. 2935), 2203.

Social Security Act: improve program of aid to families with dependent children (see bill S. 2893), 1659.

Social Security Act: include, under health insurance benefits, coverage of certain drugs, (see bill S. 2936), 2204.

Social Security Act: revise certain public assistance provisions (see bill S. 2892), 1659.

Solid waste disposal program: extend (see bill S. 3201), 3098.

Veterans: remove time limit applicable to on-the-job training courses for certain (see bill S. 3496), 13358.

Vietnam veterans: assist in obtaining employment (see S.J. Res. 137), 9865

Water Quality Improvement Act of 1968: enact (see bill S. 3206), 7221.

White House Conference on Aging: President to call (see S.J. Res. 117), 4242

Remarks by, on

Administrative assistants: fund-raising activities, 7268, 7269, 7271, 7274.

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: annual report of the, 3762

Aid for dependent children program, 1666

Appropriations: bill (H.R. 17734) supplemental (second), 18842, 18843

Automotive standards: control of air pollution, 284.

Balance of payments: program to improve, 17409.

Children: food service program, 9728

Civil rights: bill (H.R. 2516) to prescribe penalties for interference with 3252, 3253, 4063.

Civil rights: extend fair housing, 3252, 3253.

Civil rights: President's message, 1140.

Committee on Banking and Currency: notice of hearings, 7834.

Committee on Government Operations: notice of hearings 10278, 11147.

Committee on Public Works: notice of hearings, 7221, 7222.

Congress: legislative accomplishments, 11158.

Conservation: President's message, 5975

Consumer Protection and Environmental Health Service, 18244.

Day-care Institutions: food program for, 9728.

Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Act of 1966, 15226.

Department of Agriculture and related agencies: bill (H.R. 16913) making appropriations for, 15325, 15537.

Department of Health, Education, and Welfare: establishing Consumer Protection and Environmental Health Service, 18244.

Dow Air Force Base: conversion of, 5190.

Electric power: investigate costs, 22349.

Excise tax rates on communications and automobiles: bill (H.R. 15414) to continue existing, 8165, 8167-8169.

Executive branch: more effective management of, 24142.

Export-Import Bank: bill (S. 1155) to extend and increase the authority of, 3834-3836.

Export-Import Bank: bill (H.R. 16162) to extend authority of, 17409-17419, 17603.

Foreign trade: nontariff barriers, 5696, 9467.

Gardner, John W.: tribute, 5464.

H. Smith Packing Co., 20983.

Housing: extend fair, 3252, 3253.

Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968: bill (S. 3497) to enact, 15226, 15228, 15260, 15263, 15264, 20971, 20972, 23288.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1968: bill (S. 698) to enact, 24056, 24057.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1968: Committee report, 22981.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1968: hearings on, 10278.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1968: proposed amendments, 12334.

Israel: resolution (S. Res. 284) commemorating the 20th anniversary of the State of,11540.

Job Corps Center at Poland Spring, Maine: tribute, 24139.

Johnson, Lyndon B.: civil rights message, 1140.

Johnson, Lyndon B.: conservation message, 5975, 7098.

Johnson, Lyndon B.: legislative program of, 11158.

Johnson, Lyndon B.: veteran's message, 5018.

Kennedy, Robert F.: eulogy, 16161.

Kennedy, Robert F.: memorial tribute, 24118.

McNamara, Robert S.: tribute, 5464.

Maine: SBA aids potato farmers in, 20983.

Maine: sugar beet crop in, 5018.

Mansfield, Mike: University of Maine honors, 3211-3213.

Metroplan: success of Arkansas, 22846.

National School Lunch Act: bill (H.R. 15398) to amend to strengthen food service programs for children, 9728.

New England: cost of electric power in, 22349.

Nontariff trade barriers: inventory, 5696, 9467.

North-Central Texas Council of Governments: success, 5196.

O'Brien, Lawrence F.: tribute, 9716.

Odom, Lewis G,: tribute, 24633.

Older persons: challenge of later years, 13140.

Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1967: bill (S. 917) to enact, 14754-14756,14769.

Oxides of sulfur: research in effects on health of, 18842.

Pierre Monteux Memorial Foundation, 8234.

Pollution: air, 18842, 18843.

Pollution: Federal program to control air, 283.

Pollution: legislation to control water, 20463-20471, 20474.

Pollution: water, 7221, 7222.

Public works projects: proposed moratorium, 8167-8169.

Roth, William, 5696.

St. Croix Island: dedication, 22856.

Sanders Associates, Inc., 24139.

School breakfast-lunch program, 15537.

School lunch program: bill (H.R. 15398) to strengthen and expand, 9891.

Senate: legislation to provide standards of conduct for Members, officers, and employees of, 7266, 7268, 7269, 7271, 7274.

Sewage treatment works: construction grants for, 7221.

Small Business Administration: potato farmers aided by, 20983.

Social Security Act: proposal to amend welfare and medicaid provisions of, 1666.

Solid Waste Disposal Act of 1965: legislation to extend, 7098.

Standards of conduct: resolution (S. Res. 266) relative to Members, officers, and employees of the Senate, 7266, 7268, 7269, 7271, 7274.

Tax-exempt securities: waste treatment plants, 20469-20471.

Teachers-in-Politics Weekend, 9161.

Urban Institute: establishment, 15103.

Vessels: pollution from. 20466, 20467.

Veterans: President's message, 5018.

Veterans: remove 2-year time limitation on on-the-job training courses for, 13359.

Vietnam: President signs S. 1785 to aid public servants in, 245.

Violence: problem, 16161.

Water pollution, 18245.

Water Quality Improvement Act of 1968: bill (S. 3206) to enact, 20463-20471, 20474.

Water Quality Improvement Act of 1968: introduction, 7221.

Watson, Marvin: nomination, 9716.

Welfare programs: need for study of, 1666.

York, Frances P.: 72-year-old high school graduate, 13381.

Reports made by, from

Committee on Banking and Currency, 11144.

Committee on Government Operations, 600, 601, 22981.

Committee on Public Works, 20126, 22528.