1964: 88th Congress, Second Session

MUSKIE, EDMUND S. (a Senator from Maine).


Air Pollution, Washington Area Cleaner Air week Ceremony, by, 13112

Civil Rights: a Necessity for all Americans, Polish-American Veterans, by 14240.

Intergovernmental Relations, Alabama League of Municipalities, by, 18174

Interstate Air Pollution Study Luncheon, R. R. Tucker, 13604

Local Government from the nationwide Point of View, by Norman Beckman, 4390.

Metropolitan Challenge Commissioners and Governors Conference, by, 23503, 24301.

National Rivers and Harbors Congress, K. Holum. 12931

Polish Constitution Day Observance, by, 15774.

Progress on Shoe Imports, by Senator Kennedy, before New England Shoe and Leather Association, 1040.

Role of Government and Labor Law, Maine Bar Association, C. Donahue, 21945

This Above All, by Sherry Lee Buxton, Strong (Maine) High School, A3911

Water Quality and National Interest, Duke University, by, 8757.

Appointed conferee 19601.

Appointed to NATO Parliamentary Conference, 22062.

Appointed to read Washington's Farewell Address, 807.


Air Pollution Linked to Wide Range of Ills, Washington Post, H. Simons, 15076.

Air Pollution, Reporter Magazine, by C. W. Griffin, Jr., 22073.

Arnold's March to Quebec, C. P. Bradford, 7416.

Auto Firms Say Smog Unit Can Be Built on 1966 Cars, Wall Street Journal, 19564.

Bowdoin College Students Conducted Negro Talent Search, 18842.

Caleb Lewis, by Gene Letourneau. from Portland (Maine) Telegram, A3917.

Cool Mr. J., San Francisco Chronicle, H. Brandon, 14418.

Deeper in Debt, by Peter Vanderwickin, in Wall Street Journal, 4083.

Dollars and Cents of Federalism, National Civil Review, by, 12934.

Government's Hidden Dimension, in Saturday Review, by, 8968.

Hope in Appalachia, Time, 15078.

Maine County Offers Contrast, County Officer, 21780.

Our Uncivil Treatment of Civil Servants, by Paul Harvey, 4679.

Polish Cemetery in Italy, Deutschman, 18815.

Polluted Air We Breathe, Labor's Economic Review, 14730.

Proposes Campobello Park as Memorial to Roosevelt, by Donald C. Hansen, in Kennebec Journal, 1031.

To Serve the Fleet: Case for Naval Shipyard, Shipmate, J. D. Alden, 13601.

United States and Canada Agree on Power and Campobello, by William M. Blair, in New York Times, 1032.

Book review: The Burden and the Glory, John K. Galbraith, 12303.

Cloture petition, 12860, 12922.

Designated to read Washington's Farewell Address, 3281.


Editorial: L.B.J. Campaigns With an Object, Times-Picayune, 14418.

Editorial: Maine Potatoes, Portland Telegram, 16409.

Editorial: Public Service Newspapers, Lewiston (Maine) Sun, A4402.


Letter: Comments on Hope in Appalachia, article, Time, W.L. Batt, 15079.

Letter: Federal assistance for economic development in Maine, to John Moran, by, 15080.

Letter: Fish kill investigation in Memphis, Tenn., correspondence with G. E. McCallum, 19736.

Letter: John F. Kennedy, by Wolfgang Thuer, 3406.

Letter: John F. Kennedy: designate birthday a national holiday, 4662.

Letter: Potato futures trading, H. L. Graham, 16408, 16409.

Letter: Real estate loans by national banks, by Douglas Dillon, 3952.

Letter: Reply to editorial on student aid, Saturday Evening Post, W. H. Boyce, 21221.

Letter: Roosevelt Campobello International Park, to President Kennedy and President Johnson, by, 1031, 1032.

Letter: Shoe industry meeting in Milan, by, 17125.

List: ARA projects in Hazleton, Pa., 15079.

Newsletter: support for ARA, by, 15079.

Poem: for John Kennedy, of Harvard, E. Pole, 21220.

Poem: Who Was This Man? by Kathleen D. Wilson, 645.


Report: Council for a Livable World, 23605-23607.

Report: Expenditures of Foreign Currencies and Appropriated Funds, 4659.

Report: Impact of Italian Imports of Shoes, National Shoe Manufacturers, 17125.

Report: Reply to Allegation made by Reader's Digest, W. L. Slayton, 10174.


Comparison of Maine With Idaho Potatoes, 16405.

Dumping of Shoes on U.S. Market, Senator Symington, 22110.

Reply to Reader's Digest Article, Area Redevelopment Administration. 15076.

Responsibility of the American Press, by Peter Thompson, 13675.


Table: agricultural prices, 16405.

Table: comparison of Maine and Idaho potatoes (sundry), 16405.

Table: fish killed by water pollution: selected data, 15193.

Table: footwear imports, 17128.

Table: Maine potato futures, 16404, 16405, 16408.

Telegrams: tax credit for higher education (sundry), 1833.

Text of amendment to S. 750, truth in lending bill, 7580.

Text of proposed agreement between shoe manufacturers, 17126.

Tribute to President Kennedy, by Norman cousins, 4392.

Tribute in Senate, 3318.

Amendments offered by, to

Agriculture: amend bill (S. 332) to prohibit trading in Irish potato futures, 16408.

Commission on Ethics in the Federal Government: amend resolution (S.J. Res. 187) to establish, 17203.

Department of Defense: amend bill (H.R. 10939) making appropriations. 17386, 17405.

Foreign aid: amend bill (H.R. 11380) authorizing, 18815.

Social Security Amendments of 1964: amend bill (H.R. 11865) to enact, 21103, 21215, 21543.

Taxation: amend bill (H.R. 8363) to reduce individual and corporate income taxes, 2373.

Bills and joint resolutions introduced by

Appalachian region: public works and economic development program for (see bill S.2782),10335.

Appalachian Trail: facilitate management, use, and public benefits from (see bill S.2862), 12549.

Der Simonian, Simon, his wife, and children: for relief (see bill S. 2908), 13580.

Federal urban land: promote cooperation with local authorities in development of (see bill S. 3037), 17082.

Flood control projects: provide long-term payment by local areas of contributions toward (see bill S. 2882), 12270.

Higher education students: provide assistance for (see bill S. 2490), 4664.

Kennedy, John F.: designate birthday as legal holiday (see bill S. 2603), 4661.

LaMountain, Bernard L.: for relief (see bill S.3195), 22215.

National bank real estate loans: raise limitation on appraised value of property offered as security (see bill S. 2576), 3950.

Passamaquoddy-St. John hydroelectric project: authorize construction of (see bill S . 2573), 3791.

Poverty: mobilize human and financial resources to combat (see bill S. 2642), 6467.

Roosevelt Campobello International Park: established (see bill.S. 2464), 1029.

Memorials of legislature

Maine, 807, 16407.

Motions and resolutions offered by

Baltic States: United Nations to provide for self-determination of (see S. Con. Res. 99), 22786.

Catalog of Federal Aids to State and Local Governments: print additional copies of (see S. Con. Res. 87), 12536, 12537.

Catalog of Federal Aids to State and Local Governments: print additional copies of (see S. Con. Res. 96), 21364.

Committee on Government Operations to study intergovernmental relations between U.S. and States and municipal ties (see S. Res. 280), 809, 810.

King Paul of Greece: sorrow upon death (see S. Con. Res. 72), 4742, 4769.

Malaysia: condemn Indonesian aggression against (see S. Res. 376), 22787.

Remarks by, on

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: accomplishments, 4482, 4483.

Agriculture: bill (S. 332) to prohibit trading in Irish potato futures, 16403- 16412.

Agriculture: bill (H.R. 1839) to restrict meat imports, 17122, 17124, 17128.

Agriculture: bill (H.R. 6196) to revitalize cotton and wheat industries, 4640.

Air pollution: automobile manufacturers efforts to combat, 19564.

Air Pollution: problems of, 6261.

Air pollution: work of R. R. Tucker against, 13604

"American Intergovernmental Relations," by W. Brooke Graves, 12932.

Area Redevelopment Administration: tribute, 15076, 15078, 15079.

Automobiles: exhaust pollution, 6261.

Bowdoin College: "Project '65" of, 18842

Camp Elliot, Calif.: sale of land, 17082.

Civil rights: educational talent search, 18842.

Civil Rights Act of 1964: bill (H.R. 7152) to enact, 6554, 6740-6742, 7199, 12613-12620, 13656, 13658. 14328.

Civil rights Act of 1964: review of titles, 12613-12620.

Civil Rights Act of 1964: title XII, amendment to establish, 13656, 13658.

Coffin, Frank, 7198.

College students: aid for, 21221.

Committee on Public Works: pollution hearings by, 6261.

Department of Defense: bill (H.R. 10939) making appropriations, 17392, 17396

Department of Defense: closing of naval shipyards, 17392, 17396.

Federal grants-in-aid to States: legislation to provide review of, 12536.

Fish killed by water Pollution, 15192-15194.

Flood control projects: legislation to provide for repayments for, 12270.

Foreign aid: bill (H.R. 11380) authorizing, 18815, 19161-19163.

Foreign aid: book by Frank Coffin on, 7198.

Foreign aid: maintain Polish graves in Italy, 18815.

Fund raising: legislation to investigate partisan, 11894.

Government Services Administration: of land by, 17082.

Humphrey, Hubert H .: tribute, 6554.

Imports: problems of, 17122, 17123, 17128

Intergovernmental finances, 4083.

Johnson, Lyndon B.: letter to Khrushev, 1033.

Kennedy, John F.: bill (S. 2603) to designate birthday a national holiday, 4662

Local governments: impact of Federal development programs on planning by, 13676.

MacLeod, Colin M., 22076.

National banks: legislation to provide limitations on real estate loans, 3951.

Naval shipyards: study, 13601.

Passamaquoddy-St. John project: legislation to construct, 3794.

Poll tax: ratification of 24th amendment, 1078.

Reader's Digest: reply to article on urban renewal program, 10174.

Roosevelt Campobello International Park: bill (H.R. 9740) to establish, 1030, 14748-14751.

Science Information Exchange, 22076.

Shoe industry: effects of Imports on, 17128

Shoe Industry: effect of imports from Czechoslovakia, 22108

Taxation: bill (H.R.8363) to reduce individual and corporate income taxes, 1833, 2375

Taxation: education expense, 1833.

Thuer, Wolfgang, 3405, 3406.

Urban development programs: impact on local government planning, 13676.

Urban land use: legislation to establish policy for, 17082.

Urban renewal: criticism by Reader's Digest, 10174, 10177.

Urban research projects: review, 22075.

Wallace, George: Wisconsin primary results, 7198.

Washington's Farewell Address: reading of, 3314.

Water pollution, 15192-15194.

White, E. B.: presentation of Presidential Medal of Freedom to, 12303.

Wool Imports, 10133.

Reports made by, from

Committee on Government Operations, 808, 809, 810, 12536, 21364.

Votes of. See YEA-AND-NAY VOTES.