1967: 90th Congress, First Session

MUSKIE, EDMUND S.(a Senator from Maine).


Acceptance of "Creative Federalism Award," by, 6533.

Changing Federal-State Relations and the Work of the State Budget Analysts, University of Kentucky, A. J. Richter, 22177-22180.

Charity and Free Men, Allentown, Pa., by, 5435.

Conference of Governors Representatives on Urban Problems, by, 3771.

Dickey-Lincoln School Hydroelectric Project, by (sundry), 37429.

Education and the Public Responsibility, Commencement, Kansas State College, Senator Mondale, 16149.

How To Reduce Utility Overcharges, by Senator Metcalf, 36199.

Is Low Cost Power Too Costly in other Human Values? C. R. Ross, 20075.

Lawyers and America's Urban Crisis, by Vice President Humphrey, 35012.

Maine Oil and Heating Equipment Dealers Association, Senator Metcalf, 29679.

Meaning of Test Ban Treaty, University of Maine, President Johnson (excerpts), 6580.

Modernizing Local Government, National School Boards Association, R. F. Steadman, 16087.

Modification of the Clean Air Act, National League of Cities, Senator Boggs, 7113.

National Grange Commemorative Stamp Ceremony, 0. L. Freeman, 10918.

New Jersey Bankers Association, Senator McIntyre, 13997.

Politics and the Press, Massachusetts State Legislature, E. Sevareid, 23521.

Queen Mother Elizabeth Visit to Roosevelt Campobello International Park, Senator Muskie and others, 23044.

Rediscovery of the American City, MIT Alumni Seminar, R. C. Wood, 27899.

Responsibility of Choice, St. Fidelis College, by, 2944.

Role of Private Enterprise in Government Programs, by Vice President Humphrey, 35015.

Role of Public Power in National Power Policy, A. Radin, 30076.

St. John River Hydroelectric Project, by, 37391.

Setting Goals for Clean Air, National Conference on Air Pollution, by, 1939.

Sociotechnological Revolution, Association for Computing Machinery, Senator Baker, 28095

States at the Crossroads, Southern Governors Conference, Senator Tydings, 33680.

Strengthening Our Federal System, National Legislative Conference, by, 7099.

36th Annual Convention of National Housing Conference, by Senator Sparkman, 10919.

Urban Crisis – America's Domestic Challenge, Virginia State AFL-CIO Convention, by, 22380.

Analysis: S. 1446, Orderly Marketing Act, 8350.

Analysis: S. 1485, Intergovernmental Manpower Act, 8903.

Analysis: S. 1646, funds for construction of solid waste disposal facilities, 10986

Appointed to Advisory Commission on intergovernmental Relations, 1610.

Appointed as chairman of Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, 2067

Appointed conferee, 25960, 32079, 33692

Appointed to Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, 3760.

Article: Air Pollution, V. G. MacKenzie, National Engineers Week, 4475.

Air Pollution Control Bill Passed by Senate, M. Zeldin, Conservation Foundation, 22188

Conservationists take a hand in Sanitary Waste Disposal, Soil Conservation, 16069

Dream is for Real -- Sugar Beet Processing, Maine Line, 16071

Dubrow, Father of Dickey, D. Larrabee, Portland Telegram, 29670

Edmund S. Muskie -- Clearing the Air, Forbes, 18141

Fog, Mist didn't Dampen Welcome Given Queen Mother, A. Hellmuth, St. John Telegraph-Journal, 23044

Foreign Aid -- A Crisis for Church and Nation, F.M. Coffin, Christianity and Crisis, 6563

Fort Georges Facelifting is resumed, H. Brown, Portland Express, 18468

Gaslight Industry, W.I. Roberts, Nation, 18466

Governor Hughes in Switch, Praises Johnson, D.E. Kneeland, New York Times, 17154

"Grantsman" Jones salvages a Plea in Oklahoma. L. Phelps, Wall Street Journal, 3690

How We can Stop the Brain Drain, K.M. Curtis, Maine Digest, 16070

Husson College Stands on the Threshold of a New Era, Maine Teacher, 16075

Job Corps, Robert Howe, Gorham (Maine) State Observer, A676

Judge Beliveau to Observe 80th Birthday, from Portland Telegram, 9952

Law of the Lobster, E.A. Myers, Maine Digest, 23528

Maine Clergy to Join Viet Protest, J.E. Coyne, Portland Telegram, 2946

Muskie could have made third leadership position, D.R. Larrabee, Portland Telegram, 1217

Muskie Delivers Johnson Message to Queen Mother, Portland Press Herald, 23045.

Muskie of Maine Influence is Gaining, N.C. Miller, Wall Street Journal, 8850.

New Era Possible -- Johnson silences Governor critics, J. Banks, Dallas News, 20453

North Vietnam in Perspective, E. Mettler, Swiss Review of World Affairs, 7597

One Pollution Act Hinders Another, Fred P. Graham, New York Times, 10235

Pine Tree Camp, W. Langley, Portland Telegram, 20450

Queen Mother Dedicates Center at Campobello, K. Buckley, Bangor News, 23045.

Queen Mother Returns to Campobello, J. Fenton, New York Times, 23045.

Raymond Gilliam Jumped From Job to Job; Now He'll Try for College, Portland Express, 14440.

Rent Supplement Program (sundry), 20118-20123.

Severin Beliveau Shows Promise for Democrats, from Portland Telegram, 9952.

Tribute to John W. Gardner, Time, 619.

Upward Bound Program at Gorham State College, K. Clifford, Portland Telegram, 20451.

Booklet: Modeling State Government, Chamber of Commerce, A6570-A6572.

Citation: Congressional Distinguished Service Award, 25666.

Cloture petition, 1011.

Communique: President Johnson and Prime Minister Sato, 32798.

Editorial: Battle for Clean Air, New York Times, 26308.

Editorial: Bean Recommends, Washington Post, 3269.

Editorial: Dickey-Lincoln School Project, Providence (R.I.) Bulletin, 20112.

Editorial: False Economy in Water Pollution Control Budget, Washington Star, 23865.

Editorial: Johnson Plan for Federal-State Liaison, Wichita Eagle, 17154.

Editorial: Rent Supplement Program (sundry), 20118-20123.

Editorial: Retreat From Tax Sharing, Washington Post, 13297.

Editorial: Time to Fish or Cut Bait, American Forest, 4472.

Editorial: War on Poverty -- We Can't Quit Now, Look, 15368.

Elected to Committee on Banking and Currency, 289.

Elected to Committee on Government Operations, 289.

Elected to Committee on Public Works, 289.

Letter: battle for clean air, New York Times, by, 26308.

Letter: consultation with heads of State and local governments, to heads of Executive Departments, by S. L. Schultze, 20452.

Letter: control water pollution from vessels, S. L. Udall. 28544.

Letter: creation of Committee on Technology and the Human Environment (sundry), 24312-24320.

Letter: developments in the county poverty programs, D. J. Gacetta, 29163.

Letter: Dickey-Lincoln School project (sundry), 31590, 31594, 31598, 31599.

Letter: embargo on trade between New Zealand and North Vietnam, F. Corner, 23869.

Letter: financing clean water, Julia D. Stuart, Washington Post, 23036.

Letter: list of programs dealing with urban problems which Congress has not yet acted. President Johnson, 26683.

Letter: opening Roosevelt Campobello International Park, Queen Mother Elizabeth, by President Johnson, 23044.

List: developed countries for purposes of the IET, 22098.

List: members of Eximbank's advisory committee, 21788.

List: participants in national conference on local government fiscal policy, 3685.

List: poverty legislation under congressional consideration, Mrs. J. Werboff, 22381.

List: rent supplements program. by President Johnson (sundry), 26682, 26683.

Memorandum: advice and consultation with State and local officials, from President Johnson to certain Federal agencies, 20453.

Memorandum: funds to complete studies for Dickey-Lincoln School project, Committee on Appropriations, A. A. Cree, analysis prepared by Federal Power Commission, 31590.

Newsletter: United States-Russian Consular Convention, by, 6579.

Obituaries: Edward C. Moran (sundry), 23524.

Proclamation: Naval Ordnance Month, R. H. B. Baldwin, 23540.

Remarks in House: proposed amendment to Solid Waste Disposal Act, 11346.

Remarks in Senate: Creative Federalism Award presented to, 6533.

National Wildlife Federation Award to, 4473.

Report: Automobile and Air Pollution Panel on Electrically Powered Vehicles (summary), 30069.

Report: Federal Power Commission confirms Dickey-Lincoln project, 31594.

Report: National Conference on Local Government Fiscal Policy, 3684.

Report: Study of Balanced Urbanization and New Community Development, Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 27429.

Report: Vietnam: The Clergyman's Dilemma, Committee of Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam, 2947.

Sermon: Air and Water Pollution, Washington Cathedral, M. Hamilton, 17419.

Sermon: Hanover College Baccalaureate Service, William H. Hudnut, III, 17132.


Air Pollution Control, Citizens for Clean Air in New York, Senator R. F. Kennedy, 17658.

Influence of U.S. Troops on Saigon Government, 22024.

Middle East Crisis, by, 13985.

Provisions of Vessel Pollution Proposed Legislation, S. L. Udall, 28544.

Signing of S. 270 to Construct Desalting Plant in Southern California, President Johnson, 13747.

Tax Credits in Higher Education, H. E. Young, 14445.

Visit to Rio Grande do Norte, K. M. Curtis, 23039.

Water Pollution Controls, Committee on Appropriations, by, 28351, 28352.

Table: average residential electric bills, 28348.

Table: cost of power purchased by manufacturing industries, 28348.

Table: funds requested by Federal Water Pollution Control Administration, 28350, 28351.

Table: needs of municipal waste treatment facilities, 1609.

Table: per capita distribution of public works authorizations, 31601.

Table: summary of operations, Export-Import Bank, 21788.

Text of regulations regulating multi state labor areas, Employment Security Manual, 14436.

Text of S. 451, study means of propelling vehicles to reduce air pollution, 612.

Text of S. 671, create National Intergovernmental Affairs Council, 1507.

Text of S. 698, Intergovernmental Cooperation Act, 1642.

Text of S. 699, Intergovernmental Personnel Act, 1652.

Text of S. 780. Air Quality Act, 1996.

Text of S. 1446, Orderly Marketing Act, 8350.

Text of S. 1485. Intergovernmental Manpower Act, 8893.

Text of S. 1582 to foster high standards of architectural excellence, 10124.

Text of S. 1646, funds for construction at solid waste disposal facilities, 10986.

Text of S. 2525, control pollution from vessels, 28543.

Text of S. Res. 68, to establish Select Committee on Technology and the Human Environment, 1509.

Tributes in Senate, 8573, 8850, 22406, 31584.

Amendments offered by, to

Air pollution: amend bill (S. 780) to establish regional commissions and standards for, 10564.

Elementary and Secondary Education bill (S. 1125) to strengthen and improve programs of assistance for, 6517, 28884.

Export-Import Bank: amend bill (S. 1155) to extend and increase the authority of, 22200, 22203, 22204, 22226.

Foreign aid: amend bill (S. 1872) to authorize appropriations for, 22914.

Legislative branch: amend bill (H.R. 10368) Making appropriations for, 18164.

Social Security Amendments of 1967: amend bill H.R. 12080) to enact, 33142, 33540, 33555.

Bills and resolutions introduced by

Air pollution: authorize study of means of propelling vehicles so as not to contribute to (see bill S. 451), 612.

Air pollution: establish regional commissions and standards for (see bill S. 780), 1978.

Civil Rights Act of 1967: enact (see bill 8, 1026), 3922.

Columbus Day: make a legal holiday (see bill S. 794), 2195.

Committee on the Budget (Joint): create (see bill S. 538), 947.

Committee on Government Operations: authorize a study of intergovernmental relationships by (see S. Res. 55), 1299, 1301.

Committee To Investigate Crime (Joint): create (see S.J. Res. 94), 17075.

Committee on Technology and Human Environment (Select) : establish (see 8 Res. 68), 1492, 1509.

Cowseagan Narrows, Maine: construct high level bridge over (see bill S. 2605), 30609

Davis, Yvonne: for relief (see bill S. 2026) 17399.

Disney, Walt: issue gold medal to widow of the late (see S.J. Res. 93), 21597.

District of Columbia: establish government employment training program for (see bill S. 1360), 7544.

Domestic industry and workers: protect from injury by increased imports (see bill S.2476), 27033.

Economic Opportunity Act: amend (see bill S. 299), 299.

Electric power supply: facilitate provision of reliable, abundant, and economical (see bill S. 1934), 15321.

Electrically powered vehicles: authorize program of research and development

for (see bill S. 453), 583.

Employment Service Act of 1967: enact (see bill S. 2210), 20894.

Equal rights for men and women: amend Constitution relative to (see S.J. Res 54), 31627.

Eye Institute: establish (see bill S. 325) 500.

Fair Campaign Practices Committee: incorporate (see bill S. 1263), 6490.

Federal employees: protect those in executive branch in enjoyment of constitutional rights (see bill S. 1035) 4038.

Federal employment training program: authorize (see bill S. 1361) 7544.

Federal Fine Arts and Architecture Act enact (see bill S. 1582), 10119.

Fisheries industry: provide certain essential assistance to (see bill S. 2426), 25798

Footwear: provide for orderly trade in (se bill S. 2540), 28882.

Full Opportunity and Social Accounting Act of 1967: enact (see bill S. 843), 2641

Groundfish: impose Import limitations o (see bill S. 2411), 25486.

Harmful fluids carried in vessels: Coast Guard to conduct research dealing with release of (see bill S. 1585), 10119.

Immigration and Nationality Act: amend (see bill S. 2524), 28535.

Imported articles: provide for orderly marketing of (see bill S. 1446), 8337.

Income tax: provide an amortization deduction for air pollution control facilities (see bill S. 1466), 8510.

Ines, Cita Rita Leola: for relief (see bill S.107), 192.

Intergovernmental cooperation: improve operation of Federal systems, improve grants-in-aid to States through (see bill S. 698), 1624.

Intergovernmental Manpower Act of 1967: enact (see bill S. 1485), 8886.

International bridge between Calais, Maine and Milltown, New Brunswick: consent to agreement for (see bill S. 12), 190.

Irish potato futures: prohibit trading on commodity exchanges (see bill S. 1724), 12095.

Labor relations consultants: strengthen reporting and disclosure of activities and operations of (see bill S. 1250), 6198.

Lake pollution: authorize research and demonstration programs for control of (see bill S. 2760), 35669.

Lindner, Teresa: for relief (see bill S. 1820), 13276.

Lindner, Teresa: adjudicate claim of (see S. Res. 127), 13276.

Mail order land sales industry: require full disclosure by (see bill S. 275), 298.

Maritime academies: increase amount of assistance to (see bill S. 1973), 16376.

Medical clinics: assist rural communities in constructing or acquiring (see bill S. 1366), 7544.

Middle East: construct and operate nuclear desalting plants to assist in peaceful cooperation in (see S. Res. 155), 24554.

Middle East: Principles to assist in stable and durable peace in (see S. Res. 143), 17642, 17650.

Motion Picture films: provide for free importation of certain (see bill S. 2744), 35499.

National Commission on Federal Tax Sharing: establish (see bill S. 92), 192

National Electric Car Day: designate (see S.J.Res. 48), 5481.

National Foundation for the Social sciences: establish (see bill S. 836), 2641.

National Intergovernmental Affairs Council: establish (see bill S. 671), 1491.

National tidal and Great Lakes shoreline: authorize appraisal report of (see bill S.1262), 6384

National UNICEF Day: designate annually (see S.J.Res.56), 7130.

National Water Commission: establish (see bill S.20), 190.

Oceangoing vessels: authorize President to remove threat to navigation, safety, marine resources, or coastal economy of certain (see bill S. 15860), 10119

Oil Pollution Act of 1924: amend (see bill 159I), 10229.

Older Americans Act of 1965: amend to extend its provisions (see bill S.951), 4240.

Property located in federal areas: permit States and local jurisdictions to tax (see bill S.1364), 7544

Public lands: authorize conveyance of certain (see bill S.108), 192.

Radiation emissions from electronic products: provide protection from (see bill S.2067), 18076

Revenue sharing: authorize study of (see S. Res.79), 2295

Rural electrification and telephone programs: provide supplemental financing for (see bill S.696), 3337.

Rural water program: complement and supplement (see bill S.1504), 59685 18917.

Second- and third-class bulk mailing rate: extend to volunteer fire companies (se bill S. 218), 297.

Social security: facilitate coverage of certain Maine State and municipal employees under (see bill S. 2335), 23505.

Solid waste disposal facilities: authorize grants for construction of (see bill S 1646),10979.

State and local government employees: provide grants to train (see bill S. 699) 1624.

State Utility Commissions: print as Senate document (see S. Res. 182), 30125.

Teachers aid programs: encourage development of (see bill S. 721), 1875.

Textile imports: Impose quotas on certain (see bill S. 1796), 20341.

The Federal System As Seen by Federal Aid Officials: print additional copies of (see S. Con. Res. 6), 1490, 1491.

Trade agreements: prevent or remedy serious injury to domestic industry resulting from (see bill S. 1891), 14407.

U.S. forces in Western Europe: favor reduction of (see S. Res. 49), 948, 997.

U.S.S. Utah: provide for flying of American flag over (see bill S. 479), 840.

Vessel Cap'n Frank: document as U.S. vessel with coastwise privileges (see bill S. 1494), 9215.

Vessel Eugenie II: authorize U.S. registry with full coastwise privileges (see bill S. 111), 192.

Vessel Kaiulani: guarantee loans to restore and return to United States (see S.J. Res. 101), 21419.

Vessel Ocean Delight: authorize U.S. registry with coastwise privileges (see bill S.10),190.

Vessels on U.S. navigable waters: control pollution from (see bill S. 2525), 28535.

Veterans: additional readjustment assistance to those serving during Vietnam era (see bill S. 16), 190.

Veterans' facilities: provide certain safeguards on possible closings of, (see bill S.483), 840.

Vietnam conflict: seek U.S. initiative to assure U.N. Security Council consideration of (see S. Res. 180), 30024, 30030.

Water and air pollution abatement works: permit 36-month amortization of cost of (see bill S. 950), 4240.

White House Conference on Indian Affairs: provide for (see bill S. 810), 4240.

Wool and silk fabrics: amend tariff rates relative to (see bills S. 629, 1866), 1300, 13696.

Memorials of legislature

Maine, 2641, 7128, 8218.

Remarks by, on

Air pollution: authorize study of means of propelling vehicles so as not to contribute to, 612.

Air pollution: proposals to reduce automobile emissions, 30069.

Air Quality Act of 1967: bill (S. 780) to enact, 19164-19174, 26308, 32079, 32475-32477, 32479.

Arms export financing, 21788, 21795-21797, 22089, 22090, 22093, 22095, 22096, 22097, 22101,22102.

Automobiles: air pollution, 30069.

Automobiles: pollution control devices, 612,

Aviation: use of Dow Air Force Base as an auxiliary for transatlantic flights, 23822.

Bean, L. L.: tribute, 3269.

Bonin Islands: return to Japan, 32798.

Capital punishment: abolition of, 31589.

Cities: problems, 1259.

Cities: programs to improve, 22852.

Civil rights: fair housing, 22847.

Clean Air Act: amend to improve and expand, 1996.

Committee on Banking and Currency: notice of cancellation of hearing by, 16317.

Committee on Banking and Currency: notice of hearings, 7079.

Committee on Government Operations: notice of hearings, 7079.

Committee on Government Operations: resolution (S. Res. 55) to authorize study of Intergovernmental relationships, 3804, 3805.

Committee on Technology and the Human Environment (select) : establish, 1508

Communist countries: trade with 22115, 22196-22198, 22200, 22201, 22204, 22394, 22400.

Creative federalism, 9662.

Currier, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R.: eulogy, 2958.

Curtis, Kenneth M.: suggested us of Dow Air Force Base by, 23822.

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee: membership, 3760.

Department of Housing and Urban Development: meritorious awards by, 23037

Dickey-Lincoln School Project, 20112, 28348

Dickey-Lincoln School Project: economic feasibility 31590, 31594-31598, 31600, 31601.

Dickey-Lincoln School Project: funds for, 30075, 31528, 31529, 31590, 32092, 32093.

Dickey-Lincoln School Project: tribute to Morgan Dubrow's efforts, 29670.

Dodd, Thomas J.: resolution (S.Res.112) relative to the censure of, 15686, 16013

Douglas, Paul H.: birthday tribute, 7964

Dow Air Force Base, Bangor, Maine: use as an auxiliary for transatlantic flights, 23822

Dubrow, Morgan, 29670.

East-West trade, 22115, 22196-22198, 22200, 22201, 22204.

Economic Development Administration, tribute: 24363.

Economic opportunity programs: bill (S. 2388) to authorize funds for continued operation of, 26680-26683, 26833.

Electric power: development of water resources for, 28348.

Electric power: national policy, 30075.

Elementary and Secondary Education Amendments of 1967: bill (H.R.7819) enact, 35076.

Elizabeth, Queen Mother: Canada's Visitors' Center opened by, 23043.

Export-Import Bank: bill (S. 1155) to extend and increase the authority of, 21786-21788, 21795-21797, 22089, 22090, 22093, 22095, 22096, 22101-22103, 22115, 22196-22201, 22204-22207, 22215, 22217-22220, 22225, 22393, 22394, 22398, 22400

Export-Import Bank: Byrd amendment relative to countries trading with North Vietnam shall not receive credit from, 12177.

Export-Import Bank: New Zealand's embargo on North Vietnam trade, 23869.

Fair Housing Act of 1967, 22847

Farmers Home Administration: poverty in Maine combated by, 33687.

Federal Fine Arts and Architecture Act: bill (S. 1582) to foster high standards of architectural excellence, 10124.

Federal grants: problem of local officials applications for, 3690.

Federal-State cooperation: improve, 1640-1642, 8893, 9662, 22175.

Federal-State cooperation: new era, 20452.

Federal-State cooperation: President's efforts to improve, 17154

Federal-State tax sharing, 13297.

Federal Water Pollution Control Act: bill(S. 2760) to authorize research programs, 35670.

Federal Water Pollution Control Administration: funds for, 23035.

Festival Singers of Toronto, 37099

Finance charges: require disclosure of credit, 18415.

Fish protein concentrate: encourage use in less developed countries, 22916.

Fogarty, John E.: eulogy, 9.

Foreign aid: bill (S. 1872) to authorize appropriations for, 22916, 22961.

Foreign aid: encourage use of fish protein concentrate, 22916.

Foreign aid: funds for Alliance for Progress, 22961.

Foreign policy: Japan, 32798.

Foreign trade, 12429.

Gardner, John W.: tribute, 619.

Governors: improved relationship between Federal Government and, 20452.

Gregg, Frank: appointment to New England River Basin Commission, 27427.

Hayden, Carl: birthday tribute, 27406.

Herter, Christian A.: eulogy, 2958.

Housing: Turnkey project, 22974.

Howard, Oliver 0., 6780.

Howard University: anniversary, 6780.

Imports: marketing of, 8350.

Imports: textile, 4983.

Income tax: deduction for pollution control equipment, 8574.

India: President's message on food aid to, 2680.

India: resolution (H.J. Res. 267) to support emergency food assistance to, 7050.

Intergovernmental cooperation: improve, 8893, 9662.

Intergovernmental cooperation: improve operation of Federal system, improve grants-in-aid to States through, 1640-1642.

Intergovernmental cooperation: tribute to HUD and HEW, 23037.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Act, 7602.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Act: introduction, 1640-1642.

Intergovernmental coordination: provide improved Federal-State, 1504-1507.

Intergovernmental Manpower Act: Introduction, 8893.

Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1967: bill (S. 699) to enact, 1648-1652, 31565, 31568--31578.

International Finance Subcommittee study of foreign trade by, 12429.

Johnson, Lyndon B.: message on protecting our natural heritage, 1938.

Johnson, Lyndon B.: plan for Federal-State liaison, 17154.

Johnson, Lyndon B.: tribute to creative federalism by, 9662.

Johnson, Lyndon B.: tribute to efforts to improve cities, 26680-26683.

Johnson, Lyndon B.: "Turnkey" housing project, 22974.

Johnson, Lyndon B.: water resource and development supported by, 13746.

Latin America: funds for Alliance for Progress, 22961.

Legislative branch: bill (S. 355) to improve the operation of, 3731.

Legislative branch: dual sponsorship of Senate bills, 3732.

Magnuson, Warren G.: presentation of statement for, 15323.

Maine: PHA combats poverty in, 33687.

Maritime Academy Act: legislation to increase assistance to such academies and provide subsistence payments to students, 16376.

Memorial Day: President's proclamation, 13737.

Military construction: bill (H.R. 11722) to authorize certain, 26665, 26666.

Military construction: waste treatment systems, 26666.

Moran, Edward C.: eulogy, 23524.

National Home Ownership Act, 10290.

National Intergovernmental Affairs Council: establish, 1504-1507.

Naval Ordnance Month, 23540.

New Zealand: embargo on North Vietnamese trade by, 23869.

Oil Pollution Act of 1924: bill (S. 1591) to amend, 10235.

Older persons: rent supplement program to aid, 22379.

Orderly Marketing Act: introduction, 8350.

Panel on Electrically Powered Vehicles: report, 30070.

Personal property: permit taxing of certain, 7548.

Polish Constitution Day, 11830.

Pollution: attack on air, 1938, 1941, 1942.

Pollution: control vessels on navigable waters, 28542

Pollution: legislation to control air, 1996, 8573, 8574, 17658, 19164-19174, 32079, 32475-32477.

Pollution: water, 23035, 23865.

Portland Neighborhood Youth Corps, 18468.

Post Office Department: proposed reorganization, 9963.

Poverty: efforts to end, 14436.

Property taxes in Federal areas: legislation to permit certain, 7548.

Public works: bill (H.R. 11641) making appropriations, 28348-28351, 31528, 31529, 32092, 32093.

Public works: sewage treatment facilities, 28349-28351.

Public Works and Economic Development Act: review of accomplishments, 24363.

Quality of American government: President's message, 7602.

Rent supplement program, 20118, 22379.

Ribicoff, Abraham A.: tribute, 1258.

Roosevelt Campobello International Park: Queen Mother Elizabeth's visit to, 23043.

Rural areas: halt migration from, 27428.

Rusk, Dean: statement on Vietnam by, 29163.

Russia: Consular Convention with, 6579-6581.

Sato, Eisaku: U.S. visit, 32798.

Scientific and technological knowledge: more effective utilization of, 1508.

Senate authorization for certain functions during adjournment, 26369.

Social Security Amendments of 1967: bill (H.R. 12080) to enact, 33543-33545.

Social Security Amendments of 1967: bill (H.R. 12080) to enact, conference report, 36914.

Solid Waste Disposal Act: legislation to amend relative to construction of facilities, 10985.

State government: modernizing, A6570.

State and local government employees: provide grants to train, 1648-1652, 8893.

"Strategy for a Living Environment": report, 23538-23540.

Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations: hearings by, 9884.

Subcommittee on International Finance: hearings, 12422.

Task Force on Environmental Health and Related Problems: report by, 23538-23541.

Textile industry: problems, 4983.

Thomas, Woodlief, 5335.

Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands: bill (S. 303) providing for continuance of civil government in, 9274.

Truth-in-Lending Act: bill (S. 5) to enact, 18415.

"Turnkey": public housing project, 22974.

United States-Soviet Consular Convention: ratification of, 6579-6581.

Vietnam: Byrd amendment to prohibit bank credit to countries trading with North, 23869.

Vietnam: clergy demonstration against, 2944.

Vietnam: European support for U.S. policy in, 7597.

Vietnam: lending of funds to countries supplying North, 22215, 22217-22220.

Vietnam: Secretary Rusk's statement on, 29163.

Water: abate industrial pollution, 4472.

Water: funds for clean, 23035.

Water for Peace Conference, 13746.

Water pollution: funds for control needs, 1609, 1610.

Water pollution: sewage treatment facilities, 28349-28351.

Water pollution: vessels, 28542.

Reports made by, from

Committee on Banking and Currency, 21419.

Committee on Government Operations, 1299,1490,30609.

Committee on Public Works, 18918, 28085, 35669.

Votes of. See YEA-AND-NAY VOTES.