1961, 87th Congress, First Session

MUSKIE, EDMUND S. (a Senator from Maine):


AMVETS' National Convention, by Harold Russell, A7086.

Foreign Aid Objectives, by Secretary Rusk, at Conference on International Economic and Social Development, 10754.

Foreign Trade, before the National Shoe Manufacturers Association, by, 4377.

Natural Resources, by William 0. Douglas, 6944.

This Is My Country, before the Florida Civil Liberties Union by, 258.

Analysis of Reorganization Plan No. 5 (NLRB), by National Labor Relations Board, 13025.

Appointed on commission, 4958.

Appointed on committee, 467.

Appointed conferee, 5328, 11268.

Appointment to International Parliamentary Union, 14815.


Educational TV, by Kenneth G. Larrabbee, 19087-19089.

Pleas for a Green Legacy, by Stewart L. Udall, 21334.

Senate Shows Hushed New Look -- A Tribute to Mansfield, by Russell Baker. 12652.

Designated Acting President pro tempore, 11961.


Coffin To Direct Development Loan Fund, from Maine newspapers, 1723, 1724.

Foreign Aid Planning Vital, from Lewiston Daily Sun, 16438.

Why Urban Renewal? from Waterville Sentinel, A6533.


Letter: Banking monopolies, from Senator Robertson, 9099.

Letter: Banking monopolies, from Maine Banking Commissioner Carleton Bradbury,9099.

Letter: Conservation in national forests, to the President, 21243.

Letter: Films for deaf persons, from Sterling McMurrin, 18444.

Letter: Maine conservation program, to Governor Baxter, from Secretary Udall, 21334.

Letter: Peace Corps proposals, to Sargent Shriver, from, 3790.

Letter: Textile imports, by James R. FrankIin, 12560.

Memorandum: annual review of development lending program by Appropriations Committee, 19538.

Remarks by Senator Humphrey regarding views on unemployment compensation bill, 4532.

Remarks by Senator Mansfield regarding absence from vote on unemployment compensation bill, 5194.

Report: Right-to-Work Laws. by United Presbyterian Church, 13007.


Declaration on Rule XXII, by, 19830.

Labor-Management Relations, by Presbyterian Church, 10610.

Launching of the Leahy, by Senator Mansfield, 12012.

Tellico Plains, Tenn., by Senator Ellender, 9980.

Use of Certain Property for State Forestry Work, by, 19710.

Table: import levels under Orderly Marketing Act, 6794.

Telegrams: Reorganization Plan No. 5 (sundry), 13026.

Text of bill: films for deaf persons, 18443.

Amendments offered by, to

Federal-aid highway bill (H.R. 6713), to amend, 10223.

Bills and joint resolutions introduced by

Berryman, William L., for relief (see bill S. 591), 1265.

Coolidge, Osvaldo R., for relief (see bill S.590), 1265.

Deaf: educational and training films for (see bill S. 2511), 18443.

Domestic and foreign industries: adjust conditions of competition between certain (see bill S. 1735), 6778.

Education: program of financial assistance for (see bill S. 1021), 3048.

Federal estate tax: increase credit against for estate taxes paid to States (see bill 1344), 3850.

Fishery research programs: establish additional fund for (see bill S. 1230), 3302.

Foreign Service Academy: establish (see bill S. 407), 1392.

Grants-in-aid to States: periodic congressional review of (see bill S. 2286), 12965.

Hegyi, Istvan and Paula, for relief (see bill S. 1531), 5447.

Hope, Bob: present gold medal to (see S.J. Res. 88), 7925.

Joint Committee on the Budget: establish (see bill S. 529). 1067.

Northeastern Water and Land Resources Compact: consent of Congress to (see bill S. 374), 553.

Nursery tree planting: use certain soil bank funds for (see bill S. 2563), 19710.

Portland Harbor, Maine: authorize improvement of (see bill S. 2394), 15216.

Postal rates: adjust (see bills S. 1812, 2382), 7280, 14647.

Public health services: simplify grants-in-aid to States for (see bill S. 1467), 5103.

Qualifications of electors: amend Constitution relative to (see S.J. Res. 58), 3446.

Rayburn, Sam: present gold medal to (see S.J. Res. 133), 18869.

Silver: permit operation of free market for (see bill S. 2420), 15882.

Simonian, Nishan Der, for relief (see bill S.592),1265.

State alcoholic beverage agencies: clarify application of antitrust laws to certain contracts by (see bill S. 1247), 3855.

State forestry work: permit certain property to be used for (see bill S. 2638), 21232.

Unemployment: alleviate conditions of in certain areas (see bill S. 1), 138.

U.S. agricultural workers: protect employment opportunities of (see bill S. 1945), 9091.

Veterans: grant national service life insurance to certain (see bill S. 977), 3048.

White Fleet: establish to render emergency assistance to other nations (see bill S. 324), 465.

Woodrow Wilson Memorial Commission, create (see S.J.Res.51), 2157

Motions and resolutions offered by

Committee on National Fuels Study (Special) : create (see S. Res. 105), 3700.

Committee on Veterans' Affairs: create (see S. Res. 134), 7039.

Congress: provide for summer recess of (see S. Con. Res. 16), 3302.

Hayden, Carl: sympathy on death of wife (see S. Res. 166*), 11254.

United Nations: strengthen authority to prevent war (see S. Con. Res. 37), 14475.

White Fleet: establish to render emergency aid to other nations (see S. Res. 154), 9086.

Remarks by, on

Agriculture: feed grains price support bill, 3720-3725.

Area redevelopment bill, 4032, 4033.

Baker, Robert G.: awarded degree, 9958.

Bills passed over, 9109, 9111, 9980, 12646, 12649, 12650, 16446-16449, 16453, 16454.

Cannon, Howard: promotion to brigadier general, 3471.

Cash, James B.: FHA appointment, 1638.

Coffin, Frank M.: nominated Director of the Development Loan Fund, 1722.

Congress: summer recess for, 3370.

Cormier, Lucia M.: tribute to, 12621.

Cuba: Castro's offer to trade prisoners for bulldozers, 9130.

Deaf persons: educational and training films for, 14405, 18443, 18444.

Departments of Labor, and Health, Education, and Welfare appropriation bill (H.R. 7035), 14405.

Disarmament Agency for World Peace and Security, 18754.

Douglas, William 0.: speech on natural resources, 6943.

Education: Federal aid bill, 8444, 8528, 8743,9051.

Education: federally impacted areas, 18950, 18962-18965, 19045.

Education: federally Impacted areas, includes entire country, 18965.

Educational television, 19087.

Farm Credit Act: amend, 16456, 16457.

Federal Limited-Profit Mortgage Corporation: establish, 9756.

Federal Loan Act: amend, 16456, 16457.

Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (S. 1983) authorize, 15434-15440.

Foreign Assistance: borrowing authority, 15434-15437.

Foreign trade policies, 4378, 4379.

Foreign trade: orderly marketing bill, 6792-6794.

Funston, Keith: statements by, 10999.

General Services Administration: restore funds to Transportation and Public Utilities Service (Proxmire amendment), 14142, 14143.

Government Corporation Control Act, 15437.

Grants-in-aid programs: congressional review, 12969.

Hennings, Thomas C.: eulogy, 2696.

Housing Act of 1961: bill (S. 1922), 9756.

Income tax: deductions for contributions to Castro tractor fund, 9131.

Independent offices appropriation bill (H.R. 7445),14142,14143.

Inheritance and estate taxes: Federal-State coordination of, 3853.

Kaszap, Terez: recommit bill for relief of, 9977.

Leahy: launching of, 12012.

Loveless, Herschel: nomination to Renegotiation Board, 4099.

Mansfield, Mike: tribute, 12652.

Mansfield, Mrs. Mike: tribute to, 12012.

Meriwether, Charles M.: nomination to Export-Import Bank, 3363.

Mexican farm labor: bill (H.R. 2010) to protect, 18781.

NLRB: backlog of cases, 13024.

Orderly marketing bill, 6792.

Peace Corps, creation of, 3790,3791.

Presbyterian Church: right-to-work legislation, 10609,13007.

Public Health Service programs: handling of Federal grants, 5104.

Public welfare personnel, 14405.

Reorganization Plan No. 1 (SEC), 10998-11000

Reorganization Plan No. 3 (CAB), 11747.

Reorganization Plan No. 4 (FTC), 11736, 11737.

Reorganization Plan No. 4: questions and answers of Chairman Dixon relative to, 11736.

Reorganization Plan No. 5 (NLRB), 13024, 13027.

Residual fuel oil: import restrictions, 18340, 18341.

Right-to-work legislation: position of Presbyterian Church, 10609, 13007.

Russell, Harold: tribute, A7086.

Semer, Milton P.: Kennedy appointment, 1638.

Smith, Margaret Chase: rollcall record set by, 10546.

States: congressional review of grants-in-aid programs for, 12969.

Television: grants to States for educational use of, 4364.

Textile industry problems, 4376-4379, 12560.

Udall, Stewart L.: Cabinet nomination, 1035.

Udall, Stewart L.: tribute, 21334.

Reports made by, from

Committee on Government Operations, 18312.

Votes of. See YEA-AND-NAY VOTES.