1963, 88th Congress, First Session

MUSKIE, EDMUND S. (a Senator from Maine).


Buffalo Group, by, 4295.

Businessman's Look at Impact of Foreign Trade in New England, by H. King Cummings, before New England Managers Institute, 1721.

Christening of U.S.S. Josephus Daniels, by, 24499.

Dedication of Paderewski Memorial Tablet in Arlington National Cemetery, by President Kennedy and others. 8200.

Eby Pines Rally, Senator Tom McIntyre, 17589.

Hydroelectric Power, American Public Power Association, by, 9384.

Interdependence Between States and Federal Government, President Kennedy before National Conference of State Legislative Leaders, 18678.

Law Observance and Individual Rights, by David L. Bazelon, before Federal Bar Association, 8410.

New England Fish and Seafood Parade Dinner, by, 18191.

Our Nation of Immigrants, before American Immigration and Citizenship Conference, by, 7028.

Shipyards in Time of Challenge, Senator McIntyre, 5161.

10th Anniversary of Paderewski's Interment in Arlington National Cemetery, by Michael Kwapiszewski, 8200.

University of Maine, by John F. Kennedy, 19856.

Advertisement: northeast story, by Bob Mudge, in Bangor News, 19068.

Analysis of S. 649 to amend Federal Water Pollution Control Act, 1456.

Analysis of S. 829, to establish acreage allotments on Irish potatoes, 2403.

Appointed on Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 3788.

Appointed to Canadian-American Interparliamentary Conference, 24937.

Appointed conferee, 13715, 2234

Appointed to Mexico Interparliamentary Group, 3514.


Aid to Business Fights Joblessness, by David G. Mutch, in Christian Science Monitor, 11605.

Counties' Comeback, by Mitchell Gordon, in Wall Street Journal, 15935.

Federal Union Under Fire, by Fred J. Cook, in Progressive magazine, 17463.

It's the Rising State-Local Levies That Make U.S. Taxpayers Cry "Uncle," by Frank C. Porter, in Washington Post, 8290

J.F.K. Speaks at University of Maine, by Donald C. Hansen in Portland (Maine) Telegram, 19856

Maine Basketball Finals, Boston Globe, J. Nason, A1841.

No More Nashville, Mitchell Gordon in Wall Street Journal, 18678

President Gets Air View of Quoddy Project Site, by May Craig in Portland (Maine) Telegram, 19858.

Revolution in the Pentagon by Theodore H. White, in Look magazine, 6485.

TFX Controversy, by Max Freedman, in Washington Post, 5087

TFX Dispute Centers on Contract Pioneering, by John G. Norris in Washington Post, 8300.

We Are Poisoning the Air by Senator Ribicoff, in Look magazine,19114

WHO Names Excesses that can Cause Cancer, from Washington Post, 24085.

Citations: May Craig and Don Larrabee, by American Legion, Department of Maine, 5088.


Editorial: Foreign Policy Poultice from Washington Post, 19859.

Editorial: John F. Kennedy Eulogies (sundry) 24119-24125.

Editorial: The Wrong Direction, from Portland (Maine) Telegram, 11605.


Elected to Committee on Banking and Currency, 2924.

Elected to Committee on Government Operations, 2924.

Elected to Committee on Public Works 2924.

Excerpt from President Kennedy's address at University of Maine, 22749

Excerpt from testimony of Arthur Sylvester before Committee on Government Operations relative to TFX contract, 4208-4218.

Foreword: Freedom of Speech and Press in America by E. G. Hudon; W.O. Douglas, A790.


Letter: Air pollution legislation, by G.H. Decker, 22327.

Letter: Disposal of Ellis Island, to Senator Case of New Jersey, by, 3886

Letter: Fishery products in food-for-peace program, by David H. Hart and Carl Wright, 20830

Letter: Proposed right-to-work law in Maine, by H. L. Gosselin, 7974, 7975

Letter: Water pollution bill (sundry), 18773, 19642,19643,19758.

Newsletter: Alliance for Progress and Mexico, by, 9978

Newsletter: Death of John F. Kennedy, by, 24119

Press release: intergovernmental relations, issued by, 5251.

Maine benefits from area redevelopment program. by Maine Department of Economic Development, 22002

Radio debate: Medicare for the aged with Senator Mundt, on Reviewing Stand Program, 20111.

Report: Activities of Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations by, 19161

Water Pollution Control Federation, 19647.

Resolution: commending Senator Hart by National Conference on Weights and Measures, 19513.

Nuclear test ban treaty by U.S. Council of World Veterans Federation, 17463.


Assassination of President Kennedy, by, 24120.

Death of President Kennedy by Cumberland County Women's Democratic Club, 24125

District of Columbia Home Rule Bill, 22654.

Patent Policies of Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, by Manuel B. Hiller. 22324.

Patents Resulting From Publicly Financed Research, 22324.

Rereference of S. 915, by, 6744.

Rule XXII Should Be Changed, by, 1920.

Telegrams: Maine's ARA programs (sundry), 11603-11606.


Text of S. 649 to amend Federal Water Pollution Control Act, 1455.

Text of S. 829, to establish acreage allotments on Irish potatoes, 2400.

Text of S. 855, to coordinate review of State and local applications for Federal grants-in-aid, 2525.

Text of S. 2114, to provide review of Federal grants-in-aid, 16292.

Tributes in the Senate, 17426, 2234.

Amendments offered by, to

Amend: Agriculture: bill (H.R. 4997) to extend feed grain program, 8689.

Amend: Foreign aid: bill (H.R. 7885) authorizing funds, 21353.

Amend: Income tax: bill (H.R. 8363) to reduce individual and corporate, 23084.

Amend: Mass transportation systems: bill (S. 6) to assist in development of, 5623.

Bills and joint resolutions introduced by

Aged: hospital insurance program under social security for (see bill S. 880), 2770.

Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937: amend (see bill S. 1506), 8184.

Agriculture loans: authorize in certain areas for farmers and ranchers (see bill S. 2307), 21899.

Air pollution control program: accelerate, extend, and strengthen (see bills S. 432, 444). 801, 20532.

Area Redevelopment Act: extend and improve (see bill S. 1163), 5031.

Civil rights: voting right, public accommodations, employment opportunity, and for other purposes (see bill S. 1731), 11083, 1173, 11541

Columbus Day: make a legal holiday (see bill S. 108), 898.

Commission on Civil Rights: extend for 4 years (see bill S. 1117), 4528.

Commission on Rural Life: establish (see bill S. 1697), 10555.

Eugenie II: document as U.S. vessel (see bill S. 1322), 6439.

Executive agencies: more effective evaluation of fiscal requirements of (see bill S. 537), 1064.

Federal elections: prevent corrupt practices in (see bill S. 559), 1173,

Federal grants-in-aid: coordinated review of State and local applications for certain (see bill S. 855), 2501.

Periodic congressional review (see bill S. 2114), 16291.

Federal Water Pollution Control Administration: establish (see bill S. 649). 1430.

Immigration and Nationality Act: amend (see bill S. 747), 2012.

Immigration and Nationality Act: amend to abolish national origins quota system (see bill S. 1932), 13751.

Irish potato futures: prohibit trading (see bill S. 332), 601.

Irish potatoes: establish acreage allotments for (see bill S. 829), 2390.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial Center: rename National Cultural Center as (see S.J. Res. 136), 23755.

National bank loans: liberalize conditions for forest tracts (see bill S. 2259), 20163.

National Cultural Center Act: amend to authorize funds and designate as John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial Center (see bill S. 2341), 23755.

Packaging or labeling of certain commodities: prohibit unfair and deceptive methods of (see bill S. 387). 638.

Public accommodations: eliminate discrimination in (see bill S. 1732). 11083, 1173, 11541.

Public health grants-in-aid: provide greater flexibility to 8tates in use of certain (see bill S. 1051), 3789.

Registration and voting rights: protect constitutional (see bill S. 1283). 5951,

Tariff Act of 1930: amend to tighten loopholes in imports of waterproof cloth (see bill S. 941), 3111

Voting in Federal elections: further secure and protect rights of (see bill S. 666), 3142.

Water and air pollution treatment works: assist small business to obtain (see bill S. 737), 2089.

Water and air pollution treatment works: deduct from income tax expenditures for construction or acquisition of (see bill S. 736), 2089.

Memorials of legislature

Maine. 6352, 7169, 9413, 9945, 10926.

Motions and resolutions offered by

Committee on Government Operations: study of intergovernmental relationships between Government and States and municipalities (see S. Res. 45), 399, 401.

Committee on the Organization of the Congress (Joint) : establish (see S. Con. Res. 1), 194.

Cooper, Maj. L. Gordon: congratulations on orbital flight (see S. Res. 143), 8864.

Foreign aid: conditional discontinuance to Diem regime in South Vietnam (see S. Res. 196), 16852.

Hearings on bill to adjust legislative jurisdiction over certain Federal enclaves: print additional copies (see S. Res. 236), 24637.

Nuclear tests: favor ban on those that contaminate atmosphere or oceans (see S. Res. 148). 9415.

Senate rules: amend relative to germaneness of debate (see S. Res. 89), 2502, 2543.

Remarks by, on

Advisory Commission in Intergovernmental Relations: fourth annual report, 6483-6485.

Agriculture: bill (S. 1915) to encourage reduction of excess marketings of milk, 19109, 19110.

Farmers Home Administration loans in distressed areas, 21899.

Farmers Home Administration loans - potatoes, 2399.

Farmers Home Administration loans - two-price cotton, 24497.

Air pollution: bills (S. 432; H.R. 6518) to improve existing program , 22322-22331, 2234, 24083-24085.

Alaska Public Sale Act: bill (S. 535) to extend principles of equitable adjudication, 11364.

American Foundation for Continuing Education: Capitol Hill seminar, 15877.

Area redevelopment program: bill (S. 1163) to increase authorizations, 11602-11606.

Maine benefits, 22002.

Aroostook County, Maine: farm credit. 21899.

Capitol Hill seminar, 15877.

Chavez, Dennis: eulogy, 3329.

Civil Aeronautics Board: Northeast Airlines decision, 19068-19070.

Committee on Government Operations: filing of report, 1456.

Resolution (S. Res. 45) to authorize study of Intergovernmental relationships, 4248-4249.

Committee on Public Works: filing of minority views, 18730,

Communist bloc: bill (S. 2310) to prohibit guarantee of Export-Import Bank of payment of obligations, 22748, 22749.

Disarmament: ratification of nuclear test ban treaty, 17424-17426.

Disarmament: veterans organizations favoring, 17463.

Dworshak, Henry C.: eulogy, 3317.

Federal grants-in-aid: coordinate review of State and local applications, 2514.

Federal grants-in-aid: periodic review, 16291, 20803, 21476-21478.

Fishing vessels: bill (S. 1006) to correct inequities in construction of, 18558.

Food for peace program: fish products, 20830.

Foreign aid: bill (H.R. 7885) authorizing funds, 20830.

Foreign fishing vessels: bill (S. 1988) to prohibit within U.S. territorial waters, 18500.

General Services Administration: bill (S. 1139), relative to air conditioning, 11368.

Hale, Frederick: eulogy, 19071.

Interstate Highway System: bill (S. 1416) to provide for submission of certain cost estimates, 11366.

Kefauver, Estes: eulogy, 20200.

Kennedy, John F.: eulogy, 24119.

Kerr, Robert S.: eulogy, 3351.

Local governments: tax increases, 8290.

Maine: rejection of right-to-work law, 7974.

Mass transportation systems: bill (S. 6) to assist in development of, 5623.

National Potato Advisory Board: establish, 2400.

Northeast Airlines: CAB decision, 19068-19070.

Northeast Airlines: removal from New York-Miami run, 14594, 14595.

Paderewski, Ignace Jan, 8199.

Potatoes: marketing quotas through acreage allotments, 2399.

Public health services: simplifying of Federal grants-in-aid to States, 3795.

Rereference of S. 332, 14412.

Rereference of S. 915, 6744.

Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations: notice of hearings, 7945, 7946, 9292, 14412.

Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations: report, 5250.

Textile Industry: Imports, 24497.

Truth-in -packaging legislation, 19513.

Water pollution: aid cities in building sewers and sewage treatment plants, 1454.

Water Pollution Control Act: bill (S. 649) to amend. 19641-19651, 19664-19667, 19672, 19673, 19677, 19678, 19682, 19758, 19759.

Water Pollution Control Act - proposed legislation, 18773.

Reports made by, from

Committee on Government Operations, 399, 5250.

Committee on Public Works, 18753, 21268.

Votes of. See YEA-AND-NAY Votes.