1962, 87th Congress, Second Session

MUSKIE, EDMUND S. (a Senator from Maine).


Association of Shoe Executives of Maine, by, 7615.

Chicago Society of Polish National Alliance, by, 9264.

Electronics Industries Association, by, 4762.

G. E. Bowe Winners, Bates College, F. M. Coffin, A2265.

Medical Care for Aged, before Massachusetts Association of Relief Officers, by,8496.

United Nations -- Is It Worth It? at Catholic University, by, 5900.

Appointed to Board of Visitors to Military Academy, 5746.

Appointed on Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 4243.


Allies Are Carrying Their Share of Aid, by Frank M. Coffin, in Washington Post, 9653.

Asleep on the Deep, Nation magazine, W. S. Ellis, A3139.

Attorney General's Opinion on Wiretaps, by Robert F. Kennedy, in New York Times, 9655.

Chances Good J. F. K.'s Federal Budget for Next Fiscal Year Underestimated, by Sylvia Porter, in Bangor News, 1445.

Communist Party, by Harold H. Martin, in Saturday Evening Post, 8626.

Depressed Areas Law Operating, by Sylvia Porter, in Bangor News, 8626.

Failure of World Communism, by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., in Saturday Evening Post, 8629.

G. E. Bowl Team Brings Fame to Bates College, Bates Bulletin, A2266.

May Craig: TV Star, Look magazine, Eleanor Harris. A2747.

Much Ado, by Walter Lippmann, in Washington Post, 1442.

New Look at Old Laws, from Nation's Business, A7344.

Rockefeller on Department of Urban Affairs, from New York Times, 1675.

U.S. in New World Situation, by Ralph McGill, in Washington Star, 9656.

Cloture petition, 7835, 8060.

Designated Acting President pro tempore, 18982, 22110.


Letter: Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, by President Kennedy,10624.

Letter: Forest products as agricultural commodity, by John C. Bagwell, 8525.

Letter: Subcommittee On Intergovernmental Relations, by, 13386.

Letter: Textile imports, to President Kennedy, by, 15572.

Letter: Transactions tax on silver, by, 18327.


Memorandum: Proposed Department of Urban Affairs, by Governor Rockefeller and Arthur S. Flemming, 1675.

Press release: shoe industry seriously concerned by increasing imports, by Maxwell Field, 8542.

Questions and answers on establishment of Department of Urban Affairs and Housing, 2132.

Report HHFA Programs for Small Communities, 2134.

Report: Number of Employees in Footwear Industry and Location of Plants, 15509.


Department of Urban Affairs and Housing, by, 3221.

First Hearing of Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations, by Senators Mundt, Ervin, and, 19906-19908.

Trade Expansion Act, before Senate committee, by, 18243.

Trade Legislation, by Harold 0. Toor, 15507.

Trade Program, by Harold O. Toor, U.S. Shoe Manufacturing Industry, 6035.

Tribute to Sister Miriam Theresa by Senator Morse, 8630.


Table: Department of Urban Affairs and Housing: employment data, 3233,

Table: Executive departments: establishment of, 3235.

Table: Footwear industry: trade data, 15507, 15508.

Table: Housing data. 3230, 3231.

Table: Housing and Home Finance Agency, employment data, 3232.

Table: Shoe imports, 8544.

Telegrams: Trade bill, by sundry members of shoe industry, 19859.

Text of S. 3050, relative to Irish potatoes, 4860

Text of S. 3362, relative to metropolitan planning programs, 9450.

Text of S. 3363, relative to Federal grants-in-aid, 9450.

Amendments offered by, to

Amend: Departments of Labor and Health, Education, and Welfare appropriation bill (HR. 10904), 13957.

Amend: Public works standby authority bill (g. 2965),9268.

Amend: Reservists and National Guardsmen (S.2697), 5476.

Amend: Social Security Act: bill (H.R. 10600) relative to public assistance and child welfare programs, 13862.

Amend: Bill (H.R. 12820) to validate coverage of certain Arkansas State employees, 22780.

Trade Expansion Act of 1962 (H.R. 11970), 15395, 15506.

Bills and joint resolutions introduced by

Federal grants-in-aid: coordinated review of State and local applications for certain (see bill S. 3363), 9448.

Immigration and Nationality Act: amend relative to quotas (see bill S. 3043), 5211.

Mass transportation systems: additional assistance to metropolitan areas for (see bill S. 3126), 7006.

Metropolitan area planning: grants for continuing support of (see bill S. 3362), 9448.

Packaging and labeling: prohibit unfair and deceptive methods of (see bill S. 3745), 20398.

Potatoes: establish acreage allotment on Irish (see bill S. 3050), 4859.

Public health grants-in-aid: provide greater flexibility to States in use of certain (see bill S. 3592), 15192.

Searsport Harbor, Maine: authorize project for (see bill S. 3578), 14942.

Small business concerns: provide guarantees for leases of commercial and industrial property by (see bill S. 3345), 10703.

Sugar Act of 1948: amend and extend (see bill S. 3290), 8975.

Sui, Chin Wa, for relief (see bill S. 3740). 20283.

Vessel Eugenie II: document as U.S. vessel (see bill S. 3264), 7892.

Veterans: grant national service life insurance to certain (see bill S. 3289), 8975.

Vote in Federal elections: protect rights of citizens to (see bill S. 3576), 14942.

Motions and resolutions offered by

Committee on the Economic impact of National Defense (Select) : establish (see S. Res. 375), 16022.

Committee on the Organization of the Congress (Joint) : establish (see S. Con. Res. 93), 20757.

Film of Mrs. John F. Kennedy's Visit to India and Pakistan: make available to U.S. people (see S. Con. Res. 84), 14630

Mississippi: support efforts of President to enforce compliance with Federal court mandates in (see S. Con. Res. 96). 22119.

Remarks by, on

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: report on first 2 years, 10623.

Agriculture: establish acreage allotments for Irish potatoes, 4859.

Agriculture Act of 1962: bill (S. 3225) to enact, 9294.

Alexander Hamilton National Monument: resolution (S.J. Res. 29) to establish (use of, as vehicle for poll tax amendment), 4941.

Bills passed over, 5472-5475, 9488-9491.

Bridges, Styles: eulogy, 393.

Briganti, Salvatore: bill (S. 971) for relief of, 9486.

Bush, Prescott: retirement, 8496.

College Academic Facilities Act: bill (S.1241) to enact, 1804,1805, 1810.

Committee meetings during session, 1421.

Deaf persons: bill (S. 2511) to authorize educational films, 16110,16111.

Department of the Interior and related agencies: bill (H.R. 10802) making appropriations, 10265.

Department of Urban Affairs and Housing, 2132.

Department of Urban Affairs and Housing: views of Governor Rockefeller, 1675, 1677,1678,1967,1968.

District of Columbia: bill (S. 3157) relative to sites for public buildings, 9485.

Douglas, Paul: 70th birthday, 4997.

Federal grants-in-aid: coordinated review of State and local application for, 9450.

Hayden, Carl: 50th anniversary of congressional service, 2413.

Johnson, Lyndon B.: 25th anniversary of election to House of Representatives, 6213.

Latin American problems, 4958, 4959.

Long, Oren E.: tribute, 22240.

McCone, John A.: nomination to be CIA Director, 1326.

Municipalities: grants for metropolitan planning, 9449.

Older persons: medical care, 13862.

Poll tax: resolution (S.J. Res. 29) to abolish, 4941.

Reciprocal trade agreements: administration's proposals, 6035.

Rockefeller, Nelson A.: statement on Department of Urban Affairs and Housing, 1675,1677,1678,

Rockefeller, Nelson A.: views on Department of Urban Affairs and Housing, 1967, 1968.

Shoe imports, 7615, 8541-.8544.

Shoe industry: trade legislation, 15506, 15509.

Smith. Benjamin A., 11: tribute, 22253.

Smith, Margaret Chase: commendation of, 4958.

Social Security Act: bill (H.R. 10606) relative to public assistance and child welfare programs, 13862.

Social Security Act: bill (H.R. 12820) to validate coverage of certain Arkansas State employees, 22780.

Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations: notice of hearings, 19323.

Textile Imports: bill (H.R. 10788) to regulate 8524, 8525, 8533, 8534, 8539-8544, 8652. 8654

Textile industry, imports, 18237-18239.

Trade Expansion Act of 1962: bill (H.R. 11970) to enact, 19857-19859.

Trade Expansion Act of 1962: proposed amendment, 15506.

United Nations: bill (S. 2768) to authorize bond purchase, 5899.

White House Police force: bill (H.R. 11261) to increase 9487

Reports Made by from

Committee on Banking and Currency, 19993,

Committee On Government Operations, 12234, 12235.

Votes Of. See YEA-AND-NAY Votes